Who is Alex Cooper dating? All about her dating life

Alex Cooper is the host of the explicit yet humorous podcast Call Her Daddy. Cooper and her friend Sofia Franklyn came up with the idea for the podcast, and four episodes in, Barstool Sports picked it up. Sofia left the podcast after falling out with Alex, leaving Cooper as the solo host.

Franklyn’s departure hasn’t affected Call Her Daddy’s popularity as it constantly ranks near the top of trending podcasts lists. Cooper has hosted celebrities such as Miley Cyrus on the podcast; consequently, growing the podcaster’s popularity. Father Cooper, as she titles herself on Instagram, has 2.2 million followers on the platform.

Alex Cooper is dating a mysterious man named Mr. Sexy Zoom Man

Alex Cooper had talked about Mr. Sexy Zoom Man several times on her podcast before she posted the following tweet: “I HAVE A BOYFRIEND. And to clarify for the world, it’s not clickbait lol. GO LISTEN.”

In the podcast, she explained that she’d finally met Mr. Sexy Zoom Man following his arrival from London. Alex and her friend showed up to pick the man at the airport with a sign reading ‘Mr. [his last name], AKA my boyfriend.’

Alex and her co-host then described the three-person baby shower-themed rave they threw Mr. Sexy Zoom Man to celebrate his romance with Alex. Cooper refrained from releasing the man’s identity, probably to save him from the intense scrutiny he would face if people learn who he is. 

Alex denied dating Logan Paul after news of their hookup leaked

In 2020, rumors emerged claiming that Logan Paul and Alex were dating after they had a fling in New York. Neither party addressed the rumor until nearly a year later, in April 2021. In an April 2021 appearance on BFFs with Dave Portnoy and Josh Richards, Alex confirmed that she hooked up with Logan Paul, but it was meant to be a secret. 

Cooper stated that she gave Logan a blowjob before a business meeting because ‘it gets me in the mood to make deals.’ She stated that she was surprised when she learned that the hookup leaked. She explained:

“So I hooked up with this guy and then Harry tells me that he is running his mouth around L.A. telling people that we hooked up and I thought that we had this secret that we were gonna keep forever. Like we weren’t gonna tell anyone. We weren’t gonna tell anyone and Logan Paul is really bad at keeping a secret… we didn’t have sex it was a one time thing.”

In a subsequent episode of Logan’s IMPAULSIVE, he attempted to prove that he wasn’t the source of any leaks but contradicted himself by saying that he’d told one friend. He then appeared to take issue with the idea of keeping the fling a secret. Logan stated:

“She went on the podcast and said, ‘Logan Paul can’t keep a secret.’ And in my mind I’m like, dude, I told one close friend. And you just told the whole internet. And now I’m telling them again. I even texted her and was like, ‘Hey, are we good? Did that offend – was I supposed to lock that in a vault forever?’ How can I?”

Despite the misunderstanding, Logan had kind words for Alex. “First off, Alex is awesome, right,” he said. “She’s a great girl.”

Alex’s ex Noah Syndergaard is rumored to be her podcast character Slim Shady

Alex and baseball star Noah Syndergaard were first spotted together at an April 2017 Knicks game. They then embarked on an on and off relationship throughout 2017. Their last public appearance as a couple came at an early December 2017 Knicks game. 

In December 2017, Noah posted a photo showing that he’d changed his relationship status to single. “Baseball is my significant other,” he wrote

Alex has refrained from mentioning Noah’s name when talking about her exes. Fans believe, however, that he is the ‘Slim Shady’ character Alex keeps referring to in her podcasts.