The Best Makeup Looks To Make Hazel Eyes Pop

If you have hazel eyes, consider yourself lucky. Most eye colors are solid, but hazel eyes offer something truly unique. Comprised of various amounts of green, gold, and brown, hazel eyes provide dimension and depth that can be accentuated with a variety of color palettes.

Creating The Perfect Color Palette For Hazel Eyes

Because hazel eyes contain several different colors, the options for enhancement with make-up are wide-ranging. If your hazel eyes are particularly light, line them with charcoal shadow or black liner and they will suddenly and powerfully pop. Rich autumnal tones like plums and deep reds sit in perfect contrast to hazel tones while, golds, and browns, and greens draw out certain colors to create a gorgeous palette. Below are 13 casual, creative, and glamorous makeup looks that are ideal for hazel eyes, so let’s take a peek!

Everyday Brightness

Why not enhance your hazel eyes in your day-to-day make-up? This fresh-faced look focuses on peach undertones to bring out the gold tones of hazel eyes.

Swipe on your favorite dark and light peach shades for a little more depth. Line the inner lid of your upper eyelids to define the eye without weighing it down. Finally, line the lower water line with a white pencil to open and brighten your eyes. White liner is perfect for daytime looks.

Glittery Gold

Choose a single color to enhance in your hazel eyes. This make-up look brings out the warm brown and golden hues that nestle inside of hazel eyes. To give eyes that extra pop, line them in black liner.

Choose a warm brown color to blend to the brow bone and pop a shimmer of glitter into the corners of the eyes. The overall effect is mesmerizing. As for the lips, choose your favorite nude and a gloss with shimmery gold undertones.

Autumn Orange

Opposites attract, so it’s no wonder we love an autumnal orange to bring out hazel eyes. This red orange color provides the perfect background to the green hues in hazel eyes.

Choose an orange color with burnt brown undertones for a desert adobe feeling. Cover the top center of the lid with a lighter color to make eyes stand out. Lots of mascara and perfectly lined neutral pink lips complete this look. Skin should be dewy and soft without any heavy contour.

Gray Glam

Smoky eyes are chic, but regular black looks can be common. Make your light hazel eyes pop with a gray smoky shadow with plenty of metallic. This look is heavily blended for softness, like most smoky eye shadow looks.

While the eyes are gray for this look, your lips and cheeks should contain peach undertones to pick up the warmth of your hazel eyes. Anything too cold or containing blue undertones will wash you out. Swipe clear gloss at the center of your lips and you’re ready for a big night out.

Bold Green and Yellow Combo

Play off both the green and yellow tones in your hazel eyes with a combination eye color look. A subtle swipe of bright yellow along the cat eye perfectly mirrors the bold green painted along the inner corner of the top eyelid. Extend the green color just a quarter of the way along the edge of the lid and left the black do the rest.

This look is about just a pop of color here and there, so don’t go crazy with pigments and be precise. Cheeks and lips should be relaxed and neutral with this bold eye look, so flush your cheeks with peach pink color that matches with your lips.

Sexy Smoky Vibes

Every babe should know how to create a go-to smoky look. When choosing your perfect charcoal hue, remember that purple tones perfectly contrast hazel eyes, so look for a charcoal gray with purple undertones.

This look uses the purple gray shadow to create well-blended wings. The same color should go under the eye and also be heavily blended for that smoky consistency. A fleck of light shimmer shadow thinly lining the middle portion of the top and bottom lid will open and brighten the eye.

Hushed Plum

Purple is another color that beautifully contrasts with hazel eyes. When it comes to shadow application, less is more with this vibe. Choose a light brown with purple undertones and a light plum color to blend heavily together.

Lots of mascara will make those peepers pop. Neutral lips and flushed, pink cheeks will help bring out the warm tones of the purple shadow.

Bronzed Peach

Peach tones are fresh, light, and perfect for daytime in Spring and Summer. Skin prep is key for this look, so that the glow comes from underneath the skin. Dust cheeks with bronzer and a peach blush that you can sweep across your eyelids.

The corners of eyes pick up the peach tone with a slightly redder shadow. Let your lips pull all the elements of the make-up together by selecting bronze and peach colors to mix together.

Warm Earthy Tones

If you’re searching for a wearable glam that is easy to recreate over and over, then this earth toned look is for you. Warm hues mirror the natural warmth of hazel eyes and creamy, hydrated skin provides the perfect base.

A red-based brown can cover the lids to the brow bone and dark brown can line the lower lids. Choose a pink or peach toned blush to flush the cheeks and a sheer neutral pink to dab on the lips.

Make Them Pop Black Liner

Anyone with light eyes knows how powerful black liner can be. Use thick black liner and warm shadow to brighten and compliment your hazel eyes. This liner needs to be precise, so do not smudge.

Any earth tone like red, purple, or green will provide a gorgeous backdrop to your lined hazel eyes. As for the lips, you can go a bit heavier here with a deeper pink neutral color and a dark pink gloss. This look is pretty glam, so contour and highlight those cheekbones.

Classic Cat Eye

Every babe should know to create a sexy cat eye. If you can’t freehand it, there are plenty of tutorials out there that involve a playing or business card. Once you’ve drawn your cat eye with thick black liner, dust a dark brown shadow with purple undertones underneath the eyes. This is very subtle, but it will boost the glam of your cat eye look and compliment your hazel eyes.

The lips of this look should pick up those purple undertones underneath the eyes. The cheeks should be lightly flushed and contain the same undertones as the lips. The overall look is sophisticated, fresh, and sure to show off those hazel eyes.

Smokey Brown Tones

Complimenting one hue found in hazel eyes is a fun way to make the other colors pop. Beautifully blended brown shadows will match the deep tones in hazel eyes as the light catches and illuminates any gold flecks.

Even though this look isn’t light, the earth tones make it feel natural. So, brush up those beautiful brows for a totally fresh feeling. Line lips in a deep neutral and flush with a glossy pinkish brown.

Neon Dreams

Classic greens like hunter look gorgeous on hazel eyes, but this neon yellow green is more youthful, playful, and daring. Cover the lids with a blended lime color and swipe glitter on top.

Place yellow shadow in the inner corners and sweep green in the bottom left corners of the eye. The overall effect is rich, dimensional, and perfect for picking up the yellow tones in hazel eyes. The rest of the look should be neutral and matte so your eyes can do the talking.