Who is InquisitorMaster dating? All you need to know

InquisitorMaster (real name Alexandra ‘Alex’ Teran) is an American YouTuber famous for her Roblox gameplay videos. Alexandra often creates videos with ‘The Squad,’ consisting of Alex, Jade, Drake, Light, Charli, Zach, Jaxx, Sora, Levi, and Luca. The entertaining videos and series on Alex’s YouTube page have racked up over four billion views.

Alex launched her YouTube career in 2014, playing other games before becoming a Roblox pro. She also plays the impostor game Among Us. Over the past year, Alex has experienced exponential growth, earning over 8 million subscribers.

This piece will look at who InquistorMaster is dating and her online dating controversy.

InquisitorMaster is dating fellow Roblox content creator Zachary Zaxor

Alex is dating fellow content creator Zachary Zaxor. InquisitorMaster last posted a photo of the pair on 28th March 2020, but there has been no news of a breakup.

You might get confused by Roblox dating storylines linking Zach and Alex to other people, but they are just storylines for YouTube.

InquisitorMaster has faced criticism for creating Roblox roleplays based on dating

Alex has faced intense criticism in the past for creating Roblox storylines based on online dating, which is against Roblox’s rules. The rules state: “Dating is not permitted on Roblox. This includes content that explicitly or implicitly promotes, encourages, or references dating.”

Several YouTubers have made rants against Alex, but YouTube has deleted the videos for bullying and harassment.