Gaming Nit: The Keys To Deal With This Type Of Gaming Player

Knowing the nit player in poker is more important than we may think. It is important to identify them to certify that we are really in front of that type of player and thus act appropriately to have more chances of winning the game.

What is a nit in poker?

To begin with it is important to know what is a nit in poker. We can define a nit in poker as a player who is like a stone. That means that they are players who only play the hands that really interest them and reject the rest. It is a player who only dares to play with the hands that are accompanied by good cards. That is, a nit player does not play a hand if he does not have the feeling that it is a premium hand.

In the vast majority of occasions we can define a nit player as a bad player because he does not dare to play hands that sometimes could be favorable to him with the community cards. But as we are informed from, where we can find the best app to play poker online, sometimes nit players can be winners because their strategy gives them good results.

If you realize that you are playing against a nit player, the best thing to do is to put pressure on him. That pressure is usually done in the vast majority of occasions through preflop. And in case you notice that they enter the game and continue betting hard, do not keep up with them. As we have mentioned, in the vast majority of occasions they only play good hands, so the probability of beating them will be low.

What is the nits poker game like?

If you’ve made it this far, you’ve probably already noticed that the nit player selects the hands he’s going to play a lot. That means that if the nit player goes through with the play it is because he really has a very good hand. It is true that some nit players are more serious than others, but they usually only play positions that are very good. Some players even reject plays that can be considered as good.

To have more chances of winning, you can fight against that type of player with the idea of winning the small pots. The nits usually don’t pay attention to them and you can take them. In that case it can be a good option to raise preflop.

If it is clear to you that the nit player is serious in a hand, the best thing to do is to fold unless you have a very good hand.

It is also important to know that some players play nits with a touch of mischief. They may play nits and on special occasions bluff their way into the pot. This is not a common tendency for this type of player, but it is important to pay attention to this type of move.

Tips for playing against a nit

To begin with, it is important that you are clear that you do not have to show any indication of your mental state. If you are one of those people who get nervous, I invite you to read the MenteyPaz article. In this article you can learn exercises to control hand trembling due to nerves. These exercises will allow you to learn to control involuntary movements and thus have a better poker performance. Remember, you must not show sensations or your opponents could use that information against you.

When you control your movements and it is clear to you that you are not sending clear messages to your opponents, it will be time to put into practice other tips such as the following.

It is important that you bet on making many flops of small amounts. This is a good technique to avoid that the nit player wants to continue, so you will take him out of many hands, even when they could be beneficial later. Making a lot of flops no matter the game you have is usually a good option against those players.

If you notice that in a hand the nit player starts to show resistance, it means that he has a good hand. In that case, the best thing to do is to take losses and leave him to his own devices. If you try to fight him, chances are that his hand is very good and you will end up losing. You should only keep up with him if you have a good chance of winning.

If you know you have a good hand, you should not only bet on the flop, you should also bet on the turn and river. Of course, you should only do it when you have a very good game because you will be fighting against the rock, which knows that it also has a good position. Remember, when the nit player plays, he has a good hand, but he doesn’t always have the best. Sometimes you may have a better one and manage to win the battle. You should always bet wisely so you don’t get bad news.

Why should you be careful not to be a nit player?

If you are thinking of becoming a nit player, you should know that it is not always the best option, especially if you are not able to keep the tension under control.

We do not recommend you to be a nit player because most of these players are very predictable. Through different studies it has been shown that the probability of winning money playing under a “tight” style is much more complicated. It is still possible to win against fishes, but it is much more difficult to win against players with some experience.

When a player realizes that you are nit, he will most likely refuse to pay your bets when he sees that you have game. That will make the probability of winning much lower, after all, you will be a predictive player, that is to say, it will be very difficult for you to surprise your opponents with that style of play.

If you still want to try your luck as a nit player, then we recommend you to try the texas holdem variety.