How to Use Kratom for Meditation and Mindfulness?

Cannabis is often used in complementary connection to meditation by many people as a way of enhancing the practice. This is because when consumed wisely, marijuana has a positive impact on making a person feel relaxed and be more attentive hence enabling one to achieve a meditative mode. For more details on the use of cannabis when practicing meditation, visit this page.

What Should You Consider?

As it would be expected, the choice of cannabis strain is vital. Indica is the common strain that is used for meditation because they help in relaxation without causing high mental activity. For instance, while there are few Sativa strains that are considered to be demeaning to the senses, some of them may prove very stimulating to the body, especially for those who may be engaged in meditating.

How Should You Consume Cannabis?

From smoking to vaporizing to consuming cannabis edibles, the means of ingestion greatly affects it. Beginners should take a small amount of the substance as it has greatly varying effects from one person to the other. So, with referencing the choice between inhalation methods and edibles, the first one has a quicker onset, the second one – the longer duration.

Where Should You Meditate?

First of all, it is necessary to shape the proper conditions. Find a position that is well lit, comfortable and where you will not be interrupted. It would be advisable to add a softer and adequate type of lighting, cushions for back support, and music if need be. Such elements bear out that eradicating the distractions is equally paramount in contributing towards enhancement of the quality of meditation.

When is the ideal time to meditate with Cannabis?

And here timing is everything: Some people apply cannabis use as an additive to their evening meditation practice and notice a subsequent positive impact it has on their ability to sleep afterward. Be cautious with the time of the day to discover the ideal duration for your own practice and schedule.


What Precautions Should You Take?

One should avoid the temptation of using cannabis for meditation frequently and should respect the limits of their body. Begin with the smaller quantity and after that increase it progressively. Be aware of how you respond and what you feel. Do not consume to a point that you are uncomfortable or feel that you cannot again meditate as you have done today.


Cannabis does have these effects and when used purposefully, it can complement meditation and mindfulness. It can be done by selecting the right type of cannabis, nurturing the proper setting, and using the substance consciously to enhance sufferers’ self-identification, rest, and serenity.