What to know about Logan & Jake Paul’s parents

Logan and Jake Paul are two of the most controversial social media stars in the world. Logan joined YouTube after Vine shut down and quickly gathered a sizeable following for his prank and challenge videos. He also courted plenty of controversies, with perhaps his most controversial moment coming when he filmed a suicide victim in Japan’s ‘suicide forest.’

Jake also rose to fame on Vine before starring in Bizaardvark as Dirk Mann for two seasons. His controversial moments led to his expulsion from the series. Jake was reportedly banned from Logan’s upcoming fight with Floyd Mayweather after causing a brawl during the pair’s first media appearance. 

This piece will look at Logan and Jake’s controversial dad and their parents’ divorce. 

Logan and Jake’s dad Greg was accused of kissing an underage girl in a video

Greg Paul capitalized on his son’s fame by launching his social media channels. So far, Greg has 167K subscribers on his YouTube channel and 418K followers on Instagram. He hasn’t posted on YouTube for close to a year, but it is unlikely that he has left the platform. 

Just like his sons, Greg has caused plenty of controversy during his time in the limelight. A group called Digital Hackers released a video allegedly showing Greg kissing a minor. However, the evidence posted showed grainy, unidentifiable images. It was impossible to determine the identities of the persons in the videos.

Digital Hackers then posted another video alleging that it was a sex tape featuring Greg. However, the video only had audio, making it illogical to implicate Greg. The Hackers diminished the legitimacy of the hack when they suggested that they aren’t particularly fond of Greg and his sons.

“We don’t really like him,” the Hackers told The Daily Dot. “We don’t like the Pauls.” Greg defended himself via Instagram, calling the accusations ‘a bunch of bull’ and ‘100% not true.’ He added that there was no evidence to support the rumors before saying:

“If anybody even tries to say anything to that effect in any way, shape, or form they’re just doing it for views just like they are right now. The other things for you haters, how had does your life suck? How had does your life suck? You wake up and you want to throw shade and hate on people you’ve never met, who’ve never done anything to you.”

In a satirical jab to Digital Hackers, Greg offered to hire the hackers, holding up a sign stating that ‘my hacker taught me a lot.’ He continued: “Bud dude, if you’re out there, reach out to me. The guy still has my AOL account. Give me my AOL account. Include your information there, because I want to hire you. We can use your smarts and skillsets in a positive way and probably make you a ton of legit money.”

Greg stated that he and his ex-wife Pamela Ann mistakenly thought that love would be enough to save their marriage

Greg and his wife Pamela had what seemed like the perfect relationship. They’d grown in love together, bought a house, moved in, married, and welcomed two sons. However, with the divorce rate in America nearing 50%, there was a one in two chance that they would divorce. 

Greg revealed in an April interview on IMPAULSIVE with Jake and Logan that the couple mistakenly thought that love would be enough to save their marriage. Jake and Logan’s dad explained: “We didn’t have the teaching tools to make it through marriage. But, the fallacy is, we believe, ‘Oh! We love each other. Love will pull us through.’ That’s a fucked up bullshit lie.” 

The couple had everything going for them, but it just didn’t work: “They say opposites attracts, but that’s bullshit. We fucked up. We were in love. We didn’t rush things – we bought a house first, moved in, lived together. Things were calculated.”

Greg revealed that Pamela moved on faster than him after the divorce. Nevertheless, the pair remain on good terms. Pamela and Greg appeared in a May 2017 video on Logan’s channel in which Logan asked them questions about their marriage and divorce. Pam offered the following sarcastic answer when Logan asked why the couple divorced:

“We wanted to make your life miserable. We wanted you to be unsuccessful, be walking the streets unclear of your whole being and just be a follower. That’s why.”