Everything about Nicky Champa and Pierre Boo

Pierre and Nicky are a popular social media couple who shot to fame for their collaborative videos on TikTok. They run independent TikTok accounts, with Nicky’s account having 4 million followers and Pierre’s account having 4 million followers. The couple also has individual Instagram pages and a combined page with 149K followers.

The pair also run a YouTube channel, but they have only posted three videos over the past two years. It probably explains why they have a far less following on YouTube compared to their other social media pages.

The couple’s content ranges from pranks and challenges to cute couple’s videos and viral dances. This piece will look at the couple’s relationship and their take on plastic surgery.

Pierre and Nicky helped each other recover from past heartbreaks and toxic relationships

Pierre and Nicky met at a movie audition on 3rd March 2017. Nicky spotted Pierre, and he was blown away by his beauty. Nicky didn’t know it at the time, but he and Pierre shared the same agent. He contacted his agent and asked him who Pierre was. The agent informed Pierre that Nicky was interested in him, and because Nicky was so shy, Pierre made the first approach.

Two days later, Pierre invited Nicky to help him film an audition video. Pierre stated in a YouTube video titled How we met, that he was a bit guarded about starting a relationship with Nicky because he had been heartbroken several times before. However, Nicky helped him heal from his past heartbreak.

“I was coming out of a hard, tough relationship,” Pierre explained. “I think after 1,2,3,4,5,6 heartbreaks, it’s hard for you to keep on dreaming about love the way you used to before. I kind of lost that dream of that beautiful fairytale… Without you I couldn’t have put my walls down.”

Nicky has also been in a toxic relationship, and he’d put it out there that he was looking for someone to build a strong relationship with. He saw that person in Pierre, and right from the start, he was ready to get into a relationship with Pierre. As much as Pierre wanted to take the relationship slow, he couldn’t deny the connection he had with Nicky. The couple started living together one month after they met.

Pierre and Nicky don’t shy away from displaying the love they have for each other. There are tons of social media posts that display the strong bond that the pair shares. In September 2019, Pierre posted a series of Instagram photos wishing Nicky a happy birthday. He attached the following caption:

“I feel so extremely lucky to have you. You make me hope and believe. We have our ups and downs and we are far from perfect, but I love it. I love you and our relationship for what it is, and I don’t know if I could survive in this world without you. May all your wishes come true.”

Pierre and Nicky are huge advocates of plastic surgery and body enhancement

Pierre Boo is a French native who was born in Paris to Virginia and Jean-Pierre Crespeau. He grew up alongside two brothers and a sister before moving to the United States to pursue an acting career. Nicky Champa was born in Dallas, Texas, and was raised alongside his brother by a single mom in Manlius, New York.

Plastic surgery is a topic that divides opinion, but Pierre and Nicky have come out as huge advocates for it. Pierre has undergone cheekbone surgery to make his face more symmetrical. He loved the effects of the surgery, but he and Nicky explained that surgery should only be used to change what a person cannot change by living a healthy lifestyle. In a since-deleted video, the couple explained:

“It’s the cherry on top of the cake. Your appearance, your health, your well-being is like a big cake with layers. It starts with drinking water, eating well, working out, cosmetics, and the last layer of the cake is filler, botox, and plastic surgery. To fix those things that you can’t fix with anything else.”