How To Refresh Your Lingerie Collection With ThirdLove Bras

A collection of lingerie that you look forward to wearing can make getting dressed for any occasion more fun. Refreshing your lingerie collection is the best way to ensure that you always have bras that are in good condition support bra to pair with any outfit. A brand that offers affordable, high-quality bras for women can help you keep your lingerie collection fresh.

Choose From Soft Materials

When you buy bras from a brand that prioritize comfort and a good fit, you can expect these qualities from any style of bra. Whether you prefer to wear full-coverage, plunge, t-shirt or sports bras, you can expect that every bra will be made of soft materials that look and feel great.

Bras made of a blend of nylon and spandex can provide a comfortable fit and stand up to regular wear. These soft materials are used to make many bra styles, including scratch-free lace bralettes. Choose from bra designs that have memory foam cups or unlined double-layered cups.

If you prefer cotton bras, check out styles made of Cloud Cotton. A blend of cotton and spandex is breathable and offers a supportive fit. Unlined cotton lace bras made of nylon, cotton and elastane strike the perfect balance between a beautiful look, soft feel and a good fit.

Finding The Best Bra Type For Your Boob Shape

Knowing your band and cup size is only the starting point for getting the best fit from bras. If any of your current bras have gaping cups, you should do an online bra fitting before refreshing your lingerie collection.

Your breasts might be athletic, bell-shaped, round, side set or tear-drop shaped, and there are even more shapes to consider. Gapping is more common for women who have breast shapes with less volume on top, such as athletic and tear drop breasts. Balconette, demi or t-shirt bras can be the best bra types for these boob shapes.

An online fitting can recommend the best bra type for your breast shape. From full-coverage bras for bell-shaped breasts to plunge bras for wide-set breasts, you can get recommendations and browse a large bra selection.

Consider Styles and Colors

Once you know your bra size and boob shape, you are ready to shop for bras that will provide the best fit. A nude t shirt bra can be a practical choice for everyday wear, but you may prefer different styles, colors and materials for other occasions.

Many bras are available in classic and limited edition colors. Adding fresh styles to your lingerie collection is one of the benefits of buying new bras. Keep an eye out for releases of your preferred bra styles in your favorite colors or patterns.

Even the best bras lose shape over time. A general guideline is to replace bras every six to twelve months based on the design and frequency of wear. By refreshing your lingerie collection and following care instructions, you will be able to choose from an assortment of comfortable, supportive and stylish bras.