Why Consider PMI-ACP Certification for Agile Project Management?

When we talk about project management, we must recognize its complexities. 

Agile project management is an approach firms utilize to deliver products with quality and efficiency within a time frame. 

With the rise in the utilization of agile methodologies in projects, the demand for trained agile professionals is also rising. 

Let’s discuss what is a PMI-ACP certification and why it is now a potential credential to help you excel in your management career.

Understanding PMI-ACP Certification

This globally recognized credential makes a management professional fit for high-end work profiles. 

To gain the certification, you must have a firm grip on the agile methodologies and tools. You are believed to be able to handle agile projects with utmost precision and efficiency.

Several firms across industries are involved in the agile methodologies or are willing to upgrade to the same. This originates the requirement for skilled agile practitioners in the industry.

Now the question arises- where to get certified? 

The globally renowned project management institute (PMI) provides the certification, hence the name- PMI-ACP.

Why Should You Consider Getting Certified?

This certification is in the talks among management professionals due to the value it adds to their resumes. Let’s discuss why you, too, should consider getting certified:

Skills That Are In Demand

The certification validates your management skills, which are in high demand among firms. It depicts that you own the skills and announce that you are actually good at them.

Agile methodologies are a hot trend among companies due to the amount of efficiency they bring about in terms of product management and development. 

As a result, the certified professionals are also at the top of the list.

Enhanced Career Opportunities

The skills gained during the certification training are in demand around the globe across industries. So, it is obvious that you will get opportunities that uncertified professionals can’t even think of.

Enhanced skill sets make you more adaptive, and you can handle various projects efficiently using the learnings and resources you get with the certification. And that is what employers look for in the applicants, right?

Improved Skill Set

PMI-ACP covers a broad spectrum of agile methodologies, including SCRUM, kanban, lean, etc.

When you train to get certified, you develop a different level of management skill because you are introduced to many practices, concepts, and tools. 

Global Recognition and Exposure to A Global Community

As discussed earlier, the ACP certification provided by PMI is globally recognized among recruiters and professionals. So you are globally recognized and accepted in firms you could have ever dreamed of. 

The certification connects you to a global community of like-minded, certified professionals. You get to learn from their experiences and also share your learnings and queries. Interactions open impossible doors, and that’s a fact.

Personal Growth That Matters and Engagement That Counts 

The PMI-ACP certification is not a mere credential. It is a dynamic process that includes a continuous process of learning and upgradation. The dynamic and ever-evolving community grows together while sharing experiences and learnings.

The certification needs periodic upgradation that is done through webinars and workshops. Hence, you don’t ever get outdated. 

Getting Certified: What Does the PMI-ACP Certification Look Like?

The project management institute not only provides certification to the professionals but also helps them to maintain their relevance. They are updated with the latest additions and developments of the market and agile techniques.

The institute sees to it that the certified professionals meet a few requirements in order to be called PMI-ACP certified. Let’s investigate some of the major requirements of the certification:

Comprehension and Mastery of Agile Terms and Techniques 

The professional with the Agile certification must have a good grasp of the Agile methodologies, tools, and terminologies. The certification you gain comes after a rigorous test that tests your knowledge, comprehension, and decision-making ability in various real-world scenarios.


The certification itself requires the applicant to have an experience of at least 1500 hours of working on an agile project. This prerequisite ensures a good amount of hands-on experience.

There are also other general experience requirements that you will come across while digging deeper into the eligibility criteria of the certification.

Agile Training

The agile certification requires a training certificate that can be achieved by undergoing a two-day (21-hour) certification course. This ensures you have all the required skills to drive a project perfectly and precisely. 

During the course, you learn the agile terms and the techniques that stand you out from your non-trained counterparts. In short, it gives you an upper hand in the competitive corporate sector.

However, PMI standards for PMI-ACP certification ensure that the recipients meet the highest standards of professional and corporate requirements.

Passing the Test

To get certified, you need to pass the certification examination. The exam tests various skills and knowledge of agile terms and methodologies. 

It tests your applied knowledge, and along with that, it also tests your scenario-based decision-making. In short, to get certified, you need an all-round eligibility.

Continuous Learning

Tha speciality of the PMI certification is that it is not a one-time certification. You need to maintain the certification up to the latest formats. For this, you need to accomplish professional development units (PDUs).

This nature of the certification helps the professionals stay updated with the latest trends in the market and the agile world. 

Due to this practice, with the addition of new professionals in the community, the old ones are still relevant. Rather, they become even better with the mix of the latest knowledge and more years of real-world experience.


The PMI-ACP certification is one of the most aspired credentials of recent times among management professionals and agile practitioners. 

With the certification, you get a resume upgrade and global recognition, better exposure, enhanced skill set, rooted comprehension, expanded knowledge of agile practices, and access to a global community.

If you, too, aspire to achieve your career goals and get global recognition and greater opportunities, consider getting certified by the project management institute.