Australian Athletes Who Are Multi-Talented and Influential

For many people, sports is just a hobby, that helps them to stay healthy and in good shape. But since for athletes, sports is the main profession, to which they dedicate their time and life, it’s usually very interesting how the sportsmen see life beyond sports. We know many athletes who are just dedicated individuals in their field, with no extra interests equal to their primary profession. On the other hand, some athletes are super talented in not one but a few fields, including other sports.

Australia is an amazing land and has fantastic athletes who are champions in their fields. On this land, however, people can have extra talents that are sometimes just unbelievable. In this article, we will talk about famous Aussies who could shine in different skies, and this is not surprising at all. 

In fact, many Australian athletes have done incredibly well in other aspects: From the man who survived a shark attack to the woman who conquered two sports, we present four multi-sport superstars here. 

Ashleigh Barty: From Tennis to Golf

The first name to come to mind as regards the balance of influence and sports excellence is Ashleigh Barty. Having a big list of achievements, she truly became one of the famous female athletes who inspire and motivate others

It was a shocking moment both for tennis fans and media when Ash Barty announced her plans to retire at the age of 25. Although many people would think at that point that everything is still ahead and she could win the major tournaments a few more times, Barty explained her decision from another angle: It’s time to move forward. In the meantime, the media kept guessing what would be the next phase of the champion’s life: Would she be coaching or maybe continuing her studies? 

With her apt precision and explosive power, the retired tennis prodigy’s prowess extended to golf. Ashleigh Barty has hopped between the two vastly different worlds of sport and excelled.

While she is a fantastic sports star, that’s not her only feature. Ashleigh has a passion for what she does which is why she was able to play two different sports at a professional level. However, her loyal fanbase, consisting of millions of followers, also loves how she’s involved in various charitable events. 

Mick Fanning: Riding the Waves of Influence

Mick Fanning has taken his board to the majestic waves of the island continent and made a name for himself professionally. His versatility and determination are simply astounding. His physical alongside mental fortitude earned him his crowns in the World Surf League’s World Tour in 2007, 2009, and 2013. And in 2015, he survived a shark attack! 

The 3× world champion’s influence doesn’t stop at dodging shark attacks and surfing massive waves. His name resonates with environmental conservation. Many appreciate how he has a passion for preserving the environment. 

Ellyse Perry: Cricket and Beyond 

People know of Perry in the world of soccer and cricket. She is well-known for being a world-class soccer and cricket player. 

She rose to sporting fame at an early age with many sports legends recognizing her efforts. Perry has won many awards in soccer and cricket. They include eight world titles with Australia, 11 Women’s National Cricket League championships with NSW, and two Women’s Big Bash League titles with the Sydney Sixers. 

Kids also look up to Perry as a role model and she is a consistent part of many charitable events, becoming a symbol of female empowerment. 

Anthony Mundine: Professional Boxer & Rugby Player

Anthony Mundine has been one of the advocate people in Australia’s sporting landscape over the last thirty years. He has achieved several grand finals in his professional Rugby career so far. 

While he was a remarkable rugby player, Mundine even made a much better boxer. In 2000, Anthony Mundine made the crossover and has gotten several titles, including being called one of the most successful Australian boxers. His overall record in boxing was outstanding, sitting at 48-10-0. 

Sports fans around the globe are in awe of how he is still so athletic at 44 years old. In addition to this, he is known for speaking out about social issues which included racism. His followers ended up respecting him even more after he spoke out against racism. 

However, it remains that his influence has gone to a good cause. Ensuring the world is a fairer place! 

Parting Note

Australia is rich with many celebrated athletes who have gone out of their way to make the Earth a better place. From cleaner seas to less bias, these athletes are undoubtedly the influential individuals many desire to be. The several reputable athletes aren’t limited to our list. There are many others within the borders of the great country.