23 Perfectly Flattering Long Hairstyles With Bangs

Long hair is beautiful, but adding beautiful bangs is all the rage. They are eve better at adding an extra flair than layers. It’s not just about covering your forehead, however. There are so many different ways to wear your long hair with bangs that suit every hair type imaginable.

How To Find The Best Long Hairstyle With Bangs

 What do you want your bangs to say about you? Whether you desire a thick fringe, wispy pieces, or a blunt cut, bangs are sure to add interest to otherwise basic long hair. Keep your face shape and hair texture in mind when choosing the right style. For those looking to enhance their hair growth, we also offer a range of hair growth supplements to complement your desired look. We have the best long-hair looks in the game—so which bangs will you choose?

Brunette Ombre

Ombre highlights are trendy and grow out subtly. This color effect looks even more pronounced and attractive on long hair with bangs.

Rich bangs cut with choppy ends mimic natural looking brunette roots and bronde color like on this ombre ‘do. While looking elevated, this hairstyle is for the low maintenance babe.

Platinum Fringe

Long, platinum tresses are dreamy, but airy bangs pack a much-needed punch. These bangs are long and straight just like the framing long hair.

This style works especially well if your texture is fine and straight. Ask your stylist for this eye-skimming fringe and you’re sure to impress.

Jet Black Bangs

These long and luxurious jet-black tresses need a long fringe to match! If your hair is seriously long like this, consider razor cut bangs that skim the eyes.

Shag-like layers all throughout the hair keep this look less severe and help take the weight out of thicker hair types. Make sure you moisturize your long hair and add a bit of texture to match.

Short Straight Bangs

A super short fringe like this one is funky and cool. The look isn’t for everyone, but if you love baring it all, then it just may be the look for you.

Short bangs frame a beautiful set of brows and show off a lovely face. Try it if you have straighter hair for a sleek look. Curly babes, steer clear.

Sleek And Straight With Feathered Ends

Straight long hair looks amazing with a sleek fringe. The overall effect is polished and the feathered ends keep it from looking severe. This straight hairstyle looks great in absolutely any solid hair color imaginable.

Give your bangs a little lift with a round brush to keep strands from falling too flat on your forehead.

Long Brunette Bangs

This long, thick fringe is giving off some serious 70’s vibes! If you have a longer forehead, these heavy bangs will suit your tresses wonderfully.

For thicker hair types typically worn straight, bangs that reach below the eyebrows are a great option. When styling your hair, blow hair away from the face to open up the look.

Dirty Blonde Bangs

This dirty blonde long hair with bangs has the ultimate bed head appeal. It requires little styling, if any.

Bangs are cut slightly choppy to soften a harsher jawline on a square face shape, though any face shape can rock this look. Cut a few subtle layers and you’re good to go.

Dark Bangs And Roots

A style like this is sure to make an impression! The dark roots on this long hairstyle extend into the long, choppy bangs for a grown out look.

Let your natural color grow out without worrying about precise upkeep. Have your stylist cut long bangs that extend farther out around the eyes.

Choppy Fringe

Naturally straight hair deserves a special choppy fringe like this one. Blunt cuts work well for straight hair, but finer hair may need a razor cut to add texture.

Keep the length of your long hair straight or opt for some soft curls to keep it interesting.

Blonde Bombshell Bangs

Long blonde hair is undoubtedly feminine, but why not add a wispy fringe like this one? A thinner fringe opens up the face and still shows off beautiful eyebrows.

Add longer bangs to the side of the face to create cohesion between the bangs and ultra long tresses.

Black Parted Fringe

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then a slightly parted fringe make for some stunning curtains. This look is great because the bangs can be worn straight across or parted for an interesting, retro Italian film star feel.

Pull some hair up around the crown of the head to let your bangs do all the talking.

Strawberry Blond Bangs With Layers

Gorgeous color like this deserves some long, sleek bangs to show it off! Here, bangs are feathered between the brows at the center of the forehead and taper off at the top of the cheekbones.

Cut layers throughout the length of the hair to keep a thick fringe from appearing too heavy. This cut is great for thicker hair and even works on curly texture.

Rounded Fringe With Straight Hair

A look like this is a little bit retro but the high shine is perfect for today. The long bang really shows off a pretty set of eyes.

To achieve the more rounded effect of this rather straight across cut, blow out hair with a rounded brush.

Thick Golden Fringe

A heavy fringe on long blonde hair gives off a total bombshell vibe. The slight ombre look adds an extra layer of sexy.

Layers are key with a long, shaggy fringe like this. Have some reach below your cheekbones to frame the face.

Wispy Bangs

Long thick hair doesn’t always need a fringe. Wispy bangs keep hair from looking too heavy.

They work well because they can be blow dried and rounded with a brush or worn with a slightly messier texture. Wispy bangs can also be swept to one side pretty effortlessly.

Side Swept Bangs

For long hair with textured waves, try wearing bangs swept to one side. A wispy version like this one goes well with rest of the tousled hair.

Here, bangs are cut longer to frame the eye and work well with the wispy ends of this gorgeous hairstyle.

Side Bangs For Curly Hair

Because curly hair has so much texture and volume, bangs can be tough. Side bangs, however, add dimension to voluminous curls and have a thinning effect.

Avoid blunt cuts when it comes to curly bangs. Cut them to the side, however, and you’ll look absolutely stunning. It works great with ponytails and high buns, too.

Blunt Cut Bangs

Bluntly cut bangs are chic on long locks. The look is precise and works great on straight hair textures.

Blunt bangs are versatile, too. Cut them long over the eyebrows, just above the brows, or short for a punk vibe. They are sure to always look polished on long hair.

Beachy Highlights With Wispy Bangs

Effortless is the best way to describe this long hairstyle with bangs. A textured cut goes perfectly with this ombre style. We love the way it grows out on the fringe of this cut.

If you’re looking for a minimal style on your thick and textured hair, go for these eyebrow length bangs with deeper root color.

If you’re aiming to improve the overall health of your long hair and stimulate its growth, you might want to think about adding a to your daily regimen. This could lead to even more impressive outcomes, especially when it comes to enhancing the appearance of your bangs

Long Bangs With Lots of Layers

This long hairstyle is all about the layers. Create soft movement underneath these long bangs and cut layers throughout the length of the hair.

A middle part keeps these long bangs fresh, not heavy. Cut them around the cheekbones and sweep them back from your face.

Long Blended Layers With Bangs

What’s not to love about this long hairstyle? Ultra long bangs blend seamlessly with the rest of face-framing layers. The overall effect is subtle and romantic.

Here bangs are parted down the center and swept to each side. The longer lengths of these bangs are great for a variety of up-dos.

Choppy Bangs For Thick Hair

A shag inspired cut is great for eliminating volume on thick hair. Choppy bangs also help this long hair look lighter and playful. Anything too thick and you’ll look weighed down.

The shortest parts of the fringe should reach the middle of your forehead and the longest should skim the eyebrows.

Modern Shag Bangs

These luscious shag bangs are the look you never knew you needed. We love that the bangs are cut heavy and long to the cheekbone. There is nothing shy about this bold fringe.

This cut works great on thick hair, whether it’s fine or wavy. Dimensional highlights work wonderfully with the modern shag fringe.