Details on Phoebe Bridgers’ sexuality and dating life

Phoebe Lucille Bridgers is an American singer, guitarist, and producer who made her breakthrough as a relatively unknown artist via the release of her solo debut album Stranger in the Alps in 2017. Three years later, she released The Punisher to widespread critical and fan acclaim. The Punisher earned Phoebe four Grammy Award nominations, including Best New Artist.

The Los Angeles native is a member of the musical groups Boygenius, alongside Julien Baker and Lucy Daus, and Better Oblivion Center, alongside Conor Oberst. Phoebe’s songs revolved around sex and death, which according to her, are the most intense things in life.

This piece will look at Phoebe’s sexuality and dating life. Phoebe identifies as bisexual.

Phoebe fell out with her mom after she came out as bisexual

Phoebe was born in Los Angeles and raised in Pasadena alongside her younger brother by her dad and mother Jamie. Bridgers remembers that her parents had a happy marriage before her dad became abusive, leading to divorce. To support the family, Jamie worked as an executive assistant, a pot seller, and a phone sex worker.

At the age of 15, Bridgers joined the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts. It was in high school that she experienced her sexual awakening. She began dating girls in high school, and due to her shaved head and refusal to wear skirts, she was the go-to person for girls looking to experiment or figure out their sexualities. Phoebe told Them that she struggled with being ‘very gay looking’:

“I feel like a lot of people who were experimenting [with their sexuality] experimented with me, because I looked so gay. Then, either the didn’t take it seriously or I would be responsible for them figuring their shit out and it was a lot.”

Phoebe fell out with her mom after she came out to her as bisexual. “She was like, ‘No, you’re fucking not,’” Phoebe revealed. Before coming out, Phoebe wasn’t allowed to have boys over. After the revelation, Jamie also declined girl sleepover requests. “I wasn’t allowed to sext or allowed to have boys over,” she told Beatroute.

“Or girls. I wasn’t allowed to have girls sleep in my bed because my parents knew I was bisexual. I felt this weird shame about it.” Phoebe and Jamie eventually reconciled, and Jamie gained more awareness and appreciation of the LGBTQ+ community. “Now my mom has her pronouns in her Instagram bio,” she added.

Bridgers is rumored to be dating Normal People star Paul Mescal

Rumors of a relationship between Paul and Phoebe started after the pair had breakfast at The Lemon Café in Ireland. Paparazzi didn’t capture the pair, but the restaurant confirmed that the pair spent a morning there in July 2020.

It turned out that Paul is a huge fan of Phoebe’s music, and the pair had flirted on social media. Bridgers referred to the actor as her ‘internet crush’ and said that she felt ‘a little pitter-patter’ in her heart when Paul followed her on Instagram. A source speaking to The Sun revealed that Paul was interested in dating as he’s joined the celebrity dating app, Raya:

“He knows he would be recognized instantly on regular dating apps so has turned to Raya because it’s more exclusive and discreet. His pals have encouraged him to move on and have got him on [dating app] Raya, which is packed with attractive and creative women.”

Three months after the couple’s Lemon Café breakfast, they were spotted at Soho Farmhouse in Oxfordshire. In November, Paul shared that he has a girlfriend, but he refused to reveal her identity. He referred to his mystery partner as a life-saver and added: “To have someone to lean on through such a mad, mad time has been invaluable. Really I don’t know where I’d be without her.”

Paul then starred in Phoebe’s music video for the song Savior Complex. Two months later, he appeared on Phoebe’s Instagram stories holding a stack of pizzas. “Happy Birthday pizza boy,” Phoebe wrote. While there hasn’t been an official confirmation from the couple, there is enough circumstantial evidence on the internet to infer that Phoebe Bridgers and Paul Mescal are dating.

Phoebe accused her ex Ryan Adams of being abusive and manipulative during their relationship

When Phoebe met famed artist Ryan Adams, she was in a relationship. However, shortly after the meeting, Phoebe’s relationship ended. Initially, Ryan marketed himself as the man who would usher Phoebe to superstardom. As time went by though, he began to show a romantic interest in the rising star.

Eventually, Phoebe gave in, and the couple hooked up on Ryan’s 40th birthday. After the couple’s breakup, Bridgers wrote a song titled Motion Sickness based on the duo’s relationship. “I hate you for what you did,” she sang. “And I miss you just like a little kid.” Phoebe also humorously referenced the two-decade age difference between the pair: “And you, you were in a band when I was born.”

“How do you hate someone and love them at the same time?” Phoebe told Fader in 2018. “It’s so ridiculous.” A year later, Phoebe talked about the abusive nature of her relationship with Ryan Adams. Along with other artists, Phoebe detailed how Adams grew obsessive and emotionally abusive as time went by.

She told The New York Times that he bombarded her with texts, insisted that she prove her whereabouts, chose inappropriate moments to request phone sex, and threatened to commit suicide if Phoebe didn’t respond immediately. After breaking off the relationship, Ryan manipulated her by refusing to release the music they’d made together and canceling her from his tour.

Adams eventually offered to restore Phoebe to his tour line-up, but his intentions were less than genuine. “Then, the first day, he asked me to bring him something in his hotel room,” she revealed. “I came upstairs and he was completely nude.” Ryan, through his lawyer, denied all allegations against him.

Phoebe’s song Smoke Signals is reportedly about her ex-boyfriend Marshall Vore

Phoebe and drummer Michael Vore dated for a while before breaking up in 2017. The couple wrote the songs Scott Street and ICU about their relationship. Phoebe’s song Smoke Signals is reportedly about Marshall. She told Stereogum:

“I think it’s just another love song. ‘Smoke Signals’ is a love song about waking up to your reality, in a way, finding someone who shares the same interests as you. It’s a love song, for sure, but it’s also about myself – my own growth.”

Phoebe and Vore split up on good terms, and are close friends and collaborators.