Where Can I Buy Italian Honey Bee Queen Bees Lappe’s Bee Supply

Beekeeping is a rewarding and environmentally crucial hobby or profession, and the type of queen bee you choose for your hive plays a significant role in its success. Italian honey bee queens, known for their gentle nature, productivity, and adaptability, are a popular choice among beekeepers. If you’re in search of Italian honey bee queens, one reputable source to consider is Lappe’s Bee Supply. In this article, we’ll explore the advantages of Italian honey bee queens and provide insights into purchasing them from Lappe’s Bee Supply.

The Importance of the Queen Bee

The queen bee is the heart of a bee colony, responsible for laying eggs, ensuring the hive’s population, and maintaining its harmony. Italian honey bee queens are favored for several reasons:

  1. Gentle Behavior: Italian honey bees are known for their calm and less aggressive demeanor, making them an excellent choice for beekeepers, especially beginners.
  2. High Productivity: Italian queens are prolific egg layers, leading to larger colonies and increased honey production.
  3. Adaptability: They adapt well to varying weather conditions and climates, making them suitable for a wide range of geographic locations.
  4. Resistance: Italian honey bees exhibit resistance to certain bee diseases and pests, enhancing hive health.

About Lappe’s Bee Supply

Lappe’s Bee Supply is a well-established and reputable supplier of beekeeping equipment and bee-related products, including Italian honey bee queens. Based on their dedication to quality and customer satisfaction, they have become a trusted source for beekeepers across the United States.

Advantages of Choosing Lappe’s Bee Supply:

  1. Quality Assurance: Lappe’s Bee Supply takes pride in providing high-quality Italian honey bee queens. Their queens are bred from healthy stock, ensuring strong and productive hives.
  2. Variety: They offer a variety of Italian honey bee queens, allowing beekeepers to select the right queen for their specific needs.
  3. Experience: With years of experience in the beekeeping industry, Lappe’s Bee Supply has the knowledge and expertise to guide beekeepers and answer their questions.
  4. Customer Support: Their commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in their responsive customer support and willingness to assist beekeepers in their journey.

How to Purchase Italian Honey Bee Queens from Lappe’s Bee Supply

Purchasing Italian honey bee queens from Lappe’s Bee Supply is a straightforward process:

  1. Visit Their Website: Start by visiting the Lappe’s Bee Supply website, where you can explore their selection of Italian honey bee queens and related products.
  2. Choose Your Queens: Select the Italian honey bee queens that best meet your beekeeping goals and hive requirements.
  3. Place Your Order: Add the selected queens to your cart and proceed to checkout. Follow the provided instructions for payment and shipping details.
  4. Receive Your Queens: Once your order is confirmed, Lappe’s Bee Supply will ship the Italian honey bee queens to your specified location.


Italian honey bee queens are prized for their gentle nature, productivity, and adaptability, making them a preferred choice among beekeepers. If you’re looking to purchase Italian honey bee queens, Lappe’s Bee Supply is a trusted source known for their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. With their range of queen bee options and experience in the industry, Lappe’s Bee Supply can help you on your beekeeping journey, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced beekeeper. Choosing the right queen bee from a reputable supplier like Lappe’s Bee Supply is a crucial step in ensuring the success of your beekeeping endeavors.