Inside Aimee Garcia’s life, her parents and dating life

Aimee Garcia is an American actress who plays the role of Ella Lopez on the Netflix drama Lucifer. Garcia moved to Los Angeles in 2002 to pursue an acting career, and in 2006, she landed the role of Lopez’s niece in the series George Lopez. From 2011 to 2013, Aimee starred alongside Michael C. Hall in Showtime’s Dexter.

Garcia joined Lucifer’s cast in season 2 and quickly established herself as a fan favorite. Aimee has experienced great success as an actor, and she is looking to find success in the comic book arena. In 2019, she collaborated with former professional wrestler AJ Mendez to author the comic book series Glow vs. The Babyface. The duo recently launched a production company known as Scrappy Heart Productions.

This piece will look at Aimee’s parents and love life.

Aimee’s parents stressed the need for a good education early on in Aimee’s life

Aimee Garcia was born on 28th November 1978 in Chicago, Illinois, to Eloisa and Hector. Her first language was Spanish as Eloisa hailed from Pachuca, Mexico, and Hector was a San Juan, Puerto Rico, native. Aimee’s parents instilled in her the need for a good education when Aimee was very young. Garcia told Gozamos that by the age of four, she didn’t know what or where college was, but she knew she would go there someday. She said:

“My dad went to college but his parents didn’t speak much English but my grandmother always said that I was going to college. I remember being four years old and going to college. I didn’t even know what college was. I didn’t know if it was a restaurant or a country! I just knew I was going.”

Garcia triple majored in economics, journalism, and French during her time at Northwestern University. After graduation, she worked as a mutual fund analyst for a year before moving to Los Angeles to pursue acting. Aimee told Gozamos that she sees the value of her education every day, but ethnicity has played a bigger role in helping her land roles in Hollywood. She explained:

“Being Latin has helped me. I was on the George Lopez show and have been able to play Andy Garcia’s daughter. This wouldn’t have happened if I weren’t Latin. On Supernatural I got to play Irish, Nancy Fitzgerald… In Lost in America, if I wasn’t bilingual and completely fluent in Spanish I wouldn’t have gotten to go to Hawaii and share the screen with Zach Gilford from Friday Night Lights.”

Aimee was rumored to be dating Anthony Cook, but she had previously stated that she is too busy to maintain a relationship

Aimee has kept her dating life secret since she became a Hollywood celebrity. The only rumor about her dating life concerns a relationship she had with former professional football player Anthony Cook. Anthony and Aimee were reportedly spotted shopping at a jewelry store. Neither Anthony nor Aimee appear interested in addressing the rumor.

Perhaps Aimee isn’t secretive about her dating life, and it’s just that she hasn’t started dating yet. In a 2011 interview with LatinaMagazine, she stated that she is too busy for a relationship:

“I’m dating a very high-maintenance career. It takes up all my time – but if you run into Ryan Gosling, tell him to give me a call!”