5 Hassle-free Tips To Choose The Best Cream For Dark Circles Removal

Millennials or GenZ, older or younger – both generations today face various struggles seldom discussed. These struggles, emergencies, and the need to be ahead greatly compromise personal health and well-being. This can be seen through eye bags, puffy eyes, dullness, dark circles, and various other visible signs of stress. Today, we will discuss tips for choosing the best cream for dark circles removal.

The skin under the eyes is twice as delicate as the facial skin and is the first to be affected by stress and other indirect environmental triggers. The results may be as small as fine lines near the eyes (also known as crow’s feet) or as severe as dark circles. But if the under-eye skin is taken care of, and with some lifestyle changes, your skin’s health can be maintained. Let’s see the underlying causes of dark circles and their treatment. Read along!

What are dark circles?

When the skin under the eyes gets visibly darkened due to various direct and indirect factors of the environment and your lifestyle, they are known as dark circles. They often make the skin appear dull and tired and make the person look older than their actual age.

Depending on the skin tone and its natural color, dark circles can be shades of blue, purple, black, or brown. Usually, the appearance of dark circles does not cause a medical problem. However it could be a cause of aesthetic concern for many, so treating them is a must have.

There are many causes of dark circles. Let’s talk about them:-

  1. Lack of sleep: The first and most common reason for the appearance of dark circles is lack of sleep. When we sleep, our body begins the process of healing and repair. The less time we sleep, the less time the skin cells have to repair, and we end up feeling lethargic. However, once it becomes a habit, the signs of stress are visible as dark circles.
  2. Stress: Late working hours, meeting urgent deadlines, and other family-related priorities can cause stress to the mind and body. We end up stressing more, feeling agitated, and having less energy. But, the most visible sign of stress is having dark circles under our eyes.
  3. Smoking: We all know how harmful smoking is for our lungs and overall health. However, adding to this, smoking sucks up the water content present in the skin cells and makes it appear dull, dark, and dry. Thus, if you are someone who smokes a lot, it is high time you give it up because it is an underlying reason for dark circles.
  4. Hyperpigmentation: It is a condition where there is excessive melanin production in the cells, which leads to dull, dark, and uneven skin. It often darkens the under-eye skin and can be treated through topical and chemical treatments.
  5. Malnutrition: Heavy junk food intake and a lack of a properly balanced diet can cause malnutrition within the body and deteriorate the skin’s natural health. The signs can be as simple as dull skin or as severe as skin darkening under the eyes. The food you eat plays a vital role in maintaining your skin’s health.
  6. Genetics: Our genetic makeup is essential in making our skin look naturally healthy. Hence, if any of your parents or their side of the family members have skin prone to dark circles, you might have it, too.

How do you choose the best cream for dark circles removal?

You should follow a mix of research, awareness, and gut feeling regarding skincare. Here is a checklist to follow when picking the best cream to reduce dark circles and their removal:

Ingredients: The ingredients that make the product are very important to consider. They help decide whether it should be considered. The best cream for dark circles removal should have naturally nourishing ingredients like vitamin C that help reduce free radical damage and inhibit melanin production.

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Toxicity: No one likes conditions when it comes to love. The best cream for dark circles removal should be devoid of toxins in its formulation. It should not hamper your skin’s natural health or texture. It should offer care and nourishment in the easiest way possible.

Product Recommendation: Mamaearth Bye Bye Dark Circles Eye Cream is an ideal example of safe and gentle compositions. It is crafted with naturally nourishing ingredients like Cucumber Extract, Daisy Flower Extract, Peptides, and Hawkweed Extract to reduce dark circles and offers toxin-free nourishment with every application.

Benefits: The ideal cream for dark circles offers many benefits besides reducing their appearance. It should offer various secondary benefits like skin nourishment, accelerating repair, boosting radiance, etc. These added advantages make it a must-have for everyone.

Budget: Even if you are out to buy the best cream for face glow, it should fit in your budget and be reasonably priced. It should be budget-friendly and easy on pocket.

Product Recommendation: The best cream for face glow should be natural, like Mamaearth Vitamin C Daily Glow Face Cream. It is crafted with the goodness of Vitamin C, Turmeric, Niacinamide, and Glycerin to give toxin-free nourishment with bright and radiant skin.

Comfort: The right cream for dark circle removal will not require hassles or too many precautionary measures. It will be easy to use, convenient to carry, and packaged comfortably.


Dark circles are a condition that can be easily dealt with by making a few lifestyle changes and following an easy skincare routine with effective products. You should maintain an eight-hour sleep cycle and focus on having a balanced diet. Apart from this, avoid smoking and excessive drinking of alcohol to maintain your skin’s natural health. It is also necessary to cultivate a dedicated routine with the best cream for dark circles removal.

When we talk about natural skincare products, we talk about the ones that promise better skin health without any compromises. Mamaearth offers a diverse range of natural, toxin-free, and easy-to-use skincare products. There is something in store for everyone, so your skincare goals are met effortlessly. Happy skincare!