Inside Kiana Madeira’s life, her ethnicity and dating life

Kiana Madeira is a Canadian-born actress who stars as Deena in the 2021 horror trilogy Fear Street. Madeira earned her breakout role in the sitcom, Really Me, in which she played Julia Wilson. She later appeared in several television shows, including Harriet the Spy, Bruno and The Boots, Dark Matter, and The Flash

Madeira gained further recognition for playing the fierce and intelligent Moe Traux in the Netflix original series Trinkets. Unfortunately, Netflix canceled the series after two seasons, but in the twenty episodes of Trinkets, Kiana had demonstrated that she was destined for big roles. 

Kiana was raised by an Afro-Irish father and a Portuguese mother

Kiana was born on 4th November 1992 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada to an Afro-Irish father and a Portuguese mother. Madeira grew up in Mississauga.

Madeira has shared little about her parents, but in a since-deleted tweet, she gave a bit of an insight into her heritage. Kiana stated that she was Portuguese on one side and of Black Canadian, First Nations, and Irish on the other.

Madeira and her fiancé Lovell Adams-Gray started dating in 2016 and got engaged in 2020

Madeira and Lovell Adams-Gray started dating in 2016. Lovell is an actor who has appeared in Coroner, Slasher, and DC Legends of Tomorrow. He is currently playing Dru Tejada in Power Book II: Ghost.

Reports indicate that Kiana and Lovell got engaged in 2020. The pair enjoy sharing pictures of each other on social media. In mid-2017, Kiana shared a photo of the pair kissing in the street as night approached and with a beautiful rainbow peering out of the clouds. She captioned the post: “His promise is clear. It’s only elevation. I’m where I belong.”

Kiana effortlessly played two characters in Fear Street thanks to the connection she created with her co-stars

At the age of five, Kiana watched the musical drama Grease and imagined herself acting alongside John Travolta. As time went on, she realized that starring alongside John would be near impossible, but she didn’t give up on her dream of becoming an actor.

After appearing in several minor and supporting roles, Kiana landed what is arguably her biggest role to date in Fear Street. Kiana revealed the connections she created with her co-stars – especially with Olivia Scott Welch (Sam) – made filming way easier.

Kiana and Welch told Collider that they effortlessly brought out the best in each other. “I feel like we both held so much space for each other so that we were really listening to each other,” Kiana said. “Our characters cared so much about what each other needed and that was something that I feel like you gave me as an actor and I really appreciated that.”

Madeira needed all the support she could get, as in the third installment of the series, Fear Street 1666, she will play the role of Sarah Fier. Kiana talked to Collider about her experience:

“Both characters that I played are very strong. They have an inner strength and an inner fight in them, so I feel like filming 1994 and really getting to dive into how much Deena cares and how strong she really is… it was just a perfect way to lead into my 1666 character knowing that I have that strength in me as well, as Kiana, and I can bring it to this character as well.”

Kiana is set to appear in After We Fell and After Ever Happy as Nora.