22 Perfect Dirty Blonde Hair Inspirations

Dirty blonde hair may be sexy, but it’s also every blonde’s secret. It extends the life of blonde locks in between salon trips as it grows out with beauty and ease. Plus, there are so many different tones and combinations of tones to choose from to suit your hair. If you’re wondering which blonde hue to try, then you’ve come to the right place.

Choosing Your Hue of Dirty Blonde

When it come to dirty blonde hair, the most important thing to consider is what you want and how to get there. These days, ash tones are more popular than ever, but of course, golden hues will never go out of style. This hue can end up brassy after awhile if hair isn’t protected properly. Though ash, golden, and all of the hues in between should follow roughly the same regimen for care. Loads of deep conditioning, moisturizing, and strengthening is what blonde hair needs. Let’s take a look at some gorgeous and various dirty blonde inspiration.

#1: Dark Blonde Balayage

This dirty blonde hairstyle with warm caramel shades and honey hues is actually pretty dark. It’s the balayage that brings this look into the blonde realm.

Ask your stylist for light blonde balayage that starts at the base of the hair. Short hair and long hair can rock these tones.

#2: Seamless Ombre

If you’re looking for an ombre dirty blonde hairstyle, let this serve as your inspiration.

The blend between the darker root color and the light tips is stunningly seamless. Wear it on silky waved tresses or your shaggiest surfer hair. This dirty blonde highlights rock.

#3: Dark Roots + Balayage Fade

This style is perfect for letting those roots grow out! The faded balayage allows for several shades to exist on the hair at once.

To keep the look fresh, dye hair light around the face for the best brightening effect.

#4: Face Framing Highlights

Dirty blonde hair may preserve the life of your blonde and protect it from too much damage, but you still want brightness around your face.

That’s so why so many babes who rock dirty blonde styles love face-framing highlights that are slightly lighter than the rest of the hair. This works on long bobs, medium, and long length hair.

#5: Sunkissed Lob

Dirty blonde hair looks amazing with loads of tonal dimension. The effect of this style is sun-kissed, natural, and most importantly, so easy to wear! An a-line bob such as this one incorporates layers for added dimension.

Give your sun-kissed lob a little wavy texture and you’re good to go.

#6: Dirty Blonde Fringe

Dirty blonde locks look great on pretty much everyone, including babes with bangs! The key to a fringe with this dirty blonde hair is to wear just one color throughout its length, especially if the bangs are straight.

Feel free to go as light as you want at the bottom of hair, but it looks best this way on medium to long hair for a natural-looking gradient.

#7: Blonde Dimension

Thanks to the balayage technique, you can make the base color of your dirty blonde tresses as deep as you want. This look, perfectly dubbed s’mores and cheesecake, contains just a peek of the rich chocolate base of the hair.

Have your stylist highlight locks lightly with a concentration at the bottom of the hair. Take that color to chin level for a face-framing effect.

#8: Ash Blonde

If you love the ash gray trend that is happening lately, then perhaps it’s worth taking your dirty blonde down this road. This ash dirty blonde hairstyle is definitely ombre, with light, silvery blonde color solidly painted on the bottom half of the hair.

Ash blonde is beautiful, but you need to keep it from turning brassy. Invest in a great purple shampoo or toner to keep yellow tones at bay.

#9: Smooth Lob

Not every dirty blonde hairstyle needs loads of dimension. Solid colors like this light caramel, look so beautiful and modern.

We especially love this color in a sleek bob. For great grow out, rock a slightly darker color at the roots.

#10: Caramel Hues

If your skin has pink or yellow undertones, silver or ash colors will only clash. Try this deliciously warm caramel hue on your locks and you’ll never have looked better.

Ask your stylist for a beautiful balayage style that works with your natural color. This will give you optimal root grow out.

#11: Ash Bronde

You probably know by now that ash tones are in. But did you know that your darker dirty blonde locks could actually rock the color, too?

We are in love with this dirty bronde color with ash highlights. Paint them on with the balayage technique for the best-looking blended effect.

#12: Pop of Auburn

It’s easy to play it safe with dirty blonde hairstyles. The style is almost effortless! But a pop of color within the same color family can set your look apart from the rest.

A pop of color like this one works really well with a textured pixie cut. The auburn color is balanced as it runs through the long side bangs into the layers at the nape of the neck.

#13: Silver Toned Tips

If you’re intrigued by the ash-toned trend going on but aren’t ready for an all-over commitment, then let this silver toned tip hairstyle inspire you for your dirty blonde vision.

The outer surface of hair needs a toner or gloss with a silver base, but the depths of the hair underneath can go deep and stay truer to your natural, darker tone.

#14: Beachy + Medium Length

This medium length hairstyle truly has that perfect dirty blonde look. With hair this well blended, you can steer clear of the salon for months and months- provided you keep treating hair with a purple shampoo.

Your roots can grow out gorgeously long and dark, yet touching up the blonde surrounding your face will have an unbelievable lightening effect.

#15: Honey Blonde

This honey dirty blonde color is so yummy! The portions of hair that surround the face are super light and larger than most face-framing highlights while the rest of the hair fades into an effortless, dimensional blonde.

We love the way the dark roots have blended with the rest of the look. Give hair a bedhead tousle and you’re ready to face the day, the night, or both!

#16: Sunny Balayage

This sunny balayage takes on brassy tones, which are actually refreshing in this cool toned day and age. The yellow tones work when your natural hair lies in the warmer or even red undertone range

To avoid any harsh delineation in the color dimension, ask your stylist for some subtle balayage work. It may take longer to apply, but the technique is worth it.

#17: Subtle Ombre

Dirty blonde is amazing because of the ability to go high contrast or subtle with your hue dimension. This ombre is so subtle it looks like a natural hair effect. If only!

Pick a color that works with your natural skin tone. This typically means working within the framework of your natural color. This promotes a more perfect grow out period.

#18: Beige Blonde

What’s not to love about a monochrome blonde look? Dirty blonde hair doesn’t have to have tons of dimensions to qualify as a stunning style.

It will help to ground your look, however, if hair is just a shade lighter at the top of the head. Otherwise, don’t be afraid to keep that color seamless!

#19: Late Summer Bronde

Bronde is the perfect color trend these days for dirty blondes. It’s not bright blonde and not quite brunette, though it looks as if it’s been sun-kissed for quite some time.

Maintain slightly darker root growth and give hair a few bends with a hot wand. This late summer bronde looks great in medium, short or long length hair.

#20: Sandy Bronde

This sandy bronde is nice and warm. It’s totally what we think about when we think of surfer babes. So, let nature inspire you by picking up dark brunette, sandy bronde, and silver streaks.

To avoid a busy vibe, concentrate just a few silver streaks at the bottom portion of the hair. We have to admit, this looks best on longer hair so it appears natural.

#21: Ultra Warm

The richness of the warm dirty blonde looks good enough to eat! There is nothing icy about this style, and that works well for olive skin tones.

Ask your stylist to concentrate ultra warm highlights on the outer and lower portions of the hair. This style is awesome for naturally dark brunette babes. The roots will match your eyebrows, making this style look natural and effortless.

#22: High Contrast

This look is all about the contrast. The difference between the dark brown roots and lighter ends is stark, but the highlights were done so well that it looks completely natural.

Continue the laid back look of this hair color with a long, tousled style.