Short Hairstyles and Haircuts for Black Women

These days, there are so many short hairstyles for black women to adore and inspire. Shorter hair Whether you want to play with natural curls, tight ringlets, or silky smooth texture, even short human hair wigs, your ideal style is out there. It’s just a matter of finding that oh so perfect ‘do.

Short Hairstyles For Black Women

Dynamic curls make for beautiful Afros and springy ringlets look great in layered bobs. Relax hair for a sleek look or try pin curls for an elegant, retro vibe.

Regardless of your hair texture, personality, or even your mood today, there is an absolutely stunning style that feels like it was meant just for you. We have all of the best to choose from, so let’s take a look!

Natural Afro

What is more beautiful than breathtaking, natural texture? We love a short Afro with just the right amount of frizz to create a natural shape that suits your personality.

If bangs are your thing, ask your stylist to cut a few curls more heavily over one eye for a little extra style.

Golden Pixie

It’s hard to say what is more beautiful about this hairstyle; the lovely golden color or the beautiful layers! This pixie is spunky and fun, so feel free to try another color if this golden blonde isn’t for you.

Thicker hair with body helps bring the choppy layers to life. Finish off the look with a short fringe to show off the gorgeous face underneath.

Epic Curly Mohawk

This look is all about personality- and showing off some stunning curls. If your hair is naturally curly with larger ringlets, this short hairstyle may be the one.

Shaved hair around the temples completes this energetic cut.

Pin Curls

Pin curls may be the retro style you never knew you needed. This cut oozes with style, so consider it the next time you want to dress up your short hairstyle.

One or two rogue tendrils at the forehead give this polished look just the little bit of flair it needs.

Luscious Curls With Bronde Balayage

These thick, hydrated curls make for a stunning short hairstyle for black women. To achieve this look, cut hair into a bob with plenty of bangs.

What really makes this cut stand apart are the bronde balayage highlights. Create a natural, sun-kissed glow by focusing the lightest bronde pieces at the top of the head.

Pixie Cut With Long Bangs

Pixies are a classic short hairstyle for black women. We love the long bangs and styled sideburns of this look. Hair is shorter at the back of the head and volume is created with longer layers at the top. Sweep it all forward with some maximizing bangs.

This fringe is great for breaking up a longer face shape as well.

Cropped Strawberry Curls

Show off your favorite vibrant color with a tightly cropped pixie! Because hair is shorter here, you don’t have to worry about overpowering your look with a bold color.

Tight, cropped curls such as these are beautiful in this rich, strawberry red color.

Tapered With Wispy Bangs

Round or heart shaped faces look especially stunning with a tapered cut like this! If you’re looking for a little length on your short hairstyle for black women, a tapered look with long, springy bangs will do the trick.

A few wispy tendrils for bangs over one eye pulls this hairstyle together.

Sleek Mod Pixie

Three tiers of precise layers make this mod pixie the ultimate short hairstyle for black women.

To achieve this look, layers are tapered at the neck and stacked high. Relaxed hair is gorgeous swept around the head in three distinct layers. A thick fringe completes this dreamy ‘do.

Short Bob With Wispy Bangs

The rounder chin of an oval or round face shape looks well balanced in a short bob like this one. Hair ends just at the chin.

A thick fringe is a little severe, but these wispy bangs aren’t fussy. They also frame a stunning pair of eyes.

Curly Brunette Bob With Bangs

This bob has all the volume you’ll ever want or need! The deeper chestnut color takes it to the next level.

Long, springy bangs that skim the eyebrows balance out a stronger chin. This way, all the attention is on your lovely face and those unavoidable curls!

Tight Ringlets With Layers

This look is all about maximizing the shine. Each super tight ringlet is so hydrated it looks as if it would bounce! To show off springy curls like these, have your stylist cut layers in your hair.

A deep side part and tiny tendrils that hang over your forehead creates a dramatic and beautiful effect.

Rounded Natural Afro

What’s not to love about this beautifully rounded ‘do? Natural Afros make stunning short hairstyles for black women.

A more rounded shape for your natural texture has a ‘70s vibe while still appearing modern and ultra cool. Plus, it’s a great way to accentuate your jawline.

Mushroom Cut with Caramel Highlights

Looking for a stylish short hairstyle? This sleek and modern mushroom cut may be for you. Because the cut is so precise all around the head, add some interest to the bluntness with artful caramel highlights.

The clustered placement serves as a detail instead of layers or texture.

Funky Mohawk

How amazing is the shape of this funky, retro Mohawk? Subtle shaved temples let the gorgeous red tips of this cut do all of the talking.

This short hairstyle is all about making a statement and we couldn’t love it more.

Copper Crop With Shaved Detail

Looking for that perfect color to change things up? A rusty, copper color is a great compromise between a bold red and more basic brown. It looks gorgeous on tiny ringlet curls like these.

Shaved temples with an artful detail gives an otherwise pretty look a slightly funky edge.

Pin Curls With Fade

Pin curls look both modern and timeless all at once. For this cut, short layers at the temples carry luxurious pin curls into the modern age. In terms of short hairstyles they are one of the most burgeoning trends!

The key here is maximum shine, so be sure to hydrate locks sufficiently.

Honey Blonde Fingerwaves

What’s not to love about this super short finger wave haircut? We were first given this style a full century ago. Fortunately, it’s back in full swing.

The velvety texture of the finger waves comes alive in this honey blonde color. A super cropped cut sets its own new trend.

Avant Garde Razor Detail

This short hairstyle is all about creativity. If you want to spice up your short cut, ask your stylist to use their imagination with the razor.

You can go asymmetrical or create details behind both ears, all around the head, or at the temples. Details like these look great when contrasted with curly hair.

Cropped And Curly

Pixies are one of the most enduring short hairstyles. What sets this look slightly apart is that the hair is an even length all the way around the head.

This way, hair is slightly longer at the temples than most pixies. The effect is quite youthful and shows off gorgeous facial features.

Bob With Artful Honey Highlights

A bob may be classic, but there is no reason why you can’t spice it up a bit! Highlights are beautiful for short hairstyles, but this highlighting job is like a work of art.

The blonde highlights on this black bob are a surprising detail. For dramatic touch, a deep side part sweeps a strip of highlights over the forehead.

Bantu Knots

Bantu knots are a playfully punk short hairstyle. Mel B and Gwen Stefani rocked them in the 90’s and today we’ve seen them on stars like Rihanna.

This hairstyle is perfect for the bold and funky babe. Wrap up chunky braids all the around the head for a awesome bantu knot look.

Edgy Relaxed Mohawk

Mohawks are fun and inspiring, but this short hairstyle adds necessary touch of glamour. Still cut in Mohawk style, relaxed hair is longer here.

This look is about artful placement of the layers to achieve an air of effortlessness. The overall effect is polished, however, and great for a special event.

Classy Coiff With Layers

Classy coifs ooze with style. This one is slightly side swept for romantic appeal. To appear polished, hair is luxuriously soft and shiny with hydration.

The layers cut at the top of the head add dimension to a look that draws attention to a gorgeous face.

Blonde Curls With Purple Highlights

Bring out your inner unicorn with this unique short hairstyle! Swirly blonde curls are classic while touches of pastel purple highlights take this hairstyle to a whole other level.

This color combo is great for short hairstyles because it’s playful, not intense. Fun highlights like these may be perfect if you’re feeling playful.

Pixie With Thick Curls

Pixies always make for great short haircuts. If you have especially thick hair, the volume of this pixie may be just what you need.

It works well on a more delicate jawline so the hairstyle can say it all. This cut is all about the texture and loads of wave.

Coiffed With Layers

A coiffed hairstyle is about creating a beautiful shape. Create swooping drama across the forehead by starting that coif far back on the head.

Contrast the coiff at the top of the head with lots of smoothed, short layers at the back of the head. Keep it all sleek and you’ll have the classiest short hairstyle ever.

Straight Pixie With Super Short Fringe

Frame a gorgeous set of brows with short bangs like these. A super short fringe usually works best on straight, curly can get puffy.

As for the ends, a more organic, choppier cut like this keeps this short hairstyle fresh and sexy.

Faded Pixie With Red Roots

Now this is how you rock roots! The balayage technique is a great way to incorporate different shades of the same hue into one hairstyle. Get the bold hair you’ve always craved and try this fiery red that fades into strawberry blonde.

Show it all off by sweeping bangs forward in a short pixie cut. Ask your stylist to use a razor here to keep bangs looking organic and choppy.

Layered Side Parted Bob

A polished bob like this one is for a more refined babe. Lots of layers cut at the back make it easy to style while dramatic, sweeping bangs add just the right amount of flair.

If you love a deep side part, try out this look. Don’t forget to sweep hair behind the other ear.

Amethyst Buzz Cut

This buzzed short hairstyle provides the perfect opportunity for trying out bold colors! A bright hue like this deep amethyst is shocking on long tresses, but tasteful on a cropped buzz cut.

To take this look to the top, comb and flatten baby hairs around the forehead.

Lavender Curls With Shaved Detail

This stunning short hairstyle is like a work of art! The key to achieving this type of look is strategic color placement. Only the ends of each curl should be colored.

Leave roots their natural color so they pop through and create the awesome dimension of this cut.

Short Stacked Bob

A deep side part always gives a bob instant style. Layers stacked at the nape of the neck finish out the soft and glamorous shape of this cut.

If you’re looking for a versatile short hairstyle, then this stacked bob may be the one. It looks great with straight hair, soft waves and more natural texture, as long as ringlets are too coarse.

Icy Blonde Crop

Wow any crowd with a super short, icy blonde pixie crop. Oval face shapes truly stun with this dynamic color and short hairstyle, but any face shape with a softer jaw line can rock it.

A side shaved part detail really pulls this whole edgy look together.

Curly Faux Hawk

Curls can pull off a faux hawk just as good as the rest of them! In fact, it may even be easier as these tighter ringlets have a lot of springy power.

Shaved temples work to show off these top-heavy curls all the more.

Large Ringlets With Blue Tips

This short hairstyle is a stunner! Try out a bold color without the full commitment. The length of these gorgeous curls makes the blue tips pop.

Try any color your heart desires, but make sure some of the colorful tips frame your forehead to pull the look together.

Bright Blue Buzz Cut

Feeling blue? Brighten up your short hairstyle with this electric blue buzz cut. It may not be for everyone, but this color is enviously rich and is sure to look amazing on whoever wears it.

This bold blue works especially well here thanks to the short crop. Take this look all the way and brighten up those eyebrows to match.

Faux Hawk With Caramel Tips

We love a good faux hawk, but these caramel tips add an interesting flair. If you want to add a pop of color to your hairstyle but don’t want to commit to full highlights, consider some color at the ends of your strands.

Try this rich caramel, go blonde, or keep tones richer with a dark chestnut or praline.