3 Work Pranks to Pull Off on This April’s Fool Day

1st April – The day when everyone considers everything to be a lie. And why shouldn’t they? Only if they haven’t been pranked harshly before, there aren’t many reasons to trust anyone on that day.

Well, April’s Fool Day is approaching fast. And that’s enough to restart our mischievous minds.

Well, everything is forgotten and forgiven on that day. Anyways, who wants to remember that they dressed up in a really funky outfit? Or does a fake spider make them scream like hell? No one, right?

In short, it’s your chance to stand out. Shine and express your talent like never before. But the question is,


Well, if you’re the boss, there shouldn’t be anything to worry about. If you’re not, simply team up with your boss. Or if the poor guy is on the victim’s list, don’t worry. I’m going to share some useful insights on how to make a fool out of them, that too, while not going overboard.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Fire Your Remote Employees:

Exclusively for the bosses, pranks don’t get more real than this. But to make the most out of it, you’ll need to prepare it beforehand.


Because everyone is intelligent enough to know how everything works, right? They or even you, can’t expect to show up and fire anyone, let alone everyone.

To pull this prank perfectly, make a solid ground first. To do that, pretend the company is bearing a huge loss or the CEO isn’t happy. Whatever suits your situation. Make it a part of every conversation and meeting.

This way, they may start to feel themselves in deep waters. Once done, wait for the auspicious day patiently.

So, with everything in place, open the hell’s gate on them on 1st April. Start with a low, emotional, and apologetic tone, and fire them one by one.

Now, you wait. Wait and listen to what they want to say. It may not be music to your ears, but you asked for it.

Then, if need be, apologize to them and tell them it’s a prank. They may curse you for doing this (not on your face obviously), but it’ll be the best prank anyone can come across.

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Give Yourself a Promotion:

Want to know how seniors feel? Want to order everyone and relax all day (pun intended)? Well, you won’t find a better day than this.


By promoting yourself. Create a fake document, or email if that’s how your company communicates. Make sure whatever it is, it’s full of praise. In the end, promote yourself.

Now, it’s time to begin the fun. Go to your co-worker’s station, and show them you got an email from HR. Making them believe at once will be a difficult task. This step, it’s a test of how good a prankster you are. So, make sure to nail it.

As long as your boss doesn’t show up, keep making a fool of everyone. Don’t burst the bubble until someone does it for you.

Take On Everyone:

This prank can go real south in a matter of minutes. If not executed rightly, you may take some blows from your colleagues too. However, it’s the best when it comes to showing your talent as a prankster.

To pull off this prank with perfection, here’s what you need to do. Enter the office as if you’re in the real fight mood. Like someone has stolen your pet, or if every traffic signal you encountered was red.

Now, as you’re pretending that you’re in a really bad mood, someone may ask you to take a chill pill. Well, that won’t be happening on that day. Instead of paying heed to their advice, lash out at them, like everything bad that ever happened to you was because of that person.

Great, you’ve set the tone. Now, be in that tone for the rest of your day. And announce your prank when you think that there won’t be any coming back after this.

However, do apologize to everyone you bashed. And try to bring some candies or sweets for them. It’s the least they deserve after bearing your profane behavior.

Bottom Line:

So, are you ready to shine on this all-important day? Well, you better be. Because you won’t find a better occasion to pull off such pranks on your colleagues. Plus, beware of others too. Who knows you may not be the only one pulling off pranks.