James Turner and Deligracy’s relationship, explained

James Turner is an Australian social media star who is famous for posting simulation content on his YouTube channels. Turner’s following has grown steadily over the past few years, and he has close to two million subscribers across his four YouTube channels.

Deligracy is also an Australian YouTuber who posts simulation content on her main channel. She has another channel titled More Deligracy, which contains gaming content and vlogs. There have been rumors that James and Deligracy have been dating for a while. This article will reveal the details of the couple’s relationship.

The couple started dating shortly before the quarantine period

Deligracy and James answered questions about their relationship in a recent live stream posted on Deligracy’s second YouTube channel. The pair revealed that they had a lot of chemistry, but they held off on dating until shortly before the quarantine period. Deligracy stated that she didn’t have an exact date for when the couple became official.

The couple revealed that they have been living together for the past three months. They decided to live together after James visited Deligracy in Melbourne and couldn’t go back to Sydney because the Australian government banned flights.

The couple revealed that they kept their relationship from fans because they didn’t know how long it would last. Deligracy stated:

“We just wanted to hold off from telling because we knew that you would be excited and we didn’t wanna like have a fling and then get you guys excited and be like oh yeah we are not really together anymore. That would be a bit sad.”

Deligracy and Turner don’t plan on starting a couple’s YouTube channel

Couple’s YouTube channels are becoming a trend, but Deligracy and Turner don’t plan to hop on it. They will create content together, but they ruled out making a joint channel.

The couple answered questions about the future of their relationship in their live stream. They stated that they want to take things slow after a fan asked them whether they planned to have kids.