16 Perfect Short Hairstyles for Fine Hair

If you’ve got thin hair, have no fear. There are plenty of hairstyles to choose from that compliment fine hair and make it appear thicker. We especially love short, sassy styles for thin and fine hair types. Fortunately, you can still play up your favorite facial and personality features with your short fine haircut. Hair stylist Ashley Adkison says to look for bobs, pixies, short cuts with shaved details and top-heavy textures styles. Don’t thin the tips of hair when cutting fine hair. 

The Right Haircuts For Thin Hair

In general, fine hair works best in shorter styles. If thin hair gets too long it starts to look stringy, so keep that in mind when you’re looking to change up your style. Look for bobs, pixies, short cuts with shaved details and top-heavy textures styles. Don’t thin the tips of hair when cutting fine hair. Go for hairstyles with lots of layers and movement to create the illusion of volume in your ‘do.

Care For Short Fine Hair

As for caring for short fine hair, invest in a good shampoo and conditioner especially designed for thin hair so hair won’t fall flat under the weight of thick products. Invest in a great blow dryer and round brush to give thin hair volume when styling, especially at the root. Thickening sprays are great, but don’t rely on them too heavily. Oftentimes they can create a lot of product build-up on the scalp, so use a clarifying shampoo once a week.

#1: Long Blonde Pixie

Short cuts mean lots of style for fine hair. This sassy long pixie gives the illusion of a bob– another great style for thin haired babes. This pixie is stacked at the back for added oomph and volume.

A deep side part keeps this long pixie interesting and helps to create swooping side bangs to bump up the idea of thickness. It’s beautiful here in blonde, but any color of fine hair would shine in this longer pixie.

#2: Chocolate Bob For Fine Curly Hair

When your hair is curly yet fine, things can get a little complicated. Curls give hair natural texture, but long curly hair often looks fluffy instead of full. A bob keeps hair above the chin where it looks rich and thick. Ask your stylist for a few layers cut throughout the hair for added detail.

It’s important to keep curls hydrated when styling. Scrunch a hydrating crème onto damp hair before styling or air-drying.

#3: Bob With Short Spiky Bangs

With this style, funky bangs do all the talking. Bobs are great for fine hair and this one is ultra short, stopping midway along the jaw for a playful vibe. Her hair may be simple and straight, but these bangs are hardly ordinary. Have your stylist cut them super choppy.

Your hair may be straight with this style, but a slight amount of texturizing spray will give it an effortless, voluminous appeal.

#4: Platinum Bob With Layers

Blonde hair is typically the thinnest of all hair colors. Each individual strand of hair becomes finer as hair gets lighter, so it’s important to give it a lot of care. This platinum bob is no different. Be sure to keep it moisturized and when cutting, go for layers.

Instead of stacking hair at the back, this cut has several layers at the back of the head that can be texturized for added volume. Side bangs up the pizzazz factor.

#5: Textured A Line Bob Undercut

To make your short fine hair look its best you may want to cut it into an A line shaped bob. With this short style, hair is longest surrounding the face and gradually becomes shorter in the back. This style has a slight shave undercut for a volume boost.

Adding in some texture with a curling iron or your favorite wand is a great way to help fine hair appear fuller. Dimensional highlights help with this illusion as well.

#6: Straight Rounded Bob

Fine hair is oftentimes straight, which can be a challenge when trying to make look voluptuously full. When cut into a round shape, however, fine hair suddenly looks the way you’ve always wanted it to!

For a silky straight round bob, have your stylist create a slightly inverted look. Some layers at the back of the head should be shorter than those underneath. Maintain that shine with an ultra hydrating yet light conditioner and lightweight oil.

#7: Textured Pixie With Shaved Undercut

When it comes to fine hair, the shorter the better! No length can bring this playful pixie down. This style is all about creating interest at the top of the head and bolding shaving an undercut.

In this way, the eye is drawn to the top of the head where you can play with height as you choose. Feel free to experiment with a playful color like powder blue throughout the length of the hair.

#8: Stacked Balayage Bob

When it comes to creating volume for short fine hair, stacked is where it’s at! Cut short layers at the nape of the neck with either scissors or a razor to give an instant lift to lifeless hair.

To keep your stacked bob modern, add some lighter toned balayage highlights throughout the head. Have your stylist paint them on, focusing on the front and sides of the hair.

#9: Swept Back For Fine Hair

This short style is already bold, but by pushing it off of your face in a swept back style, you’re telling the world it’s time to pay attention to the beautiful, confident woman underneath. And because hair is already fine, it’s easy to work it all back and keep it there.

Before creating this look, blow dry hair, focusing on the roots as much as possible to give it lift. Try not to overwork hair here to keep it from going flat underneath the weight of product and finger grease.

#10: Pixie With Layers

This picture shows how transformative a short hairstyle can be on fine hair. Instead of hanging flat against the ears, a pixie lets you lift your hair as you choose and leaves you free to create volume wherever you desire.

This look has lot of choppy layers for added interest and styling. Cut choppy, side swept bangs that can be tousled, teased, or tucked into a faux hawk.

#11: Bob With Choppy Layers

The chunky layers of this bob bring something new to the table. If you’re looking for a more unique way to style your fine hair, then consider this bob.

At first glance, this is just an ordinary, yet lovely, warm blonde bob. As you look closer, however, you’ll see lots of chunky layers cut throughout the sides and back of the hair. Thick layers means thick hair and thanks to this style, your thin hair has pulled off the trick.

#12: Layered Pixie With Long Side Bangs

Layers are the ideal way to create the illusion of volume and texture with loads of style. Hair suddenly has depth and each tiny layer makes appear that much thicker.

Have your stylist stack heavily at the back of the hair. Long bangs give an extra sprinkling of glamour on this pixie. Finally, concentrate short, choppy layers at the top of the head to give fine hair plenty of height.

#13: Piecey Pixie

Don’t be afraid to try something a little different on your short fine hair. The beauty of this pixie lies in its many layers. They can be smoothed for a polished effect or tousled for sexy playfulness.

Part hair in the middle and sweep the top layers to each side without any painstaking attention to detail. This look is all about creativity. If you want to add an extra layer of depth to this look, create some beautiful root growth. Seeing the dark roots of this hairstyle help it pop.

#15: Long Choppy Layers

Layers are a thin haired babe’s best friend. The shorter the better as well! This style incorporates ultra long and super short layers for even further dimension

For this style, cut the face framing layers to the chin. Create a break in the cut by chopping the rest of the layers around the top of the head. Any dimensional highlights will only further the idea of volume.

#16: Pixie With Shaved Detail

A shaved detail creates another texture on the hair. It not only contrasts with longer straight hair but adds another element, thereby adding volume almost as an optical illusion.

Continue that vibe with a slight shave at the nape of the neck and stacking hair dramatically from there. Lots of the short layers at the back of the head provide space for stacking and shaping volume.