Kio Cyr and Olivia Ponton’s relationship, explained

Kio Cyr is an American social media star who is very popular on TikTok. He has 6 million followers on the platform, and his videos have more than 180 million likes. Cyr is also active on Instagram and YouTube. Olivia Ponton is a social media star with 2.2 million followers on TikTok.

Ponton has 595K followers on her self-titled Instagram page. Recently, Olivia and Kio have been collaborating a lot on social media. Their couple’s content is wildly popular, and it has helped them gain more fans. This piece will provide details about the couple’s relationship.

Olivia and Kio started talking after she complimented his teeth

Olivia and Kio first noticed each other on social media. She thought he was attractive and complimented his teeth. Kio responded by praising her teeth, and they started talking. Kio and Olivia built their relationship online before meeting in person.

Olivia stated in a video posted on Kio’s channel in early March that she couldn’t contain her emotions when she first met Kio at the airport. She said:

“I was like freaking out and then I got out of my car and ran out to him. My first impression I was just like… I was talking to you for so long and I was finally able to like see you.”

The couple dated for a while before making their relationship public

Rumors about Olivia and Kio being in a relationship started after the pair started posting photos of each other on social media. They looked like a couple, but they continually refused to confirm the relationship.

Even in their March 2020 video, Olivia and Kio repeatedly stated that they were just friends. Kio and Olivia confirmed their relationship after Kio flew to Florida for Ponton’s graduation. On 27th May 2020, Cyr posted a YouTube video of his experiences with Olivia in the Sunshine State.