Elegance in Every Size: How To Select The Ideal Hat For Larger Heads

Are you in the market for a new hat? If you have a larger head, you’ll want to choose one that’s comfortable and stylish. You’ll need to know your hat size and a few extra tips to select the ideal hat.

Here’s how to find elegance in every size. Let’s get started!

1. Find Your Hat Size

First, you’ll need to spend a few minutes measuring your head to find the right size. If you have a large head, getting a tight and uncomfortable hat is easy. One-size-fits-all hats can also be hit or miss when getting a comfortable fit. Most of them only fit under a size 7 ½.

To find your hat size, you only need the circumference of your head. Simply wrap a soft tape measure around your head above your eyebrows. Next, write down the measurement of your head. It’s a good idea to record the measurements in inches and centimeters to find your hat size with various brands.

Once you have your head size, you can easily compare it to sizing guides that companies post online. You’ll want to make sure you order a hat that will fit. It’s always a good idea to size up if you’re between sizes. However, you can try the hats in person whenever possible to make the best choice.

As someone with a bigger head, you should know your hat size before shopping. You’ll be much more likely to get a comfortably fitting accessory this way.

2. Choose Elegant Materials

Next, you’ll want to pick a hat made from elegant materials. Silk, satin, and velvet can all be incredibly stylish and elegant. Wool is luxurious and warm, making it perfect for winter.

Straw hats are another excellent option. Large size sun hats are very popular styles consisting of straw. It’s a flexible, breathable material, perfect for anyone with a larger head.

Cotton hats can also be elegant if they’re high-quality. This material is comfortable and perfect for everyday wear. 

Leather hats, especially darker ones, are very stylish and luxurious. Many people prefer them for outdoor wear.

The materials used in making the hat can determine how elegant it is. So, you’ll want to research the materials to find one that you like the most.

3. Consider Stretchy Hats

More flexible hats are going to be much more comfortable to wear. You’ll want to avoid ones made from stiff materials that won’t form with the shape of your head. It’s also essential to avoid hats with inflexible bands since they can pinch you and leave behind a mark.

Some flexible materials for hats include cotton, polyester, and leather. These can be incredibly elegant and used to create visually stunning headwear.

Flexible hats will fit your larger head better. So, you’ll want to consider them first.

4. Select A Flattering Hat Style

Hats come in a variety of colors and shapes. However, certain styles will be the most flattering on specific head shapes, so you must consider what types will look the best on you. You’ll also be drawn to some styles more than others, making it essential to select your favorites.

Since you have a larger head, you’ll want to choose a deeper crown hat. Doing so will give you more room, making it more comfortable to wear for long periods.

Next, make sure that your hat has a wider brim. The wide brim will make it look more balanced with the rest of your body without making your head look bigger.

Some hats are universally flattering. For example, bucket hats, baseball caps, and beanies can look outstanding on everyone.

5. Try on the Hats You Like

Next, trying on the hats you’re interested in is a good idea. You’ll have a better idea of how suitable the size is for you, allowing you to buy more hats in the same size later without having to try them on.

If you already have some hats at home, note their sizes and try them. You can use them to estimate how other caps you order online will fit you. Of course, this isn’t as accurate as trying on the hat in person.

You want to ensure it’s not too big that it slides down over your eyes. You’d need to constantly adjust the hat during the day, which would be annoying. It could also fall off too quickly. On the other hand, if it’s too tight, you’ll never wear it because it’s too uncomfortable.

Try Plenty of Styles

You’ll want to experiment with as many different hat styles as possible. You can try various colors and materials and see what you like the most. Plus, you can have several hats for different occasions.

Most people will have hats for everyday wear and ones for more formal events. You can have different hats for different seasons, too. So, you’ll enjoy wearing many different elegant hats as you learn more about your unique style.

6. Choose More Breathable Hats

Breathable hats are more flexible, and you won’t get too hot. These hats provide more ventilation, keeping you comfortable when it’s warmer outside. They’re perfect for outdoor activities and can be quite elegant looking. Straw, bucket, and cotton hats are the most breathable options.

Larger heads generate more heat, making you feel sweaty when wearing hats. Breathable materials can help you counteract this. They can prevent odor, too, since you’re not sweating as much.

So, choose a breathable hat whenever possible.

7. Think About the Occasions

It’s worth considering the occasions when you’ll be wearing the hat. Do you want an elegant hat for outdoor wear or one for formal events? Think about how the hats you’re considering buying will fit in with the occasion and the rest of your outfit.

Hat Elegance in Every Size

You can find an elegant hat that looks great regardless of your head size and shape. You’ll want to try on as many as possible; if nothing else, find your hat size first.