Who is HoYeon Jung dating? Details about her boyfriend

It’s tough to empathize with the characters in Squid Game: They are in dire financial straits, but does that justify the deaths of 455 people to get your hands on $38 million? One character that we do empathize with is Kang Sae-byeok. Kang is a North Korean defector who needs the money to save her family.

Kang represents HoYeon Jung’s first film role, but she is used to celebrity life. She started modeling at age sixteen and placed second in season 4 of Korea’s Next Top Model

HoYeon’s stunningly good looks and exceptional performance in Squid Game have sparked questions about her relationship status. 

HoYeon and her boyfriend Lee Dong Hwi have dated since 2015

HoYeon Jung is in a long-term relationship with her boyfriend, Lee Dong Hwi. Lee is an actor who’s appeared in Reply 1988, The Handmaiden, and Extreme Job,

He is also a musician with the group MSG Wannabe. 

The couple confirmed their relationship via Lee Dong’s label, which stated that the actor ‘didn’t want to lie about his personal relationships.’

Per Cosmopolitan, an outlet said that the couple have ‘free personalities and [they] don’t hide their affection.”