23 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Long Hair

There are so many hairstyles for long and lustrous hair. You can run your fingers through soft curls, brush out face-framing layers, or rock any up-do your heart desires. We have the most beautiful hairstyles for long hair that you’ve ever seen. No matter what you wish for, we have you covered!

Hairstyles for Long Hair

Long hair is so beautiful but it requires a lot of maintenance to keep it healthy. It’s essential to comb and condition hair to prevent breakage and promote shine. However, it’s important to have fun with your long hair! From highlights, to color, cut, and styles, we have the most beautiful long hairstyles for long hair. So let’s take a look!

Bronde Balayage

Bronde highlights offer the best of both worlds. Beautiful brown highlights at the top of the head ground this look. The blonde balayage at the edges and tips of locks mimic that perfect, sun kissed glow.

If you want to add some light and fresh depth to your brown locks, ask your stylist to create this bronde balayage. Because these highlights look so natural, they grow out well and you can take your time getting back to the salon for touch-ups.

Soft Waves

Nothing wows quite like ultra soft waves for long hair. Smooth curls have a pulled together effect when you’re going for a more polished look.

To create soft waves, a brush and shine spray or lightweight oil are key. Delicately brushing through fresh curls will give it that irresistible luster.

Face Framing Layers

Long hair provides ample opportunity for lots of layers! If you want to add depth and movement to your hair, face-framing layers are the way to go.

Layers frame longer face shapes beautifully but also add excitement to otherwise simple strands. Start layers a few inches below the chin for the perfect tousled and textured cut on long hair.

Elegant Up-Do

One of the best parts of long hair is its versatility. Wear it long down your back or sweep it up into a classy up-do for an evening out.

This look can be achieved with gorgeous textured spray and a creative hand. For that special occasion, ask your stylist for this lovely low bun.

70’s Fringe

Take your look back in time with a sleek 70’s fringe. Long and beautiful bangs are essential for the retro vibe you desire.

Any color hair would wear this look marvelously, but we especially love this rich brown color. To mimic this seamless look, keep layers to a minimum and pull out that straightener.

Perfect Platinum

Long hair looks absolutely stunning if you love rocking platinum blonde hair color. Done right, this icy soft look is a total wow. Ask your stylist to keep your tone cool and free of any yellow or orange tones for the freshest appeal.

Platinum hair requires special care to prevent breakage. Invest in quality deep conditioners and hair bonding serums to keep hair strong.

Textured Ponytail

A low, textured ponytail is such a chic way to wear long hair. To achieve a look like this one, give hair lots of curl and texture before pulling it loosely together at the nape of the neck.

To polish that ponytail, wrap a one-inch thick strand of hair around your hair tie and secure with a bobby pin.

Rich Chestnut

Looking for rich and sophisticated color for your long hair? Try this deep chestnut color for a warm appeal on those silky locks.

It’s easy to go cool for hairstyles these days, but this color is irresistible for brunette babes and will make you stand out.

Bubble Ponytail

This look is super fun for long and gorgeous hair. A regular ponytail is pretty, but a bubble ponytail is playful!

To create your own bubble ponytail, tie your first hair tie at the very top of the back of your head. As you make each section, carefully pull strands apart and lightly tease with a comb to create the bubbles.

Natural Curls

Curls are always beautiful and if you’re long hair is curly naturally, you may be the luckiest girl in the world! Luckily with long hair, there is plenty of space to show off beautiful texture.

To keep the frizz away, a smoothing crème is your most important tool to rock those luscious curls!

Blush Pink

Long hair provides a perfect opportunity to play with color. And blush pink is the hottest color of the year.

If you’re looking for a subtle approach to adding color without turning your whole mane a shocking pink, consider fading the color at the tips or wearing this gorgeous balayage.

Double Braids

Looking for a romantic hairstyle for long hair? Dreamy double braids may be just the look for you.

To recreate this style, make sure hair is ultra smooth before you begin braiding. Consider stopping braids at the nape of the neck and texturizing the remaining length for that romantic appeal.

Half Up

Wearing long hair half-up half-down is like having the best of both worlds. Hair is still long and gorgeous while staying out of your beautiful face!

Want to bump up a half-up look? Add a lovely accessory like this sweet bow or a dainty ribbon.

Long Layers

Long hair can be a bit boring if it’s all one length. For beautiful, subtle dimension, add long layers to that gorgeous mane!

The best part about layering the very ends of your hair is that you don’t have to sacrifice any length for beautiful movement. It’s especially great for adding interest to thin or fine hair.

Slicked Back

Slicked back hair is the awesomely edgy look that long hair deserves! This hairstyle provides the chance to show off your gorgeous face, cheekbones, and any statement earrings for your special night out.

Keeping long hair polished is key for a slicked back style. First straighten hair then slick back with a gel or mousse.

Sleek and Straight

Perfectly straight hair is utterly stunning on long hair. Whether your hair is thin or thick, ultra sleek locks are truly timeless.

For bone straight long hair, add smoothing serums and lightweight oils to give pin straight locks that ultimate shine.

Super Sun Kissed

This golden look is perfect for the sunny gal with long hair. No cool tones needed here!

For a sun kissed look, ask your stylist for warm highlights. This look is perfect for summer or fall!

Beachy Waves

Long hair can be sexy, and beachy waves are the sexiest of them all. This look is far from polished but can be worn during a fancy night out.

To achieve these textured waves, organic and messy is key. Curl hair with a round rod and tousle with salt spray.

Thick Braid

A gorgeously thick braid is sure to impress if you have long hair. Keep hair loose and piecey at the front while the braid runs down your shoulder or back.

This braid needs lots of volume, so it’s perfect on thick hair or hair with extensions. Keep the braid basic or get as creative as you’d like!

Ashy Tones

Cool, ashy tones are super trendy right now for long hair. They are also versatile, though, and can be added to dark or blonde hair.

The key is cool with a gray inspiration. Ask your stylist to give your long hair these modern ashy highlights.

High Ponytail

Say hello to the ultimate high ponytail! Whether you wear it super straight or totally textured, a high ponytail is a great style for long hair.

With this look, the higher, the better! A high ponytail can be worn as a daytime casual or sophisticated evening look. It all depends on your mood. It works best on thicker hair but can be achieved by anyone.

Shaggy Fringe

Bangs are definitely not just for short hair! We love a thick and shaggy fringe on beautifully textured long hair for a retro look.

If you’re looking to break up a longer face shape, this look is for you. Add some subtle layers to the length of your hair to keep the style uniform.

Gunmetal Gray

Looking for a cool effect for your dark long hair? This cool, silvery look for black hair is so rich and very trendy right now.

Tell your stylist you want to add a grayish hue to your jet-black locks. Bump up the shine for this sexy look with smooth hair oil.

Finding the Perfect Long Hairstyles

As you can see, long hair can be stunning, sexy, and versatile. It all depends on your mood and the effect you want to achieve. Keep in mind which hair color looks best with your skin tone and which cuts best suit your face shape. As for up-dos and styles, the options are endless. Which one will you choose?