Get To Know The Top Wig Wholesale Suppliers in USA

Time to wig out in style! Wigs, toupees, and hair pieces instantly transform your client’s hairstyle. Made from human or synthetic hair, they come in various sizes, shapes, and stunning styles for any occasion. Wigs are your client’s ultimate go-to, whether it’s a spooky Christmas vibe or a daily fashion boost.

But hey, the wig mania doesn’t stop there! These hair heroes are so in demand that a whole league of wholesale wig wizards and suppliers has sprouted up, offering you a treasure trove of wigs at bulk prices.

So, if your client is ready to crown herself with luscious locks that scream fabulous, stick around as we unveil the heavyweight champions of wholesale wig enchantment!

Who Are Considered Wholesale Wig Suppliers?

Get ready to dive into the wholesale whirlwind! Picture this: Wholesale wig companies are the dynamic middlemen connecting manufacturers and retailers in a merchandise dance. It’s a backstage pass to better-than-retail prices, but the catch is you’ve got to bulk up your shopping cart (think 100 pieces, 1000 pieces—you get the drift)!

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1. Budget-Friendly Wig Wholesalers

These wholesale wizards may be different from product gurus like the dedicated experts. Still, they’re armed with an arsenal of brands that duke it out and a vast array of choices that’ll make your head spin. Think of them as your treasure trove of budget-friendly and bountiful goodies.

2. Raw Hair Providers

Now, let’s talk hair-raising excitement! Wholesale wig sorcerers and maestros are your go-to for massive volumes of hair enchantment. Think wigs, extensions, and all things fabulous. They gather hair from all corners—imported human hair, animal allure, and synthetics. These suppliers are like Mother Earth’s hair goodies.

Get this: They’re not just tossing wigs into the mix—hair care products, extensions, the whole shebang! And oh boy, some wholesale dynamos specialize in those mesmerizing costume wigs, while others are all about everyday fabulousness. No matter the vibe, they’ve got a buffet of options waiting for you. Plus, if you’re buying in bulk, prepare for a showdown of competitive prices that’ll leave your wallet grinning.

Get to Know the Top Wig Wholesale Suppliers in USA

After digging deep into the wig world, we’ve unearthed some top-notch wholesale wig suppliers in the USA. Brace yourself because these names will become your trade’s best friends. Say goodbye to wig worries and hello to smooth sailing in the wig import game!

1. KCP Wholesale Distributors

KCP Wholesale Distributors is your one-stop destination for a cosmetic wonderland. They have everything you need, from brushes that weave magic to cosmetic bags that hold dreams. Remember the goggles and lotion, which will make you feel like a pampered superstar. With its headquarters nestled in the vibrant heart of Matawan, NJ, it has ruled the game since the epic year 1988.

2. Fashion TIY, Inc.

Get ready for a fashion whirlwind with FashionTIY, Inc.! They’re not just distributors; they’re your golden ticket to head-to-toe fabulousness. They’ve got everything from hats that crown to ties that tie—a runway in every piece. Based in Newark, DE, this trendsetting powerhouse has been making magic since 2016. Retailers and wholesalers, your fashion dreams have found their home.

3. Private Label Extensions 

Unveil the hair magic at Private Label Extensions in Atlanta, GA—your go-to for wholesale hair perfection. They excel in extensions, wigs, and sew-ins, backed by $10,000,000 in sales in two years. With a free membership, dive into a world of private labeling and expert hair guidance. For premium hair, it starts with Private Label Extensions!

Top Wholesale Wig Manufacturers and Suppliers in the USA

This lineup isn’t just about suppliers; these are manufacturing maestros. When dealing directly with the creators, you’re not just in for the best deal; you’re also in the know about every step of production. Connecting with manufacturers isn’t just business savvy; it’s your backstage pass to staying up-to-date with the production process.

1. All Virgin Hair Boutique

Based in Smyrna, GA, All Virgin Hair Boutique offers various virgin hair products, hair care products, and wigs. Their extensive wig inventory includes colored and natural options, all crafted from unaltered, virgin hair.

2. Klayi Hair

In Sante Fe Springs, CA, Klayi Hair specializes in 100% human Remy hair products. With an expansive workshop and warehouse space spanning over 5,000 square meters, they offer worldwide shipping and customizable products.

3. Her Hair Company

With over two decades of experience in the beauty industry, Her Hair Company in Indianapolis, IN, distributes virgin hair online. Their enduring supplier relationships make them a knowledgeable and bountiful source of hair products.

4. New Times Hair

With a vast 4,000-square-meter factory in China and branches in the US and Europe, Newtimes Hair caters to American and European local clients. As full-stack hair manufacturers, they provide wholesale wigs, hair systems, hair extensions, and more, boasting an annual output exceeding 100,000 units. They offer free membership access to wholesaling, private labeling, expert hair advice, and more.

5. Dynasty Goddess

Dynasty Goddess is a top-tier virgin hair company in West Palm Beach, FL. With an impressive variety of hair textures, lengths, and types, they offer instant wholesale financing. They can fulfill orders of up to 2,000 bundles per week.

6. Rose Wholesale

Rose Wholesale, headquartered in Worth, IL, is a prominent online fashion store with many product lines. Their fashion-focused wigs, from costume to everyday styles, are shipped to over 200 countries worldwide. Frequent sales and discounts are their hallmarks.

7. UNice Hair

Operating from Irwindale, CA, UNice Hair is another leader in virgin hair products. With 24-hour customer support, free storewide shipping, a hassle-free 30-day return policy, and a successful wholesaler program, they offer various wig products to match different styles.

8. Wigs Warehouse King, Inc.

Wigs Warehouse King Inc. is situated in Sea Cliff, NY, bringing the latest synthetic, human hair, and lace front wigs. Their user-friendly website aids customers in selecting the perfect wig, and they provide free shipping for orders exceeding $50. They are a prominent wig supplier with brands like Bella Nuova, Velle Trees, Gabor, and Estetica Designs.

9. Nadula Hair

Serving customers across 50+ countries, Nadula Hair is a dedicated supplier of wigs. They’re known for innovative products, designer-made wigs at affordable prices, a 30-day guarantee, and global shipping services, all from their Huntington Beach, CA, headquarters.


With a massive catalog of wigs for both men and women, WIGUSA’s headquarters are based in San Diego, CA. They own renowned wig brands, including Wig Pro and Bali collections. They offer highly styleable wigs in synthetic and human hair options. Their customization options cater to wholesale quantities and fashion needs.

11. Beauty Forever Hair

Originally from China and now headquartered in Santa Fe Springs, CA, Beauty Forever Hair is a heavyweight supplier of a wide range of hair products. They cover everything from hair weaves, extensions, and closures to wigs, all backed by in-house manufacturing prowess.


Discover the top wig wholesale suppliers in USA. Beyond supply, they’re creators, ensuring prime deals and production insights. Explore All Virgin Hair Boutique, Klayi Hair, Her Hair Company, and New Times Hair. In West Palm Beach, Dynasty Goddess excels in financing. Rose Wholesale and Unice Hair bring international flair. Wigs Warehouse King Inc. dazzles in variety. Nadula Hair, WIGUSA, and Beauty Forever Hair provide global allure.