15 Gorgeous Quiff Hairstyles For Men Of All Ages

Quiff hairstyles have been around for a long time. They have evolved from the simple quiff into more complex combinations like with a razor part, full beard or pompadour. But regardless of the style combined to this simple hairstyle for men, it remains timeless and an all-occasion hair fashion.

Sometimes, you’d wonder what its secrets are. Well, the quiff is just versatile and functional. It is not limited for men who are looking for a formal haircut but also those who want to bring out their sides like being edgy, fierce, laidback or any other personas that the quiff can help them show.

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If you’re in the middle of deciding what quiff hairstyle is perfect for you, check out the following list.

Razor Part + Quiff

The razor part with quiff is just sexy and stylish. It can be worn for any occasion or function. You can have it for daily wear or a cocktail in which you can match it with your tuxedo.

It is not one or two Hollywood artists that have tried the haircut but also men who always want to look their best selves.

You should not think twice getting this haircut especially if you have a thick hair. That little razor part will also make your naturally thick hair structured with a better shape.

But if you want to keep the look, you should maintain it with your favorite styling products like a wax or pomade. You should also get a regular trim if you want to keep it looking great.

Quiff + Full Beard

Do you want a rugged and fierce look like that of a cowboy from Texas? Or you do you simply love a manly appeal to complete a casual fashion?

You might want to try the quiff with full beard. It is messy, yes, but that adds to the sexiness of this hairstyle. The quiff with a full beard is for men with a brave and bold heart at least in their personalities and auras that that they want to project and emphasize.

Let people know! Steal this look and get your wardrobe ready to mix and match casual or formal attires with it.

For the maintenance, pay your barber a visit every couple of weeks or depending on how fast your hair grows.

High Volume

The only word for this is “WOW – it’s funky and edgy, yet it does not overdo on the style. The high volume quiff can be yours if you have a naturally thick hair that you want to volume up further.

This high volume haircut can be matched with a pair of jeans and a white shirt or more formal outfit like a coat and tie. It is with that versatility for everyday or formal wear.

So if want a new look but want to keep it a bit toned and easy to maintain, you can try the high volume quiff. You will be amazed by how it adds more thickness to your hair. The style can be a good winter hair, too.

Pomp Quiff

The hairstyle reminds of a classic hairstyle that was popularized back when. If you could remember, the hairstyle was introduced by the mistress of King Louis XV (France) Madame de Pompadour, and so the name of the style.

Also called the pompadour, this hairstyle is notable for its volumized top and short sides for the modern men’s hairstyle.

However, the hairstyle requires quite shaping and maintenance to achieve and give justice to the look. It won’t be much of a problem if you’re really into the quiff and pomp look.

If you want to get the look, go ahead and show it to your barber. Don’t forget to ask about some good styling products to keep the look.

Classic Quiff + Full Beard

Do you remember those classic movie eras when you could see men wearing this hairstyle? Or probably one of those reality shows featuring men who were trying to survive in a jungle or mountain of some sort?

You probably want to try this hairstyle. It is gorgeous and appealing not only for the opposite sex but also for men who are trying an experimental hairstyle.

The full beard gives it a better manly appeal. It can make you look edgy but without overdoing it. The moustache above the full beard seals the statement.

If you’re trying to get a new hairstyle for winter or a special occasion, you might want to explore this haircut. But do note that it requires a few hairstyling products for firm hold. After all, the thick top won’t stay styled without.

Color Quiff

What I like about the color quiff is it looks present. It highlights your best facial assets like your brows and beard. This style can also make your eyes more expressive because the color somehow makes this man look more soulful. Look at those eyes!

Regardless of your color choice, you can! Or if you need some suggestions, your barber would have his say. Colors like grey and white go well with the style that also looks metallic and futuristic.

The style is okay even for men hair on the thinner side because brushing and dressing it up with hairstyling products will simply make an illusion of volume.

If you’re trying a new haircut, you should not miss this one out, and for sure, it can add a twist to your traditional hairstyles. Go ahead and ask your barber about it.

Voluminous Quiff

The voluminous quiff is hypnotizing and alluring. It gives emphasis to those expressive eyes and full beard. This hairstyle can give more volume to the hair and makes it appear thicker than it is, and that is thanks to the magic that pomade, wax or gel could bring.

The classic quiff can appeal to any age and can work whatever your hair color is. It is trendy, yet classical to keep up with whatever occasion life throws at you.

Its versatility makes it our team’s favorite hairstyle. You can wear it on any given day and especially for an important function.

The quiff, however, needs some styling products that won’t be a problem if you want to keep the look and style.

Undercut Classic Quiff

The hairstyle looks gorgeous and stylish. It also somehow brings out that seriousness on this man’s face. I love those shapes and corners right on the forehead. They make the undercut class quiff even more exciting.

You’d also like how the undercut was executed perfectly leaving a bit of mystery under the haircut. You will like that it is with the short sides, too. It only means that your focus in styling will be minimized and put on top of the hair.

You can just brush it up and put some pomade on busy days. On the other hand, some men also try to get a hair color for this hairstyle. It can be good if you want to add excitement on the style.

Classic High Quiff

Wow! This man’s hairstyle is simply eye-catching. I love the top details and the barber’s creativity to make those shapes on top of the haircut.

The sides are short and trimmed well that they’re able to highlight this man’s best facial features like his eyes and nose. But if you want to make this look more exciting, you might want a hair color or highlight, too. It is up to you, though.

For whatever style, this classic high quiff is a great one to choose and quiff.

If you’re sick and tired of your long hair, you might want this medium hairstyle for men. It is not too long or too short. It is also functional and versatile to look great on any occasion.

Elegant Quiff

Whether you’re looking for a new haircut or just wanted a makeover for your quiff, you have to try this one! It is adorably simple not to notice.

The thick top has an excellent shape and the spikes are just gorgeous. A little shaping on the forehead sides make it more interesting.

But remember, you need to keep this look with hairstyling products for firm hold. Some wax or pomade any of your favorite hairstyling product will do the trick. You can also go ahead and ask your hairstylist for suggestions.

The quiff brings out the lovely man’s eyes, which look soulful and deeply expressive. It also draws attention into the man’s face including on his nose line and beard because it’s clean and neat.

Classic Quiff

Definition and style, these could probably be the two perfect words to describe this classic quiff. The hairstyle is timeless and for some looks corporate, and indeed, it gives that impression.

The hairstyle reveals the face’s shape of this man and draws the people’s attention into the best assets like the eyebrows and eyes.

It is also a versatile haircut that you can wear on any occasion, like a corporate meeting, party, wedding or just about any simple day.

But then, you must be mindful of the maintenance to keep the shape on the sides and top. You must also invest on hairstyling products for a firm and perfect hold to last all day.

High Fade Quiff

This high fade quiff looks messy and appears like an everyday wear leave it that way look. But it’s impressive. I bet it suits especially young professionals or university students trying to win a date or simply leave a good impression.

It is also a great hairstyle for men that wants to achieve a neat and stylish hair that is not too volumized yet it still leaves that great impression to those who would notice it.

If you want to achieve the look, you should also factor in the maintenance and trimming it needs to keep the shape. Nevertheless, it won’t become a problem because this style is much easier to upkeep than those we featured earlier.

Classic quiff + Short Fringe

The classic quiff with a short fringe is the style to flaunt for men who just want that laidback hairstyle that does not require much maintenance.

The beard adds sexiness to the look and defines the face’s shape well. This model with bony cheeks face structure looks sexier with the hairstyle that succeeds in flaunting it.

You might want to check out the hairstyle that is made more exciting with the short fringe. You can choose to have or not have it depending on how you want to flaunt your look.

For the most part, the quiff plus short fringe is for men of any age and face’s shape. You can also check it out if you are looking for a low maintenance hairstyle.

Quiff + Long Fringe

The haircut is a good all-season hairstyle and fits pretty much all types of men with different tastes. It is able to strike the balance between casual and formal while also revealing the face’s best assets successfully.

It is with just the right style, not overdoing on it. Plus, you could have the chance of trying a new hair color, which can look perfectly just fine, with the hairstyle.

This hairstyle is also low in maintenance. You can style it yourself with your favorite products at home, and occasionally visit your hairstylist for trimmings.

Neat Quiff

Last but never the least is the neat quiff hairstyle that flaunts this man’s gorgeous eyes and eyebrows. It has just the right combination of formal and casual style that any man would appreciate.

You will never go wrong whatever you choose to wear with the neat quiff because it has just the right balance of being suitable for everyday or special occasion wear. Don’t wait but steal the look! Show its picture to the barber now.

Have you chosen your quiff hairstyle yet? We know it could be hard, but here’s a tip. Just consider your lifestyle and personal preference.

Do you like an easy to maintain wash-and-wear quiff, or don’t really mind spending some minutes shaping and adding spikes on it? We hope that helps. Anyhow, these quiff hairstyles are gorgeous and appealing, so any would work just as fine no matter which you choose.