All about is Akaash Singh’s wife Jasleen

Akaash Singh is the latest star to get caught up in the feud against Joe Rogan. Joe Rogan can’t seem to do anything right at the moment: he’s been accused of fueling coronavirus conspiracies and found culpable of being racist. Singh recently appeared on Joe’s podcast to talk about the marginalization of minority groups. 

The podcast episode received mixed reactions, with some people criticizing Joe and Akaash for making fun of a sensitive topic. Akaash’s comedy covers various issues, including race, family, and, more recently, marriage. 

Singh is about half a year into his marriage to Jasleen Singh, whom he dated for six years before marrying. 

Akaash and Jasleen started dating after he pursued her at a comedy festival

Jasleen learned of Akaash through her sister, who knew the comedian via the Brilliant Idiots podcast. Akaash spotted Jasleen at the Hoboken Comedy Festival in New York in 2015 and pursued her. 

Singh explained how he met Jasleen via a fourth-anniversary post on 4th October 2019. Akaash wrote:

“Four years ago today I chased this girl down after a comedy show because she looked like she might be Indian, and she had that – a rarity for our peoples. Fast forward to today and she’s gonna be my wife. Moral of the story: Give street harassment a chance.”

Akaash chose New York as the site for his proposal, and he opted for somewhere far more romantic than a comedy festival: The Empire State Building. 

“Hey guys, meet my fiancée #TheFinerSinghs,” Akaash wrote on Facebook. Photos of the proposal showed Jasleen overwhelmed by emotion as the pair took a massive step towards marriage. 

Jasleen, who looked gorgeous in a white outfit, showed her ring to eager fans, who were all too happy to capture the beautiful moment. 

Coronavirus forced the couple to postpone their wedding several times

A few months after Akaash proposed, coronavirus hit, effectively shutting down the world. It forced the couple to postpone wedding plans on several occasions, much to Akaash’s frustration. 

In almost every social media post, he expressed his eagerness to become Jasleen’s husband. “Happy Valentine’s Rani,” Akaash wrote in February 2020. “Hurry up and marry me.”

A year later, he posted a video and several photos of Jasleen alongside the following caption: “But thankfully we have the rest of our lives to make up for it. Hopefully the next one too. Happy Valentine’s to the single greatest hula hooper I know. Love you Rani. Let’s hurry up and have this wedding.”

Akaash finally got his wish when the couple wed in July 2021 in New Jersey. The traditional wedding honored the pair’s Indian roots. 

Some reports indicate that the pair wanted to save themselves until after marriage, but they failed to wait.

It’s unclear what the future holds for Akaash and Jasleen, but he has mentioned a desire to have children. In May 2021, Jasleen commissioned a painting showing the pair’s maternal grandparents watching over them. 

Akaash described it as the best gift she’d ever gotten him, but that would change if the pair got kids. He captioned the post:

“Shouts to Ink for killing this painting, and to the woman I’m gonna marry me for giving me the greatest gift I’ve ever gotten. Until I get her pregnant.”

Jasleen is quite secretive about her personal life

Jasleen isn’t as open as Akaash about her personal life. She has a private Instagram account, accessible only by close friends and family. 

She was born on 16th August 1993 and grew up a Sikh. Akaash proposed to her two days after her 26th birthday. 

Akaash often posts Jasleen on her birthday. In August 2020, Akaash revealed that he got Jasleen sick on her birthday:

“Happy birthday to my dime piece future wifey. Thank you for always making me look more famous than I really am. Also sorry I got you sick on your birthday, but luckily we got the rest of our lives to get it right. And on the bright side- now we know we’re both Covid negative!”