What is Christina Milian’s ethnicity? Everything we know about her parents

Christina Milian is an American singer and writer who rose to fame in the early 2000s for her eponymous first album and her second album, It’s About Time. After releasing her third album, So Amazin’, Milian left Island records for Interscope records. She released one single with Interscope before signing with Young Money Entertainment. 

Milian has gained more fame over the past decade for acting rather than singing. She landed her first leading role in the 2003 film Love Don’t Cost a Thing. From 2015 to 2016, she starred in Grandfathered. Christina has received plaudits for her portrayal of Erica in Netflix’s 2021 rom-com Resort to Love.

Christina Milian is of Afro-Cuban ethnicity.

Christina’s Afro-Cuban parents insisted that their kids speak the Spanish language

Christina Milian was born on 26th September 1981 in Jersey City, New Jersey, to Don Flores and Carmen Milian. She grew up alongside two younger sisters, Danielle and Elizabeth. 

Carmen Milian had moved with her family from Havana, Cuba, to New Jersey when she was five. The family settled in an area with a significant Latino presence that helped them keep in touch with their Cuban roots. 

She and her siblings were not allowed to speak English in the household. “Our parents wanted to ensure that we continued speaking and living our Spanish culture and they were afraid we would forget the language,” Carmen told Maritere Bellas

Flores and Carmen had a more challenging time teaching their children Spanish, but they insisted that the kids keep in touch with their roots through language. Carmen continued:

“It was extremely difficult raising them bilingual. Latin American children born in the US have a tendency of only wanting to speak English once they are exposed to schools and non-speaking neighborhoods. That’s why parents constantly have to practice and instill our culture in them from birth so they won’t forget their heritage.”

Christina’s parents divorced when she moved with her mom and sisters to Los Angeles

The family moved from New Jersey to Waldorf, Maryland, soon after Christina’s birth. Christina and her siblings showed interest in the arts at a young age. They drew inspiration from Carmen’s porcelain dolls business. 

Carmen personalized porcelain dolls for a wide range of clients while managing her daughters’ young careers. The family first moved to New York before moving to Los Angeles when Christina was thirteen. 

The move signified the end of Carmen and Flores’ marriage. Flores had to stay behind in Maryland, and a long-distance relationship didn’t work. 

Carmen has managed her daughters’ careers for over 25 years, and it hasn’t always been smooth sailing, as she told Maritere Bellas:

“Parents get a stigma that we are overbearing and demanding, but in reality, we are just being protective. It’s difficult enough to get respect from your kids, so working with them can be even more stressful. That’s why you must remain twice as patient and have as much fun with them when you are not working.”

Christina and her mom run a wine brand known as Viva Diva Wines

Christina and Carmen acquired Viva Diva wines after Christina worked with the brand for a while as an ambassador. The pair have lauded each other’s contributions in making Viva Diva Wines a successful venture. 

“We all have our own strengths and working together on Viva Diva has been so great because all of us put in all the effort to make this a successful venture,” Carmen told MadameNoire. The Milian family treasures family time above all else, and it’s why they had such a fun time filming the reality show Turned Up. 

Carmen was one of the executive producers of the series. She talked to MadameNoire about the fun times their ever-growing family has when they come together:

“I love staying in with friends and family and entertaining. It’s fun when all my family gets together. Lizzy, my daughter, is a great chef and always makes great food plus we make some great Cuban food that we all enjoy and we never miss an opportunity to share a glass of Viva together.”