27 Best Cornrows Braided Hairstyles

Long gone are the days when cornrowed hair just meant simple braids along the scalp. Cornrow braided hairstyles provide the perfect opportunity for creative expression and today’s styles are as intricate and varied as that personalities that wear them.

How You Should Style Your Cornrows

Create details and patterns in straightforward looks or incorporate feed-in color that you’ve always wanted to try. Styling your cornrow braided hair breaks down to the deciding the widths of the braids and the length of your hair that you prefer. If you’re uncertain, then take a look at our 27 incredible styles that are sure to spark your interest!

#1: Zigzag Part Cornrows

Show off your creative side with an interesting zigzag part detail. To create this look, you will need to leave an inch of space in between each braid.

You can wear thin braids with the zigzag detail, but the overall look may be too busy. The thickness of these braids provides the perfect balance.

#2: Center Part Side Cornrows

If you know the benefits of a center part, then this style may be for you. By creating cornrows that run horizontally rather than vertically on the scalp, you’re effectively framing your face.

Notice, however, the one single cornrow running back along the center of the scalp. A subtle detail like this one will set you apart.

#3: Half and Half

Cornrow braided hairstyles don’t have to be an all-over look. In fact, this half and half style gives you plenty of room to play with.

Actually, the braids take up slightly less than half of the head for a slightly more glamorous effect. It will keep the style from looking silly when perfectly symmetrical, too.

#4: Sunset Ombre

How stunning is this hairstyle? Dress up your otherwise basic cornrow braids with some gorgeous ombre style.

We obviously love this red-to-orange look with natural color at the root, but you can create this effect with any colors that you choose.

#5: The Perfect Top knot

Even if your cornrow braids aren’t a majestic purple color, like these are, you can still wear a beautiful topknot.

Tying your braids into a bun lets you wear your braids longer, but they work best with medium to small-sized braids.

#6: Cornrow Braids Into Curly Up-do

Cornrows provide the perfect base for any number of styles. So why not shape your braids into a stunning curly Mohawk?

A style like this works well on a symmetrical face shape, though you can control how much height you create at the top of the head to play with proportion.

#7: Tribal Braids With Beads

Rich with heritage, tribal beads are making a comeback as a major fashion statement.

Save the one strand that typically lays in front the ear, these braids give hair a tucked-under-the-ear appeal. Girls today love changing beads to match their outfits or adding other hair accessories.

#8: Black and Gold Braids

Choose your feed-in braids according to your personal style. Of course you can match your natural color, or you can add a gorgeous color like gold.

Go ombre, or try a more natural, balayage-style approach when incorporating other colors.

#9: Wide Cornrows

If you’d like to show more of your hair on the scalp, a wide cornrow style is ideal.

Not only does the style stand out, but it means adding less braids into your
look, thus creating less tension on the scalp.

#10: Braids With Accessories

Nowadays, babes wear their braids as dressy as their vibes or outfits require. Adding beads, charms, and stunning gold coil, as seen here, is trendy and fun.

There is something sophisticated about the simplicity of this single hair detail draped against the rest of these long, gorgeous braids.

#11: Small Triangle Braids

This hairstyle intricately combines cornrows, triangle braids, and even several diamond braids for stunning appeal.

Plus, the electric purple braids provide the perfect pop against the jet-black roots.

#12: Half-up Cornrow Style

Half-up styles are pretty easy to create with virtually every cornrow hairstyle. You can pull braids up and down, as you would create a topknot or any other up-do or semi-up-do style.

Plus, this look draws attention to any beautiful cornrow patterns, as it frames your scalp.

#13: Rounded Cornrow Up-do

Just because cornrows typically go in straight lines towards the back of the head doesn’t mean they have to! In fact, these rounded braids make a slight twist on an otherwise expected style.

The round shape works with the curve of the head while a tiny braid serves the same face-shaping function as a part.

#14: Long Braids With Curly Ends

A big trend these days is curly ends. The braids are undone pretty much at
the tips of this ultra long style, but how much curl you want to reveal is truly up to you.

Just keep the length of your hair in mind so you’re able to create good proportion on the hair.

#15: Bohemian Braids

Bohemian braid hairstyles are a beautiful, organic-looking combination of tight braids and loosened curls.

Create a bohemian style with cornrows on the front half of the head in either a tribal style or any look that you’re feeling.

#16: Cornrow Bob

Cornrow braids are so cute and fun in a bob hairstyle. The short length frames your face and shows off your stylish personality.

If you’d like to create the illusion of a face-framing part effect, try small cornbraid braids heading off in three different directions on one side of the forehead.

#17: Medium Cornrow Styles

Not all braids have to be long. In fact, medium hair is trendy for natural hair as well as for braids.

We love them because the length can help frame your face, with the help of beads or tassels, too. Plus, they alleviate tension on the scalp that long braids might cause.

#18: Maze Cornrows

One could get lost just looking at this incredibly detailed cornrow hairstyle. Geometric cornrow styles may take awhile to braid, but the effect is well worth the wait.

The more intricate you go, the more your hairstyle will stand out from the crowd.

#19: Side Cornrow Style

Side-swept styles always have a feminine, romantic appeal. Creating one is surprisingly easy.

Create small braids at the temple of the forehead that swoop horizontally to pull hair around the back of the head. The look is great on a round face shape.

#20: Jumbo Blonde Braids

Jumbo braids are for the maximalists. They use large feed-in braids to give your hair a thick, bold appearance.

Try bright blonde braids or go for a more subtle color, depending on your own personal style.

#21: Half-up + Topknot Style

Combine two trends in one with a gorgeous half-up style that ties up the front portion of the hair into a topknot.

This way, hair can be worn down your back or draped over your shoulders at whatever length you desire.

#22: Elegant Up-do With Twists

This sweeping style is the perfect look for formal occasions or an elegant
event. To create, choose a center point at the top of the head from where the cornrows can circle out.

The hair used for the up-do portion of this style is twisted, but you can use regular braids as well.

#23: Low Bun Braids

Whether you simply like the style or you want to temporarily tie your braids back, a low bun is suitable and fresh.

To create, wrap your braids around one another at the nape of the neck and secure with a rubber band or bobby pins.

#24: Artful Rainbow Braids

This look isn’t for everyone, but it sure is fun! It can also serve as the ultimate inspiration you need for creating a style that truly feels your own.

Even if you’ve never considered rainbow braids before, you can see how classy the color actually is, because it’s focused on only one half of the hair and away from the scalp entirely.

#25: High Ponytail

A high ponytail is another varied hairstyle that is perfect for babes who
enjoy wearing their hair up.

To emulate this specific look, braids should be rounded in towards a center point at the back of the head. This way, the high ponytail is easily created without irritating your scalp.

#26: Medium Brunette Braids + Beads

If your skin has rosy undertones, then honey brunette may be the perfect color for your cornrow braids style.

This length looks great on smaller braids. With shorter lengths, it’s often necessary to add details, like beads, to this eye-catching length.

#27: Curvy Part Cornrows

Cornrows don’t have to use straight lines to create designs. In fact, the curvy lines of this style are interesting and fun, especially for kids.

If curves aren’t your thing, think about the overall effect you want to achieve and give it a whirl1