An Introduction to Kidde Fire Protection for Home and Business Owners

Kidde, a 100-year-old company that is a member of UTC Building and Industrial Systems Division, is renowned for its tenacity, dependability, and unrelenting dedication to safeguarding people and property against unanticipated and dangerous fire occurrences. Kidde fire prevention equipment and solutions act as a dependable ally to safeguard residences and commercial buildings from the danger of a fire emergency.

Kidde is an industry leader in fire safety solutions for homes and businesses worldwide, offering smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, fire extinguishers, and more to protect lives and property from fire hazards. Kidde’s innovative products are relied upon daily by people worldwide for protection of life and property. Kidde fire protection products and solutions are top-of-the-line solutions for fire safety in the home or workplace.

Kidde smoke and CO detectors help homeowners stay safer by warning of impending fire danger early. Their range of fire extinguishers includes different sizes and ratings to quickly extinguish small house or apartment fires quickly and efficiently; and portable CO monitors give users peace of mind knowing their family remains protected even when away.

Kidde, a trusted partner of The Home Depot since 2006, is dedicated to keeping communities safe and secure. Partnering with Bronx Community Foundation on their new campaign Cause for AlarmTM to address gaps in education and access for key fire safety measures; its launch features an engaging mural by New York-based visual artist Cey Adams; it was made possible thanks to their support by The Home Depot and iHeartIMPACT.

Every three hours, one fatal house fire and 20,000 deaths from carbon monoxide poisoning occur in homes across America. These tragic statistics can be reduced with several simple measures including having working smoke and CO alarms in your home, placing fire extinguishers within easy reach on all levels of your residence and testing those alarms regularly to make sure they’re in working condition.

Kidde commercial fire suppression systems provide business owners with peace of mind by offering 24-hour automatic protection from fire hazards that protects employees and customers alike. When faced with excessive heat levels, their fusible or thermo-bulb detectors will activate pressurized agent storage containers, shut down fuel/power to appliances, activate their fire alarm system and notify local fire departments – providing peace of mind to their owners!

Kidde’s FM-200 engineered clean agent systems offer advanced fire suppression that effectively deactivates undetectable fire levels without leaving behind any residual clean up. Novec chemical instantaneously vaporizes upon discharge, completely flooding protected spaces while also absorbing heat better than water for thermal control that prevents fire re-ignition or damages to assets. Fire suppression system training importance cannot be overstated.

In conclusion, Kidde fire prevention offers complete solutions for protecting homes and businesses from fire hazards. They offer the necessary defense against smoke, carbon monoxide, and real flames with their wide array of fire prevention products. Additionally, they collaborate with groups that inform the public about fire safety and offer more tools to protect families and businesses from fire risks. Kidde Fire Protection differentiates out from other providers in the fire safety business because to its wide range of products and training programs.