The Best Hairstyles for Square Faces

Regardless of your face shape, there is a hairstyle out there for you. Here, however, we are going to focus on elegant and ideal hairstyles for babes with square shaped faces. By focusing on concealing harsh features and highlighting softer ones, you’ll suit your face shape with a style that is not only effective but also super cute!

Ideal Cuts for Square Face Shapes

Before you start cutting your hair to suit a square face, it’s a good idea to be certain that it is indeed your face shape. A strong jaw characterizes square faces where the back corners of the jaw are the widest part of the face and your cheekbones and jawline are of equal width. Ideally, you’ll want a cut that softens your strong features by either balancing out a jawline with volume or partially concealing it with pretty layered tresses.

#1: Long Wavy + Center Part Locks

The good news is square face shapes can absolutely rock long and textured waves. They not only work to suit your face shape but also give off sexy bombshell vibes.

A center part is your friend in this instance. This will allow hair to fall on both sides of your face to conceal the harsh angularity at the back of the jaw.

#2: Short Bob + Side Bangs

Whether you wear your hair short or long is entirely up to you because square face shapes can handle any length. If you’re considering a bob or pixie bob hairstyle, let this look serve as your inspiration.

A deep side part with side bangs will actually narrow the appearance of your face. Cut your side bangs in layers starting at the eye and ending at your cheek to draw attention to the apples of your cheeks rather than your jawline.

#3: Medium Shaggy Hair

Medium length hair does a great job of framing the chin and jawline in a flattering manner. For a touch of softness that square faces crave, add shaggy waves.

To thin out the appearance of a square face shape, go for a slightly off-center side part.

#4: Blunt Cut Bob

Typically, blunt cuts highlight the severity of a strong jaw, but it really depends on the length of the blunt cut. You can frame the face with a bob that ends mid neck or at the base of the neck for softness rather than sharpness.

A slightly A line shaped bob utilizes the front pieces of the hair to conceal the back of the jaw. Throw your part slightly off-center for the final face-slimming touch.

#5: Pixie With Long Side Bangs

No hairstyle softens a square face shape quite like this pixie look! A short stack in the back adds style while layers streamline the overall effect of this cut.

Long side bangs are not only stylish but they add interest to your face shape. Cut the bangs to the jawline to give it a round shaped appearance.

#6: Textured Bob

Who doesn’t love a sexy, textured bob? If you think this look is for you, aim for length that ends just below the chin to effectively frame and round the jawline.

As for a part, a center part is fine, but a side part shows off texture while highlighting your eyes and cheekbones.

#7: Loose Lob

Short bobs can make a face appear wide while lobs draw the eye downwards, giving the wearer a face-thinning effect.

Consider this loose, tousled lob if you have a square face shape. When creating bends in the hair, open up the hair around the jawline to make your face appear smaller and more balanced.

#8: Face Framing Highlights

Face framing highlights are perfect for drawing attention in towards your face for a narrowing and brightening effect.

As you can probably guess, a side part works wonders on a square face shape. Beachy tresses add that subtle softening texture on angular features.

#9: Curly Pixie

Working with lots of curls? A curly pixie with plenty of growth on the sides and top of the head actually make your face appear smaller and your jawline narrower than they really are.

Plus, curly hair comes with the added benefit of softness thanks to those luscious ringlets.

#10: Long Bangs + Medium Layers

This medium cut definitely isn’t lacking in style! Create roundness with sexy, blown out layers that soften your square face shape.

Swoop long bangs out and away from the cheekbones to open up the face. Together with the long, shoulder length layers, they effectively frame the jaw.

#11: Wispy Bangs

When it comes to square face shapes, long bangs are great depending on how you wear them. Long, thick bangs stunt the appearance of your face while long, wispy bangs make the forehead underneath feel longer.

Create the wispiness more on one side of the bangs than the other to further this effect.

#12: Medium Wavy Hair

This medium length hairstyle may have blunt cut edges, but it’s the wavy texture that softens a square face shape.

Because of this tousled texture, a center part actually works well. This way, the front pieces of the hair conceal the sharp back edges of the jaw.

#13: Choppy, Asymmetrical Bangs

If you’re the type of babe that prefers to stand out, then perhaps this choppy hairstyle is for you. It may seem contradictory, but the choppiness of these bangs actually lengthens the face.

The off-centered nature also contributes to this effect, especially as it opens up the face.

#14: A-Line Bob

A-line and inverted bobs might just be the best hairstyles for square face shapes that we have ever seen. The whole style is based on a rounded shape that frames, softens, and conceals harsh lines.

Frame your jawline by blowing out your A-line bob to give the ends of hair that curled under, rounded effect. Any kind of part will do, but a side part narrows and softens.

#15: Angled Side Part Bangs

One sure fire way to smooth out the appearance of a square face shape is with side part bangs. The bangs should be cut on an angle to create a softening line down the face.

These side part bangs should be long and flow seamlessly into rest of the medium length hair, even if your hair is straight.

#16: Blonde Pixie

Fancy a shorter haircut like a bob or a pixie? Even though pixie cuts leave a square jawline bare, you can still create balance with your jawline and hair for the same overall effect.

A deep side part throws off the balance of the face while sweeping side bangs cover most of the forehead and create an undeniable softness. Bangs should be thick yet piecey on the ends.

#17: Wavy Side Part Lob

Sometimes, the best bet for a square face shape is softened concealment. A deep side part creates a curtain over the sides of the face to manipulate the appearance of a harsh jawline.

Loose waves on a lob or medium length hairstyle with subtle balayage highlights further the vibe and feel trendy and cool.

#18: Long Locks + Side Bangs

Side bangs are the ultimate tool for working with a square face shape. By creating a framing curtain on the side of the face, they essentially narrow the appearance of the face overall.

Longer, shaggy locks with layers also serve as a softening distraction from a harsh jawline.

#19: Curly Shag

Curly locks have the built-in benefit of softening out the angularity of a square face shape.

The curly locks at the top of this hairstyle are short and round while tousled bangs conceal and soften a square forehead. Cut your shag to the base of the neck for the perfect framing effect.

#20: Long See Through Bangs

Long, thick bangs can be a problem for square face shapes, but wispier, see through bangs actually work wonders by lengthening the appearance of the forehead and face overall.

Your color can help to soften your balanced, angular face shape, too. Subtle ombre styles add style and interest to your hair that distracts the eye.

#21: Baby Bangs

Baby bangs aren’t just cute; they are effective, too! With short, tiny bangs, your forehead, and subsequently entire face, appear longer. This has a lengthening effect on a square face shape.

If you’re thinking about a pixie with baby bangs like this one, try rounding the overall shape of your cut and your bangs. This roundness creates an obvious contrast against a definitive jawline.

#22: Ash Balayage Bob

Who doesn’t love an ash balayage bob these days? Let your desired hairstyle work for you and your square face shape.

The short length of a bob is perfect for framing your jawline with the help of long and textured layers at the front of the face. Balayage highlights will have a natural, softening effect on the style overall.