Everything about Michelle Young’s parents

If Bachelorette host Tayshia Adams is to be believed, Michelle Young will provide the most entertaining finale we’ve seen in recent years. “I don’t think we’ve seen an ending like what happens in a couple of seasons now,” Adams told Entertainment Tonight

So far, Michelle has proved that she’s no pushover, as she uses her wit to identify red flags in her suitors. The Bachelorette presents Young’s second chance at finding love on television. Her first attempt – on Matt James’ Bachelor season – ended in heartbreak, as she made it to the final only to finish runners-up.

Michelle Young followed her mother, LaVonne Young, into teaching

Ever wonder why Michelle keeps referring to her Bachelorette season as her class? Well, it’s because she’s a trained teacher who’s ready to school her suitors. 

Michelle Young was born on 3rd June 1993 in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, to LaVonne and Ephraim Young. She grew up in Woodbury, Minnesota, alongside two siblings, Angela and Alex. 

2021’s Bachelorette played basketball in college, but she didn’t pursue the sport professionally. Instead, she followed LaVonne into teaching.

LaVonne is retired, but she still shows appreciation for the teaching profession. In November 2020, she shared a Facebook post with the following message: “Teachers don’t teach for the income. Teachers teach for the outcome. Thanking all teachers for their hard work.”

Michelle shares a strong bond with her mom. In March 2021, she paid tribute to her mom via an Instagram message posted alongside a throwback photo of the pair: “STRONG women raise STRONG women. Huge shout out to my mom on International Women’s Day for showing me the ropes!”

In May 2020, Michelle wished LaVonne a happy Mother’s Day via custom signs placed in the family’s front yard. LaVonne appreciated the gesture, writing on Facebook:

“Michelle thank you for the wonderful surprise this morning!! I love all the Mother’s Day signs!! I love you to the moon and back too!!! The flowers are beautiful too!!!”

LaVonne’s Facebook page contains many demonstrations of the bond she shares with Michelle. In 2015, she shared this heartfelt message to Michelle:

“Michelle, you have taught me so much about staying positive, even when things get difficult. I’m so happy that you are being recognized for all your hard work. You are going to be an AWESOME elementary school teacher! We love you do very much honey!! Love, Mom and Dad.”

Young values her parents’ opinion when it comes to who she’ll marry

Before LaVonne and Ephraim met Matt James, Michelle told them their opinion meant a lot. She also told them to ‘ask the tough questions.’

In the episode, Michelle appeared overwhelmed by the rapid progression of her relationship with James. She admitted to having ‘moments where it is terrifying.’

Matt and Michelle shared a lot in common, including being children of a white mother and Black father, but Michelle missed out on Matt’s heart. This time, she’s in control but still needs LaVonne and Ephraim’s input. 

“If they mean a lot to you, it’s going to be great for us,” LaVonne told Michelle in episode 1 of her Bachelorette season. “Whatever you decide, we trust you,” Ephraim added. “We are behind you 100%.”

Michelle wants to find love as long-lasting and pure as the one her parents share

Michelle’s parents are the blueprint of what Michelle wants to achieve with her partner. 

LaVonne and Ephraim appeared in The Bachelorette, and we could tell that they were still in love. “I want you to have someone like your dad,” LaVonne told Michelle. “There couldn’t be a kinder person, a more giving person. He is my everything.”

Michelle stated that she is single because she won’t settle until she finds love as powerful as her parents’ love. She’s seen her parents treat each other with dignity even during the tough times, and she wants a partner who can accord her similar respect. Michelle said:

“Growing up just with my parents, seeing how they treated each other through stressful times, I mean life is not always easy but the fact that they have been married for so long and they still laugh so hard? I am not going to settle for anything less.”

Michelle wants her next relationship to last as long as her parents’. She wants someone who’ll commit long-term, regardless of the potential struggles of the future. Michelle continued:

“Finding a relationship where it is not going to fade out. You can’t predict everything that is going to happen to you in your relationship but knowing that I have a person that is going to stick it out and has that same mindset is incredibly important.”