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me88 live casino Malaysia is a great live casino platform where fans of online casino table games will get the wonderful opportunity to learn all about the hidden reasoning behind the Roulette wheel’s design. me88 live casino Malaysia is a great place to start if you, as a live casino enthusiast, wish to deepen your understanding of all forms of Roulette. You can also participate in all sorts of other online casino games like Blackjack and Baccarat by signing up for an account with me88 live casino Malaysia. 

An introduction to roulette tables at me88 live casino Malaysia

Roulette’s wheel numbers are not as randomly placed as they appear at first glance; they follow a sophisticated pattern. Any Roulette wheel, online or off, must adhere to the fundamental guidelines that come with the game, this includes how the boxes are constantly shifting between red and black. High low number wagers are allowed in European variations of roulette.  Furthermore, in the ranges 1–10, odd numbers are coloured red and even numbers are coloured black; no more than two even or odd numbers will ever be near to each other. In the ranges 11–18, the colors are reversed, with black representing odd numerals and red even ones.

Variations of me88 live casino roulette 

Roulette games at me88 live casino Malaysia are all provided by reputable live casino providers such as Big Gaming, Asia Gaming, Dream Gaming and more. Sexy Baccarat might sound like they only provide Baccarat tables to online casinos in Malaysia — that is not the case however, since their roulette tables are also especially popular at me88 live casino Malaysia. European, French, American, Mini-Roulette, and Triple-Zero Roulette wheels are all variations of the same game. All of these variations can be played on me88 live casino Malaysia.


Mini-Roulette is a whole new idea. There are 13 digits on the wheel: 0 through 12. At first look, it could appear that a player’s odds improve if there are fewer numbers. The reality, however, is the inverse. The house advantage in mini-roulette can go as high as 8%. 

European and French roulette

Both the European and French versions of online roulette use the same number system. There are 37 numbered slots on both Roulette wheels, including the 0 in the green pocket. The betting structures and available alternatives are the primary distinction. French Roulette boards may also have text written in the French language.

American Roulette 

One extra feature that can be found at French Roulette and is missing from American Roulette is the special section that is known as the race course. Besides that,  American roulette wheels have 39 numbered slots because an extra box labeled zero is included in the arrangement. Although outside wagers are placed in a different order, the usual rules of Red/Black, Odd/Even, and High/Low alternating remain in effect.

How random is the outcome of the roulette wheel at me88 live casino Malaysia? 

The outcome of the roulette wheel where the ball spins on a roulette table at me88 live casino Malaysia is totally random, the outcome can be either the number of the boxes or the color of the boxes (red or black). Although the numbers on a roulette wheel may appear to be random to a novice player, some roulette experts might also argue that it is not the case. In fact, all variations of me88 live casino roulette tables, including European, American, and French versions of the game all have their own distinct sequence, but with some commonalities. When you play Roulette online with me88 (either via PC or mobile app), the numbers will remain in the same sequence as they were originally generated. 

Guide to playing roulette at an advanced level

A clearer understanding of the game of roulette at me88 live casino Malaysia is required for a sound strategy to be formed in order to increase the win rate of the player. Some players might advise that the location of every single digit and its subsequent color need to be memorized in order for the player to pose a strategic advantage, however, we do not think that is the case. For an expert roulette player, the strategy is not about memorization, but more emphasis should be put on bankroll management. This is entirely debatable, since we know of some roulette experts that memorize the sequence of numbers since they believe doing so can unlock valuable opportunities. The location of the number is also important for understanding the chances in UK Roulette, which will help you play the game better. New players may be thrown off by the Roulette wheel’s seemingly random number placement. It’s not obvious to a newbie how the different spokes of the wheel are connected to one another.

What is wheel bias in an online casino? 

Wheel bias is a term that many superstitious roulette players in Malaysia might be familiar with. The aim of advantage players is to take advantage of any weak spots in the wheel. As the wheel ages, it begins to favor certain areas. Brits who know their number sequences well may be able to see wheel bias and adjust their bets accordingly. This tactic, however, is not useful at me88 live casino Malaysia, since the wheels are constantly being rearranged in an effort to foil players’ attempts to use this strategy. The wheels in live dealer Roulette found at me88 live casino Malaysia are not likely to be biased. Besides, me88 live casino is a licensed online casino that goes through regular audit to make sure that not just their roulette games, but all of the Malaysia online casino games that they offer are not biased in every way. 

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Whether you are into Roulette, Blackjack or poker, you can count on me88 live casino Malaysia to provide the best online casino gaming experience in the industry. Players can sign up for an account with me88 for free if they wish to try their hands on me88 live casino games.