Is Lex Fridman gay? His sexuality explored

Lex Fridman is a scientist, and artificial intelligence researcher who’s achieved fame for his podcast series dubbed the Lex Fridman podcast. He interviews various guests, including scientists, authors, mathematicians, and historians. Fridman’s podcasts, research, and views have earned him a sizable following on social media. 

The Moscow-born scientist has seemingly crept into fame, with many on the internet asking why Lex Fridman is famous. The answer lies in the many influential people he’s interviewed – Jack Dorsey, Joe Rogan, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Grimes – and the introspective conversations he has with them. 

This piece looks at Lex Fridman’s sexuality. 

Lex Fridman hasn’t talked about his sexuality or dating life

Lex Fridman is quite secretive about his sexuality and dating life. Since he started his podcast in 2018, he hasn’t addressed his sexuality or dating life. 

Social media often provides clues about a person’s life, but Lex Fridman’s social media posts rarely, if ever, touch on his personal life. 

We suspect that Lex Fridman is single. On Valentine’s day, he posted a popular meme showing actor Wagner Moura in his role as Pablo Escobar in Narcos, sitting on a bench looking lonely and deep in thought. 

Fridman has also spoken about the high value he places on alone time. In late January 2022, he posted an Instagram photo alongside the following caption:

“End of a 10 mile run from earlier today. It felt great. There are few things I enjoy in life more than a long run along the river or out in nature, alone with my thoughts.”

“15 mile run today, alone with my thoughts,” he captioned an early March 2022 Instagram post

Lex Fridman jokes about being gay and having gay experiences

On 1st April 2022, Lex posted a tweet stating: “@TimJDillon asked me to get married. I said yes.” It was obviously an April Fools’ day post, but Tom Dillon played along, writing: “The wedding will be on 6th street in Austin. Bring all your weapons.”

During his mid-April interview with Andrew Huberman, Fridman confirmed that it was a joke but added: “If there is anyone I would like to get married with, is that guy [Tom Dillon]. And we would do it in Austin and it would be epic. It would be like the wedding from November Rain.” 

A month later, Lex Fridman spoke to Bobby Lee about a gay experience in which a man approached him in the early hours of the morning outside a 7-Eleven and asked to give Fridman a blowjob. 

“I have never had anyone approach me like that, but the energy he put, the love he had in the approach,” Fridman said, “it was almost like gentle and poetic. He wanted to make me happy. He didn’t want to make himself happy. He wanted to make me happy.”

Fridman rejected the offer but joked that he often returns to the 7-Eleven looking for the man as his answer right now would probably be different. 

“It was a funny little moment,” Lex said. “I go to that 7-Eleven often, looking for the guy because now I would say yes. No.”