Moissanite Cuban Links: Accessories in Men’s Fashion

Men have limited options when it comes to accessories. especially if you want to try out new things but don’t want them to stick out like a sore thumb or do something outrageous. A socially acceptable yet bold option can be chains or bracelets. Piercings are too in-your-face. Unisex options like earrings are often met with ridicule by your friends and family unless you live in a liberal household. If you do not want any extra attention but want to start experimenting with new and exciting designs, bracelets and chains made of Cuban links might just be the best option for you.

Now don’t write me off just yet. Cuban links have evolved a lot since their genesis. It started its journey into the USA from Cuba when Cuban citizens started wearing them in Miami. Cuba is popular for its rum and cigars and its rich collection of unique types of jewelry called Cuban links. It was later popularized by the hip-hop scene in America. Rappers used to wear this as a means to show off their wealth and status. Cuban links are thick, sturdy, and very heavy. It served its purpose as “bling,” as rappers believed accessories like these to be “the bigger, the better.”

It was also primarily sold only in gold and silver. Silver wasn’t as popular. Rappers used to wear 24-carat gold ones and sing songs about them.

Recently, their popularity has decreased a little bit. However, it has taken on a new role in society. Instead of being heavy, loud, and showy jewelry, diamond and other stimulant versions of Cuban Links are making you look more elegant and classy. It can be worn with formal suits and will simply elevate your look to make you stand out. There are pieces of jewelry made of diamonds and there are also affordable options like Moissanites if the diamonds are too expensive for you.

Moissanites are diamond stimulants that are virtually indistinguishable from diamonds. It has less environmental implications since you don’t have to mine for them. Moreover, it has a wider variety of cuts and colors, so you can customize your jewelry and get creative with it. 

Whereas golds are more flashy and bold and can only be worn with specific dresses, diamonds, and their stimulants have sharper edges and straighter cuts as opposed to rounded ones. Their varieties come in rose, white, and yellow gold.  The more saturated color from diamond stimulants can give you an iced-out look and an illusion of intimidation and stature.

Why should you wear Accessories?

It’s not only about how you appear when you wear accessories. It can undoubtedly change who you are. It has the potential to alter how others see you and boost your self-assurance. It can make you feel quite confident in yourself, much like how women feel about makeup and accessories.

A simple Cuban Link bracelet might be the thing to boost your confidence and make you feel like you’re ready to take over the world before an interview or closing a sale that you are anxious or nervous about. An item raises your confidence to its highest level, just as suits may.

Online Cuban Links Store

Online retailers like Icecartel sell Moissanite Tennis Chains. Moissanite diamonds are available in various quality tiers, adhering to standards such as clarity, hardness, durability, and color. When discussing Moissanite clarity, any imperfections are denoted as inclusions. Icecartel employs testers to meticulously examine their accessories, ensuring that they offer only the finest Moissanite gems. All Moissanites from Icecartel are graded as VVS, signifying a “very, very slightly included” rating.

In terms of clarity, the VVS grade surpasses even flawless ratings (IF or FL). This distinction makes Icecartel a reliable destination for purchasing Cuban Links, as they maintain a minimum acceptable rating of VVF, and each jewelry piece undergoes meticulous testing.

Apart from their ready-made offerings, Icecartel specializes in crafting personalized chains and bracelets. Clients have the flexibility to choose the carat weight of Moissanite, adjust the weight, and receive their customized piece within a short timeframe. Remarkably, the pricing remains competitive while the service remains exceptional. A variety of cut options, including rounded edges and baguette cuts, are available.

Icecartel prides itself on keeping pace with the latest fashion trends. If you spot a new design or jewelry trend on platforms like TikTok or across the internet, chances are that Icecartel is already in the process of creating its own unique interpretation. Their website boasts an exclusive and diverse collection of bracelets and chains, which can be further tailored to your preferences. This allows you to gift your friends with these remarkable unisex jewelry pieces, tailored to your chosen designs. It’s important to note that all of Icecartel’s jewelry is crafted from 925 sterling silver and 14K gold (white, yellow, or rose).

Final Words

Stay up to date with modern trends and get the latest fashion jewelry with Cuban links. You don’t have to worry about money, as Moissanites are an amazing, affordable alternative to diamonds and are impossible to distinguish from them virtually. 

Those large, interlocking links are very striking and fashionable; they instantly elevate any ensemble. A Cuban link necklace gives any outfit—casual streetwear or formal wear—that extra dash of confidence and boldness that makes you stand out. That is comparable to carrying a small piece of Cuba’s rich cultural legacy around your neck. Also, you can select the chain that best suits your unique style because it is available in a variety of sizes and metals. The selections are infinite and include gold, silver, and even two-tone options! Not only are Cuban links becoming more fashionable for necklaces, but also for bracelets, rings, and even earrings. It’s incredible how one piece of jewelry can reveal so much about your style, character, and status.