Everything about Hailey Mia’s parents: They support her by urging people to vote

If Hailey Mia wins The Voice, she’ll become the youngest ever winner of the competition. From a young age, Mia dreamed of performing on The Voice, and as soon as she was old enough, Mia sent in her audition. Hailey almost left the competition after falling short on votes, but she convinced Kelly Clarkson to save her. 

One of Mia’s best moments came when Kelsea Ballerini shared Hailey’s rendition of Kelsea’s Peter Pan song. Mia told Parade that she was over the moon when her mom, Gina Cardona Osorio, broke the news. “I literally made her [Gina] say it again,” Mia explained. 

Hailey’s parents have supported her by urging people to vote. 

Hailey Mia was born in 2000 in New Jersey to Gina and Harry Osorio. She grew up in Clifton, New Jersey, alongside her younger brother, Harry. 

Mia is in Hollywood with Gina, who’s helping her daughter balance performance and online schooling. “I wish I could say how I balance it all,” Hailey told Nj.com. “It’s making me who I want to be in the future and that’s how I look at it every day.”

Gina has seen Hailey through the highs and lows of competing on The Voice. One of the pair’s hardest nights came when Hailey faced elimination and had to sing her save song. “Yesterday was one of the most difficult days of my life and hopefully we won’t have another night like that,” Gina wrote on Facebook on 10th November

Cardona and Hailey expected to have enough votes to proceed, but Mia didn’t attract enough votes. As Hailey broke down, Gina had to stay strong and encourage Mia to give it her best shot. Hailey responded by giving her best performance of the season. Gina wrote:

“I was a wreck because when you cry, your throat swells and she was about to go on stage. She did amazing! Watching her go through all of that and get on stage with grace and completely crush the song, I lost it. I lost it because although she’s 14 and goes through normal emotions, she handled herself better than some adults.”

Harry is miles away in New Jersey, but he is doing his bit in helping Mia win. He and Gina constantly remind people to vote for Mia to make history on The Voice

Dealing with separation has proved challenging at times, but the family understands that it’s for a good cause. Gina wrote on Facebook that Thanksgiving didn’t feel the same:

“First Thanksgiving that we are not complete. The sacrifices we make. Looking forward to making up for all this lost time. Nevertheless, I’m thankful for this opportunity, for our health, and for everyone voting on Monday. Happy Thanksgiving.”

Hailey’s mom also assisted other contestants on The Voice

“I don’t know what I would do without her [Gina],” Hailey told Parade

Looking at Hailey’s schedule will make you understand why she needs Gina in Hollywood. Mia has online school, singing practice, and live performances to deal with. She told Parade:

“It’s overwhelming. It’s like you’re living two separate lives, where you go back to the normalcy of kind of being home because you are still doing school online virtual and then seconds later having to go on stage singing. It’s two different worlds, but it is easy to manage when you get into the groove of things and know what you’re doing.”

Mia has benefited from having Gina around, and so have other contestants on The Voice. “Gina’s so kind and loving,” Jeremy Rosado told Parade. Jeremy added that Gina arrived as Mia’s mom but left as everybody’s mom. He added:

“It’s incredible to have family when you don’t have family. While it is incredibly tough for Hailey and she is carrying more than the rest of us with school and everything, it is a blessing to have your person here with you. Gina is like that for a lot of us. She’s amazing.”

Hailey shared her mother’s concern for other contestants. After winning the Instant Save and knocking out some of her competitors, Mia broke down on the car ride home. She cried because she felt pity for the knocked-out singers. Gina wrote on Facebook:

“I said, ‘Mami [Mia], why are you crying?’ Her response was, ‘Because I feel bad for the other contestants.’ I’m not perfect by any means, and I have my flaws, event with parenting, but at that moment, I realized that Harry and I must be doing something right.”