8 Hand Tattoos That You Need To Get Now

For a long time, the tattoos were considered to be a bad taste, and only the brave guys had their tats. However, there is no more stigma attached to this body adornment. Nowadays, almost all women have at least one tattoo on their bodies. The hands are the best place for decorative and meaningful tattoos. On them feel free to express all your creative ideas about tattoos.

We prepared for you an interesting collection of hand tattoos for women. We hope that our masterpieces will make you laugh and inspire you with how unique your mind can be in coming up with an original idea for a tattoo pattern. What do you think about our chosen tattoos?

Celtic Woman Tattoos: 

Women have been wearing beautiful Celtic-inspired tattoos for years, and they are still popular today. This woman’s arm shows a tattoo that incorporates symbols from ancient Celtic cultures. We like how this woman had two distinct tattoos on her arms, but they seem to have been designed together. We are also impressed with the amount of detail that went into creating the tattoo designs on this woman’s arms! This design is so beautiful! We love it when women add tattoos like this one to their bodies!

Inked on Fingers: 

This tattoo is inked onto the first two fingers of a person’s hand, as indicated by the picture. This is one of the most popular tattoo designs in America.  We like how artistic this tattoo is! We love it when women get tattoos like this!

The Tiny Little Rattle-Snake: 

Yes, this is a snake. But it is so tiny! It looks more like a little twig that broke off the tree and landed on the hand of this woman.

The Stylish Lettering: 

This small tattoo for lady is an ideal design for women who want to express their love for literature or music through their tats. This women hand tattoo is a very minimal design that anyone can get.

The Openness of the Heart: 

Even though it is called “open heart” this tattoo isn’t literally open, but it creates the illusion of an open heart through color used in it as well.

Nautical Star Tattoos:

Many people, both men and women, like the look of nautical star tattoos. This is another example of a woman who has beautiful tattoos on her arms. She has a variety of different colors in this design, which makes it an eye-catching tattoo to see! It is almost as if this tattoo was created with all kinds of different shades that make it more intricate than most people realize.

Beautiful Watercolor Tattoo: 

This picture of a woman’s arm shows an extraordinary tattoo design that has been painted with watercolor paint. Picturing this woman’s arm like this was an easy choice for us because it brings out the boldness and beauty in its wearer. The flowers on this tattoo are colorful and the pattern of the flowers is a bit unique, too. We’ve never seen a pink rose before!

A Flowery Dream of Delicate Flowers:

If you are looking for women hand tattoo that is truly feminine and delicate then this picture should be right up your alley. At first glance you can see that there are several small pieces of artwork taken from the same pattern but arranged around the arm in different places. Regardless, we think it all came out beautiful – like a dream!

I hope you enjoyed it and found what you were looking for. You must now reveal which tattoo you want to get inked in the comments section below. Best wishes!