23 Flattering Short Hairstyles for Round Faces

Nothing shows off a sweet round face quite like a short haircut. Certain hairstyles work better than others to complement a circular shape, however. A round face is widest at the cheeks, so the best styles for this face shape elongate the appearance of the chin and jawline. Hair at the temple of the ears also slims the face. Short haircuts make bone structure more pronounced.

Choosing The Best Hairstyle For Round Face Shapes

Severe and rounded lines generally don’t work on their own for round face shapes. Opt for longer bangs that are feathery, wispy, or side swept. Bobs even work for a round face shape as long as it’s a lob or cut along the jawline. The most important thing is enhancing the beauty of round face shapes and playing up lovely features like the eyes. Rounded faces have an eternally youthful vibe we have all of the best cuts to choose from.

Whimsical Pixie

Covering your ears makes the face appear smaller as a great way to thin out the rounded cheeks of a circular face shape. Here, hair is cut long over the ears and the fringe is cut super thick with layers.

Bangs are cut shortest here at the center of the forehead and grow gradually longer towards the sides of the face. This creates a long line down the center of the face. This cut is slightly whimsical and looks sweet on a round face.

Springy Curls With Side Part

How gorgeous is the shape of this cut? Creating an angular shape like this bob has a thinning effect on a round face.

If you have particularly curly hair with lots of volume, this cut could be for you. The side part creates more volume on one side than the other. This elongates the balance of rounded, youthful cheeks.

Sleek Bob

Blunt lines are not usually ideal for round face shapes, but this bob is very specific in length. Here, the bob is cut short and ends just at the back of the jaw.

A thinning effect is created this way. Throw your part ever so slightly off center and you will love wearing this bob!

Straight Lob With Bangs

You never want to cup the cheeks with a rounded face shape. A lob, however, lengthens the face as it skims the collarbones.

The bangs take this haircut the extra mile. Part them slightly to the side for further face-thinning effect. We love this sleekness of this cut, but if you want to wear your hair wavy, take the part deeper to the side.

Goddess Braids

Slicked back looks are stunning on round face shapes. Actress Yara Shahidi knows how to rock her circular shaped face. Wear thick cornrows like hers to really make cheekbones and facial features stand out.

For extra detail, add braids at the back of the head. Instead of having them go straight down your back or shoulders, we love the way Yara has pinned them in looping circles for an otherworldly vibe.

Messy Pixie

This messy pixie works so well for rounded faces! You’ll want to slim a round face with a side part and long, layered bangs.

Here, hair is straight but choppy layers take away from a circular face. This cut is especially great for thinner hair or hair with highlights.

Thick Wavy Bangs

This cut may look casual but its design is definitely intentional. Wavy, texturized bangs are a great contrast for a round face. Here, hair is also long in front of the ears to help thin the face.

The curls of this bang have dimension yet create a relatively straight line across the face that elongates full cheeks.

Short Messy Curls

We love this sexy short hairstyle for round faces. It is tomboyish but shows off a lovely face for a dually feminine effect. Short layers at the nape of the neck and hair in front of the ears thin out a round face.

Further the effect with a few curly bangs in the center of the forehead. This cut is low maintenance and can always be smoothed for a polished look.

Curly Up-Do With Layers

This short hairstyle for round faces is classic Hollywood glamour. If you have naturally curly hair or want to curl it for a special event, try out this ‘do as seen on celebrity Sarah Hyland.

Here, delicate curls frame the face and add structure to otherwise rounded cheeks. Finish it off with a side part and you have the perfect up-do for textured hair.

Short With Swooping Side Part

This short hairstyle is absolutely perfect for round faces. When it comes to full cheeks, throwing off the balance of the face has a long, thinning effect. Here, a deep side part and bangs swept to the opposite side create a lopsided balance.

Make sure your bangs end at the level of your eye. Any hair color can rock this cute cut.

Wavy Bob With Side Part

A deep side part is always an easy short hairstyle for round faces. The texture of this cut distracts from fuller cheeks with its wavy, slimming lines.

Keeping a portion of hair in front of the ears and the rest tucked back frames the face to instantly slim out a round face.

Blonde Pixie With Side Bangs

A pixie is always sweet on a round face. Again, hair is long in front of the ears for a thinning effect.

Side swept bangs are important in creating less balance and more of an illusion of elongation. If your hair is rather straight or even thin, ask your stylist to cut layers all throughout the cut.

Textured Up-Do

Looking for a chic up-do for your next important event? This style may be pulled back but it has loads of texture. Anything too slicked back only emphasizes the roundness of a circular face shape.

Try an up-do for a more formal or sophisticated event like this one on Hayden Panettiere. This short hairstyle for round faces really lengthens the jawline and neck.

Textured Curls

The gorgeous cut of these curls makes for a great short hairstyle for round faces. Bangs are often a good choice for full cheeks because they cut off the roundness of the entire face shape.

Blunt bangs are questionable, but this curly fringe has lots of delicious texture. Because this cut ends at the base of the neck, it essentially frames and highlights the jawline.

Rose Toned Pixie

Feeling a little avant garde? We love this rose toned and textured pixie for a round face. Add height to your hairstyle to elongate a full face.

Shaved temples also have a slimming feel. This look is great for curly or wavy hair. Any color or highlight combo will work, but we love the unique dusty rose color.

Ethereal Braid Up-Do

A romantic braid is the perfect accent for short hairstyles for round faces. Try sporting one like Sarah Hyland for a feminine yet effortless mood.

Make sure that the braid doesn’t sit too close to the forehead. You want to give the illusion of length as much as possible.

Mini Faux Hawk

A faux hawk is an awesome way to wear a pixie. As for a short hairstyle for round faces, it’s a winner. The peak of the faux hawk draws the eye upwards and creates a long line down the center of the face.

Ask your stylist to cut hair to a thin line in front of the ears for a face-snatching effect.

Curly Bowl Cut

Bowl cuts may remind you of the 90’s but they really work as a short hairstyle for round faces. Cover the forehead with a thick fringe and suddenly the rest of the face seems longer.

Here, curls stop at the base of the jawline, which causes the chin to appear longer and thinner. With a cut like this, you can still display a gorgeous head of curls.

Platinum Bob

Bobs are great hairstyles for round faces, but it all depends on the length. This bob hits halfway through the jawline so that the chin is still elongated.

This platinum color is such a fun way to wear a bob. Sweep hair to the side for the best effect on round faces.

Textured Balayage Bob

Textured hair is all the rage these days. It can work on short hairstyles for round faces, but it’s all about how you rock it.

This side part emphasizes the length of the face and shows off the jawline. A longer length works when the bob ends at the base of the neck and doesn’t frame the cheeks.

Bob With Short Parted Fringe

If you prefer an edgier look, try out this bob as seen on Ginnifer Goodwin. Her bangs may be short, but the slight center part draws the eye in to the center of the face and creates an illusion of length.

Rock this look to show off some stunning eyes and brows.

Textured And Elegant

Celebrities like Selena Gomez can provide great inspiration for hairstyle ideas. Selena has a classic round face. Her up-do is elegant, romantic, and perfect for her face shape.

This look has lots of gorgeous texture. Pull out a few pieces at the temples for a feminine vibe.