Where are Baby Jake’s actors now? The show’s stars struggled to land roles after the series ended

Baby Jake is a famous British babies TV show that ran for two seasons from July 2011 to October 2012. The series features a nine-month-old baby named Jake, who is the youngest of ten children living in a windmill with their parents. Each episode sees Jake embark on an adventure with magical characters, including Toot Toot the Tractor and Nibbles the Rabbit.

The characters engage in something related to Baby Jake’s adventure for the episode. All children except Baby Jake are depicted in real life. Isaac, Baby Jake’s five-year-old brother interprets Jake’s ramblings. Kaizer Akhtar provides the voice of Isaac.

The actors who featured in Baby Jake went on to have underwhelming careers

Jake and his brother Isaac were played by real-life brothers Adamo and Franco Bertacchi-Morroni, respectively. After the show ended in 2012, the brothers struggled to find other acting opportunities. 

Adamo, for instance, has no other acting credit to his name other than Baby Jake. Franco also has the solitary acting credit to his name. It’s been nearly a decade since Baby Jake last aired, and the main stars have yet to land other roles. Perhaps the brothers gave up on acting after the show’s short but successful run.

Kaizer Akhtar, the actor who provided Isaac’s voice, has had greater success. In 2015, Akhtar played Young Tutankhamun in the TV Mini-Series Tut and later landed minor roles in Doctor Who and Ploey. He also played the role of Mario in 12 episodes of 2018’s Shane the Chef