A closer look at GeorgeNotFound’s sexuality

GeorgeNotFound (real name George Davidson) is an English Minecraft streamer known for his collaborations with fellow creators such as Dream, Sapnap, and BadBoyHalo. George created his first YouTube channel in mid-October 2013 and uploaded the first public video in late October 2019. The first video caught people’s attention due to George’s creativity and skill.

With every video, George attracted a batch of new fans. His following grew exponentially after he started collaborating with other creators. In December 2020, Dream hit 5 million subscribers, and is currently a couple thousand shy of hitting the 8 million mark.

George clarified in one of his streams that he is straight

In one of George’s streams, a fan asked him to clarify his sexuality. “Yes, I am straight,” George said. “I am straight, I guess. I have never really thought about it till just now.”

George and Dream have been shipped by fans on numerous occasions due to their online flirting

George and Dream’s online flirting has led to suggestions that they might be in a relationship. There is an entire shipping fandom page detailing every instance Dream and George have flirted.

However, George has clarified that he is straight. No matter how much fans ship Dream and George, a relationship between them is highly unlikely.