Metallic Braces Or Self-Ligating Braces?

At our Valencia dental clinic, we offer a variety of orthodontic treatments that seek to be low-invasive, with quick, painless results, with materials from recognized brands and the most advanced technologies.

The treatment at our dentist Valencia begins with your first completely free consultation in which you can evaluate the different types of orthodontic treatments available at McAllister Orthodontics, completely tailored to you. In the first session, you will have an exhaustive occlusion study in which you will be able to carry out correct treatment planning. During your treatment, periodic visits to the clinic and 24-hour telephone assistance will be included.

With McAllister Orthodontics you can count on our team of highly qualified orthodontic and dental specialists, with experience and prestige, in addition to offering a nearby treatment, thus offering the most comfortable context for your treatment.

Bracket treatments are planned and carried out according to your needs, so the equipment will be based on the characteristics of your maxillofacial structure, just as you desire.

Benefits of metal brackets

-Very effective alternative

-Very profitable option, which provides low cost and excellent results. This type of bracket is the most economical alternative.

-Small size brackets

-The metal parts attached to the tooth and holding a metal arch are supported by bandages or gums that are responsible for transmitting to the dental part the force necessary to move it to the desired position.

-Treatment with metal brackets can be complemented by a wide variety of oral treatments.

–Great durability, functionality, and adhesion capacity.

Thanks to the latest advances, conventional orthodontic treatment time has been reduced. However, the duration will depend on the degree of tooth movement necessary to straighten the smile. On average, it is estimated that treatment with metal brackets can last around 18 months.

Benefits Of Self-Ligating Braces

-Permanent results

-Very popular due to the effectiveness of its results, in addition to its aesthetics.

-Less friction and pressure between the arch and the wire that holds the brackets, since it will move through the slot of the box that contains the bracket.

-It is an alternative that reduces treatment times by reducing the friction between the wire and the bracket so that your teeth will have greater freedom to move than conventional alternatives.

-Reviews and consultations will be shorter since there is no need to adjust the wire.

-The size of the bracket is larger than that of the metal bracket.

-In this case, the bracket is rounded, which allows it not to hurt the mouth.

Features Of The Damon braces Or Damon System

It is a type of self-ligating and transparent braces:

-Low friction and less discomfort

-Faster treatment (reduces up to 6 months)

-More free and natural tooth movement

-Much more aesthetic alternative

-More frequent and shorter check-ups in our dental clinic

-Material less likely to break or peel off, compared to conventional alternatives.

-Instead of rubber bands or elastic ligatures, a passive cap mechanism is used that keeps the archwire inside the bracket, allowing it to move freely and reducing the friction generated by traditional ligatures.

Aesthetic results, since the material used acquires the color of your original teeth.

What Are The Differences Between Metal Braces And Self-Ligating Braces?

One of the biggest differences between both types of brackets is about how the wire is attached to the bracket, since in the first option it will normally be with rubber bands, and in the second case there will be a small box with a lid that holds the wire.

Thanks to this feature, Self-Ligating braces will allow the patient to feel more comfortable having them since they will be able to eat more easily. Your teeth will have greater mobility and you will not feel the rigidity of the wire in the case of metal braces.

A second and important difference has to do with the arch placed around the brackets because, in the case of self-ligating braces, this will be thermal, which allows the wire to always be active and can move always returning to its original position. This treatment is usually faster than conventional treatment.

Thirdly, in the alternative of metal braces, there may be greater accumulations of bacterial plaque, unlike the newer alternative, since the gaucho of the Metal braces tends to accumulate plaque more easily as a result of the gaucho that can deteriorate. It reduces the accumulation of bacterial plaque and thus prevents oral pathologies.

Depending on their durability and although most braces offer similar durability, it can be said that metal braces are the most durable.