A Closer look at Brie Larson’s sexuality

Brie Larson is an American actress who rose to fame for playing supporting roles in comedies during her teenage years. She gradually stepped up to leading roles in independent dramas and big-budget films. Her breakthrough came after playing a lead role in the 2013 drama Short Term 12.

In 2015, Brie won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her portrayal of a kidnapping victim in Room. Two years later, she appeared in her first big-budget film Kong: Skull Island. Brie joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Captain Marvel in 2019.

This piece will look at Brie Larson’s sexuality. Brie Larson’s sexuality is unclear.

Brie recently ignited gay rumors after giving a surprising answer in a YouTube Q&A

In May 2020, Brie created her YouTube channel. She entertains her close to 500K followers with vlogs, challenges, and Q&As.

Larson inadvertently sparked gay rumors after giving a surprising answer during a Q&A. The multiple-choice question asked what Larson’s 10-year-old self would be doing during an hour-long recess at school. Brie causally picked the following option: “I’d probably be on the computer researching ‘how do I know if I’m gay?’”

Brie’s choice ignited questions about her sexuality as her answer detailed what most LGBTQ+ youth go through as they try to understand their sexualities. As expected, the internet erupted with memes celebrating Brie’s ‘revelation.’

However, we can’t conclude Brie’s sexuality without a concrete confirmation from her. Given how secret she is, it’s unlikely that we will get a confirmation soon.

It’s unclear why Brie and her ex-fiancé Alex Greenwald ended their engagement

Larson and Phantom Planet lead singer Alex Greenwald started dating in 2013. They had a secretive relationship for a couple of years before their red carpet appearances increased during the 2015 awards season. “My real partner, Alex Greenwald, I love you,” Brie said as she accepted her Oscar award. She also told Entertainment Tonight:

“He’s the other half of the equation – how can you explain support? I mean, it goes beyond anything. He’s just my person, he’s my best friend.”

In May 2016, People reported that Alex and Brie were engaged. The couple maintained their low-key relationship until early 2019 when news broke stating that they had ended their engagement. “They have taken a step back from their engagement for the time being but they remain close,” a source told People. The reason for the couple’s split remains unclear.

Before dating Alex, Brie dated Cody Linley and John Patrick. Alex and Cody are rumored to have dated for a year after appearing together in Hoot. Larson and Gossip Girl actor John Patrick dated for four years before breaking up in 2012.