Effortlessly Chic: 10 Stylish Medium Length Hairstyles for Every Occasio

People often reflect of medium length hairstyles as ones that take a lot of time. Anything more complicated than a simple ponytail can seem challenging, and getting stuck in a loop of the same hairstyles is stress-free. In essence, we all choose the same haircut repeatedly. However, it does not have to be this way, as you can style your middle-length hair in many ways.

You can sometimes wear a different hairstyle over and over as this can get boring. You can seek inspiration from celebrities or create unique styles out of your creativity or that of your stylist. The following are some of the different medium length hairstyles to rock in various settings for a change.

  • A Sleek Back Bun

Making a sleek and stylish bun requires a little time, especially if you have medium-length hair. But this style is an excellent choice to look simple but stylish.

Start by adding about a small amount, or a little more if your hair is thicker, of Unfrizz Cream to damp hair and rake through it to ensure it is spread evenly. Continue blow-drying the hair to get it straight and smooth to eliminate the frizz.

. Use a tail comb to make a part in the middle of your hair, and then use your hands to work through the top position. Smooth the hair into a low ponytail with a boar bristle brush.

Once you have put a flexible band around the ponytail to keep it in place, take one more blob of Styling Paste and mix it with a few extra drops of Healing Oil to give it more shine. 

Mix these products in your hands, then put them on the plait while turning it into your desired shape. This shape can be anything from an eight to a more intangible pattern or even a donut.

As a finishing touch, leave the locks of the hair loose and use bobby pins to hold the other hair in place around the bun. This method makes a bun that is perfectly smooth and shiny.

  • A Plaited Bun

Low buns do not have to be boring, especially when worn with medium length hairstyles. With some imagination, you can easily add braided extensions and gelled baby hair to a simple bun to create an amazingly stylish appearance.

Start by giving your hair a coat of your favorite curling gel. Then, pull your curls back into a low ponytail using a boar brush. Create a long braid and add Concealed Crown Extensions to the ponytail’s base. 

You should wrap the ponytail into a fitted bun and lock it with bobby pins. Apply extra gel with a toothbrush for the finishing touch to tame and shape your baby curls while sharpening the edges for a tidy and polished appearance.

  • A Rough Updo

Making a compelling hairstyle for medium-long hair may initially seem challenging, but it is pretty doable. The best part is that it is easy to achieve, and this rough updo exudes a carefree and playful mood.

Apply Virtue Curl Defining Whip in a small quantity to moist hair. Using a big comb, distribute the product in your hair, promoting designation in every curl and controlling frizz.

After that, scrunch your hair to emphasize the feel and dry it with a diffuser set to little speed and minimal heat. Gently remove a few strands framing your face at the hairline around your chosen portion to keep a gentle appearance.

Make a ponytail out of this portion. Continue to make two more ponytails right underneath the first one, ensuring each section is the same size. This pattern should result in three ponytails in a row.

  • A Plaited Top

This flair is an excellent choice for a warm, boho vibe. Using a one-inch curling iron, make gentle undulating waves around the face to change the hair’s texture and draw attention to it. 

After that, portion the hair down the middle to make two separate pieces. Continue to braid every piece and use elastic bands to hold the ends together. Spray on each braid and carefully pull them apart to add some volume. Raise each braid to the crown of your head to make a crown-like pattern, and pin it down.