Nobroker Cleaning Service Review – is It Worth the Money?

I recently moved into a new flat, and the quantity of cleaning still needed to be done overwhelmed me. I needed to figure out where to begin because I had never previously hired a cleaning service. I attempted to look for cleaners offline but needed help locating someone trustworthy and reasonably priced. I soon came upon NoBroker, and their website immediately caught my attention. The pricing was affordable, and it was simple to use and explore. Additionally, I had access to NoBroker customer reviews, which gave me more assurance when making a service reservation. This is my NoBroker paid service review based on my experience.

Difficulties in Finding a Reliable Cleaning Service Vendor offline

I attempted to look for cleaners offline but needed help locating someone trustworthy and reasonably priced. I asked friends and family for advice, but I was surprised that anyone I knew had a positive experience with a local cleaning company. The listings in the yellow pages were out-of-date, and there were no reviews, so I also tried looking there for cleaners. I was beginning to believe that I would only find a trustworthy cleaner once I discovered NoBroker. Before proceeding further, I checked NoBroker company reviews and NoBroker Google reviews to my satisfaction; trust me, they were positive.

How did I Learn About Nobroker and How to Book CLeaning Services?

Through a friend who had used the website to hire a home painter, I learned about NoBroker. I decided to try NoBroker since I was encouraged by the glowing testimonials the company had amassed. NoBroker is an online marketplace that links homes with trustworthy and reasonable cleaners.

I used the website to make my cleaning service reservation. It was a straightforward process as there was a dedicated NoBroker cleaning service page.

I used the NoBroker website to make my cleaning service reservation. It was a straightforward process. My address, the time and date I wanted the service to be provided, and the kind of cleaning I needed were inputs. I may then select from various cleaning packages and compare prices.

I chose the “deep cleaning” option, which included cleaning the windows, bathrooms, kitchen, and floors. I also requested that the seller clean my sofa and chairs by adding the “furniture cleaning” add-on.

Soon after I reserved my service with NoBroker, I got a confirmation email from them. The cleaning company’s name and contact details that would be visiting my home were mentioned in the email.

My Experience with NoBroker Cleaning Service

My experience with NoBroker’s cleaning services was excellent. If you’re searching for a dependable cleaning service, I’d highly suggest NoBroker. I live in a 1,000-square-foot, two-bedroom flat with two bathrooms. My apartment had been cleaned around 6 months ago. The vendor did an excellent job cleaning everything and even went above and beyond by cleaning the light fixtures and baseboards. I unquestionably utilised NoBroker’s cleaning services once more.

4 Advantages Of Using NoBroker to Find a Cleaning Vendor:

  1. Convenience: Booking a cleaning service is simple with NoBroker. You can choose from a range of cleaning packages and schedules that suit your needs, and you can do it online or through the NoBroker app.
  2. Affordability: NoBroker’s cleaning services are very reasonably priced. You can have a deep cleaning for a small portion of the expense of hiring a maid.
  3. Quality:Every cleaning vendor on NoBroker has undergone a background check and is covered by insurance. You can be assured that experts will clean your home.
  4. Transparency:NoBroker is open and honest about its prices. Before you schedule your service, you will know the actual cost. You can also go to the NoBroker complaintsection to learn more about it.


At first, I had my doubts about employing NoBroker, but I’m happy I did! In contrast to the terrible stories I had heard about NoBroker complaints and NoBroker scams, my experience was positive. The cleaning company NoBroker chose for me was competent, quick, and performed a fantastic job cleaning my house. If you’re looking for a trustworthy and reasonable cleaning service, I suggest which has exceeded my expectations.