The truth about Challan Trishann

Challan Trishann is a Barbadian social media star who blew up due to her makeup and cosplay prowess. Trishann created her TikTok page in 2018, but it was inactive for a year before Challan posted her first video alongside her sister. Within a short time, she gained millions of followers, and so far, she has accrued 3.6 million TikTok fans.

Trishann treats her over 90K YouTube fans to all manner of fashion tutorials. Recently, Challan’s YouTube content has focused mainly on different types of wigs and wig hacks.

This page will look at Challan’s motivation to start using makeup and the effect of Covid-19 on her career.

Challan started using makeup so she could feel confident in her appearance

Challan Trishann was born on 16th April 1998. She has two sisters from her mother’s side and has no idea how many siblings she has from her father.

Trishann’s struggles with self-esteem started when she was quite young. Even before the bullying started, Challan didn’t feel confident in her appearance. Therefore, she started experimenting with makeup, and it helped restore some lost confidence. “Insecurity is what made me get into makeup,” Challan said in a September 2020 Q&A. “I just was really insecure growing up, and I was like, ‘I’m ugly. I don’t want to look like this anymore.’ So I decided to learn how to do it and I just got good.”

Challan also learned to appreciate the things in her body that she couldn’t change. So far, she hasn’t undergone plastic surgery, but she might consider getting a boob job and getting work done on her waist. Trishann has endured a hard journey on the road to self-acceptance, and she admits that she still has some way to go.

Weight issues still plague her, and as a result, she doesn’t check her weight because it will depress her. “Right now, I don’t know what weight I am because I have been trying to get myself to stop checking my weight so much because when I do I feel like I get really upset and I get into like this funk,” Challan said. “I get into like this funk if I’m not the weight that I want to be, so I’ve just been trying not to check it too much.”

The coronavirus pandemic affected her creativity but her fans motivated her to keep creating content

2020 started quite well for Challan: Her social media following kept increasing every day, hair and makeup brands knocked insistently on her door, and she’d been among the five content creators selected to join the Fenty Beauty House. “Fenty Beauty works [so well on TikTok] because it’s a brand that everybody loves and that has something for everybody,” Challan told Vogue Business.

Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic forced the premature shutdown of the Fenty Beauty House. Influencers were know expected to work remotely. It was the safest option, but it reduced motivation because the content creators couldn’t collaborate as effectively as they could if they lived in one location. However, despite the low motivation, fans still asked for content, and it inspired Challan to deliver. She said:

“The motivation comes from knowing that people look forward to my content. I did not think that people cared enough to wait for me to upload and stuff like that. But, knowing people do, is pretty motivating. Outside of that, there isn’t really much else motivating me.”

Challan generally has a good relationship with her followers. She appreciates and enjoys reading the hilarious comments people leave on her videos. As long as fans need content, Challan will keep delivering.