Are Claire and Ayden dating? All you need to know

Ayden Mekus and Claire Rocksmith are the latest YouTube couple rumored to be in a relationship. Claire’s rise as a social media star has been incredible to watch. She launched her YouTube channel out of the blue in early April 2020, and a year later, she has close to 650K followers.

Compared to Claire, Ayden seems like a YouTube veteran with a channel that’s more than three years old. He has steadily grown his following and is likely to hit the 1 million mark before the end of the year.

This piece will look at Ayden and Claire’s relationship, Claire’s social media start, and Ayden’s acting career.

Ayden and Claire have admitted to crushing on each other and speculation suggests that they might be dating

Ayden Mekus’ crush on Claire Rocksmith started on a sour note as he had to tell his former crush, Symonne Harrison, that he had developed a crush on her best friend, Claire. “I want you guys to be happy,” Harrison told Ayden. “You have to treat her right.”

Before Ayden, Claire was crushing on We Can Be Heroes actor Lyon Daniels. Claire contacted Lyon via DM, and the pair made several videos together. In the end, the pair decided to remain friends.

It now seems to be Ayden and Claire’s turn to crush on each other. In mid-March, Claire posted an Instagram photo alongside Ayden with the following caption: “And so it begins.” She also attached the following hashtags: #clayden and #crushing.

Fans are generally excited when social media stars start crushing on each other, but this ship attracted a bit of controversy due to the pair’s three-year age difference. In an interview with The Paparazzi Gamer, the pair explained that age difference doesn’t matter to them. Ayden pointed to the massive age difference between his mom and dad as evidence that relationships between two people aged several years apart can work. The pair explained:

“First of all my parents are like 18 years apart and they’ve been really good for over 20 years. I think, like she said, she is really, really mature. I think we have like a really strong bond. I am just really grateful for her. We’ve been good friends since you joined The Squad.”

In the YouTube world, crushing one someone doesn’t necessarily mean that you are dating that person. Most of it is clickbait designed to keep fans interested in the content. We have seen child YouTubers go as far as getting fake married to get views.

Ayden and Claire do have a crush one on another, but it is unclear whether it is real or only for YouTube.

Claire’s cousin Piper Rockelle encouraged Claire to start her YouTube channel

Piper Rockelle is one of the most successful child YouTubers in the world. She leads a group of YouTubers collectively known as The Squad.

Almost every member of The Squad has a personal YouTube channel. Before April 2020, Claire had appeared in several of Piper’s videos, but she hadn’t launched her channel. On 4th April, she launched her channel, and three days later, she uploaded a video featuring all members of The Squad. The channel’s about page reads:

“I joined the YT channel craze via my fabulous cousin, Piper Rockelle. I am a member of The Squad! On this channel you will see that we are passionate about fun, family, equality, LOVE, laughter and just plain silliness. This channel has something for everyone – girls and boys of all ages and even adults.”

Claire’s channel contains pranks, challenges, and DIY content.

Ayden launched his YouTube channel after landing his first roles as an actor

Ayden launched his YouTube channel at around the same time that he landed his first role as an actor. Since then, Mekus has starred in several short films, including Chocolate Chip Cookies, El Fred, To Smell the Roses, and The Lilac Theif

Mekus is yet to star in a major production, but for a 15-year-old, he has an outstanding resume. Ayden is committed to posting on YouTube as he works on landing more acting roles. The description on his YouTube page reads:

“Here you can find me doing crazy challenges, inspirational videos, pranks, vlogs, and just bringing each of you into my fun. My goal is to make you laugh, make you happy and make a difference.”