25 Trendy Hairstyles For Teen Girls

The teenage years are so important for trying out different styles. It’s the age when young girls experiment with their hair to see what they like, what they love, and what they need to continue practicing. There are so many different creative hairstyles that teenage girls can give themselves and their friends, or employ with a stylist for a haircut or special occasion style.

Picking Your Favorite Teen Hairstyle

Figuring out which hairstyle you want to rock really comes down to your personality and mood. Whether your hair is cropped short or ultra long, there is a stunning way to style it that will make you feel beautiful. If you’re searching for style inspiration, then you’ve come to the right place! Let’s see what we have in store.

#1: Half Up Braid Crown

Braid crowns are not only feminine, but they keep hair out of the face in an appealing way. The half-up style is perfect for teens that want to wear their hair down or show off any gorgeous locks.

We love this look because its uncomplicated and fun to create for teens.

#2: Textured Long Bob

Shorter hair lengths are all the rage these days and those trends translate to teenage girls as well. Lobs are awesome because of their low maintenance nature.

This texture is perfect for teens because it only takes a few minutes to style and looks even better on day two.

#3: Half Up With Accessories

Half-up hairstyles give the best of both worlds! Hair can be pulled off of a beautiful face yet stays long down the back for a feminine feel.

Teens can rock this style with a hair tie but are sure to stand out with a meaningful hair accessory like a pearl pin or sparkling beads.

#4: Topsy Tail Braid

This braid may look complicated, but just because it’s intricate doesn’t mean it isn’t easy. The stacked topsys are actually easy for teens to achieve and makes for a stand out style.

Start twisting the parts of the hair that surround the face for a glamorous effect.

#5: Double Dutch Braids

Dutch braids make for a great hairstyle for teen girls because of their playful yet sophisticated appeal. Double dutch braids are also easy to wear and easy to create.

Tie the braids at the nape of the neck and style the ponytails naturally. This look works on short hair, too!

#6: Braids Into Space Buns

Teens that are looking for a playful way to style their hair can look no further than these funky space buns! They can be created with these beautiful braids at the back of the head or simply pulled up.

Be sure to create lots of volume within the buns to accentuate this hairstyle.

#7: Pony Tail Braid

The cool part about braids is that they can be either detailed or simple and still look great. Teenage girls look youthful and beautiful when rocking a simple ponytail braid.

We love this look for style and practicality. Sweep hair up for a fun girl’s night or before sports practice.

#8: Curly Ballerina Bun

A curly ballerina bun may be a simple style for teenage girls, but it’s always a beautiful one. It can be worn for physical activity or dressed up with braids for a formal event.

To create this style, hair can be pulled up into a high ponytail and pieces can be individually curled and pinned under.

#9: Intricate Braids

These intricately beautiful braids are perfect for sleek-haired teens that want to truly stand out. This look involves a lace braid wrapped around a French fishtail.

A look like this may take some time, but it’s definitely worth the results.

#10: Medium Length Curls

Not all hairstyles have to be overly styled to be beautiful. Soft curls are very popular for women and the same goes for teenage girls.

Whether your hair is medium length or long, it can be curled with an iron for a feminine feel.

#11: Half Up + Waterfall Twists

Half-up hairstyles are easy but adding waterfall twists into a lace braid dresses makes this ordinary style unique. We love it because it’s uncomplicated for teenage girls to create.

This look can be worn on girls with ultra long hair or even a shoulder length bob.

#12: Bun + Simple Thick Braid

If you’re looking for a simple yet sophisticated up-do style, look no further than this sleek bun with a simple braid detail.

Of course hair can be twisted into a basic bun, but by braiding half of the hair, you’ll create a style that’s a total knockout.

#13: Ethereal Braid Crown

Braid crowns are utterly romantic. Teen girls love them because they are easy to create and always look beautiful.

When styling your hair into a braid crown, pull a few pieces out to frame the face and give off an effortless, ethereal look.

#14: Half Up + Pull Through Braid

It’s easier than you think to make a half-up hairstyle stand out. Teenage girls can totally stand out with a beautiful pull through braid like this one.

To continue the soft effect, give the length of hair that isn’t in the braid some loose curls.

#15: French Braids Into Low Pony

Ponytails are the classic way to pull up hair, but teenage girls know it can be done in style! The next time you’re looking to spice up your ponytail, consider creating French braids on both sides of the head.

This style is great on long hair but looks great on medium length hair as well.

#16: Velvety Waves

This gorgeous hair may be simple but it’s anything but basic. Gorgeous, velvety smooth waves look stunning for teenage girls.

To create this look, hydrate hair with a good deep conditioner. Create soft waves with a curling iron and brush through for this soft effect.

#17: French Fishtails

Fishtails are fun for teenage girls because of the style they bring to the table. This look involves French fishtails that feed into a larger fishtail. Teenage girls can rock this style with confidence and ease.

This look may take some time, but the style can last for several days with minimal upkeep.

#18: Textured Bob

Sometimes, teenage girls want simple styles for their hair. If you have a beautiful bob haircut, you can create beautiful texture that’s easy to wear and style.

To make texture like this, use a texturizing spray and curl hair with an iron or hot rod.

#19: High Ponytail French Braid

High ponytails are super chic these days and for teenage girls they are no exception. The playful style perfectly suits girls who enjoy having a bit of fun with their look.

To make your high pony stand out, begin it as a French braid loosely woven at the top of the head. The looser each section of hair is, the thicker hair will appear.

#20: Waterfall Braid For Tweens

Waterfall braids often have a sweet effect on the wearer, which makes them age-appropriate for young teenage girls and tweens.

These braids are perfect for adding subtle detail to otherwise ordinary hair worn down.

#21: Mohawk Braid + Low Bun

Teenage girls looking for an effortless style that stands out, look no further than this Mohawk braid pulled into a messy low bun. It’s perfect for a day full of activity and keeping hair out of your face in style!

Start by creating one large French braid down the back of the head with one section of hair left loose in the middle. You’ll use this for creating the smaller braid detail.

#22: French Fishtail Bun

Never again will a half-up hairstyle seem ordinary! Teenage girls love to play around with their style and this French fishtail bun offers the perfect twist on a classic style.

To create, take two large sections of hair at the temples and create a fishtail braid. Instead of simply securing at the back of the head, pull hair into a lusciously large bun.

#23: Dutch + Fishtail Braided Up Do

It’s amazing how much versatility braids offer. They are perfect for teenage girls who want to look beautifully stylish while still appearing playful and young. Let this hairstyle serve as inspiration for any braided up-do you want to achieve.

Utilizing more than one braid, like the dutch and fishtail styles here, will help create a sense of uniqueness within your hairstyle.

#24: Half Up + Side Mermaid Braid

So many teenage girls love to pull their hair half-up, but this look takes on a unique twist. Here, the half-up is braided onto the side of the head.

This look works because of the looseness of the braid. If you have highlights, it will stand out especially well.

#25: Underneath Side Braid

For teenage girls, this underneath braid style is truly unique. So often we see braids wrapped around the crown of the head, but this look seeks to be different.

Start by creating a braid on the side of the head. Tuck it under and secure with bobby pins.