10 Dazzling Makeup Looks For Blue Eyes

Make-up is all about self-expression and creativity, but when it comes to playing up your best features and complimenting your natural tones, there are certain colors you should utilize. Blue eyes are so special; in fact they are one of the rarest eye colors in the world. Why not emphasize your beautiful feature with the best make up to make blue eyes pop?

Creating The Best Make-up Looks For Blue Eyes

When deciding which colors to work with your blue eyes, think of the color wheel. In life, opposite colors pair best together. Red is across from blue on the color wheel, so it’s good to work within that family to make blue eyes truly stand out. The warmth in reds, pinks, peaches, purples, and even golden browns have the best effect on beautiful blue eyes.

#1: Peach Dreams

Peach tones are such a fresh way to highlight beautiful blue eyes. The sunnier, flushed palette is all about brightening the face. Light, peachy tones are perfect for a daytime look.

Use a cream blush to dab onto the apples of the cheekbones and the inside of lined lips. Focus on the inside of the lip for a youthful, sun-kissed feel. A darker toned peach liner on the lips makes them appear larger and perfectly pouted. Add just a touch of peach sparkle to the tops of the lids and corners of the eye and you’re good to go.

#2: Layered Smokey Eyeshadow

The first thing you notice about this babe are her striking blue eyes. Because black makes blue eyes appear crystal clear, it’s a look you should definitely try. Instead of appearing too harsh, this smokey look is actually glamorously soft thanks to a warm mauve layered shadow.

To recreate this glam, a light eye shadow is applied starting at the lash line up to the brow bone. Blend well. Mimic the same effect on the lower lids. For the rest of this look, find your best nude for those cheeks and lips.

#3: Gorgeously Golden

The warmth of gold makes ice blue eyes stand out, so try a golden glam for next big night out. This luxurious palette is great on chestnut brunettes and warm blondes.

This look is unique because it’s all matte, save for a shiny golden lip and just a few swipes of glittery shadow. Focus on the corners of the eyes and the bottom lip for shimmer and you’ll be sure to wow.

#4: Pretty In Pink

Sometimes it’s fitting to feel pretty in pink! This look stands out from the rest by incorporating the pink eye shadow trend. Let the warmth of these deep pink hues make those blue eyes pop.

The black eyeliner is yet another component that contrasts with blue eyes, but you wouldn’t have to use it for a softer or daytime look. Lightly line lips for a more relaxed look or punch it up for a big event.

#5: Neutral Glow

It’s impossible not to swoon over this dreamy make-up. We love a dewy look because of its versatility. This glow truly shines at any event- from a day of shopping with the girls to an actual red carpet. The next time you decide on what look to wear, decide to bring on the warmth and shine.

Because this look is all about the dew, get your highlighter and a dewy setting spray ready. This look is light so you can use plenty of shine. Swipe on your favorite nude lipstick and enhance with a warm nude gloss.

#7: Smokey Gray

Gray eye shadow is the dark neutral every blue-eyed babe needs. It tends to turn blue eyes a slighter gray tone for a mesmerizing and eye-catching look. If you want gorgeous make up that shows off how sophisticated you are, then try this smokey gray look.

Look for a red with deep purple undertones for lips, but when it comes to cheeks, go for a light pink to keep the look fresh and flushed. As for the shadow, take the grey up to the brow bones but deepen on the outside corners of the eyes. And please, gives us brows for days!

#7: Aqua Eyes

Blue-based greens are the hues you ever knew about for your blue eyes. The tone works with your blue eyes especially when lined in coal black liner and the effect is very sexy. For a look that’s perfectly unique, find your aquamarines and get started!

The key here is subtlety for an ultra dynamic appeal. Forget about swiping all of each lid with shadow. Apply your favorite teal or aqua shimmer eye shadow on the inside quadrant of each lid, but not in the corners. Instead, line corners in a jet black. Lastly, swipe on your favorite peach toned nude for that perfect contrast.

#8: Sunny Orange

Orange isn’t for everyone, but on warm redheads, strawberry blondes, and light brunettes it’s actually perfect and contrasts against blue eyes like magic. It works best in the summer or fall and with a sexy winged liner, of course!

This look is all about keeping the make up super clean and fresh. Apply a light peach and pale nude to most of the lid. When it comes to the orange, you want to stay subtle, so deepen at the outer edges of eyes and dust solely under the brow bone. Barely there cheeks and an orange-based lip seal the deal.

#9: Red Lip Glam

It wouldn’t be a round up of gorgeous looks without a red lip glam! For the babe who wants to stand out, this one is ultra bright. Ground a nearly neon lip with some brown with purple undertones and you’ll take the classic red lip look to a trendier level.

This bright pink lip is practically electric, so find your brightest, yet warmest pink. Be sure to line it to precision. The shine is all in the eyes here, so dust lids with sparkle at the center of the eyes and highlight the front of the apple of the cheeks.

#10: Neutral With Purple Undertones

We love this look because it’s perfect for everyday and still looks glam when bumped up for hot night out. Regardless of whether your hair color is black, brunette or blonde, this look will absolutely work for you.

Neutrals should have purple and mauve undertones to make blue eyes really stand out. Apply your favorite pink toned nude to your lips with just a dab of highlighter applied to the top of the upper lip. Take your purple toned gray up or down depending on the occasion.