7 Korean-inspired Skincare Hacks You Must Try With Your Cc Cream!

Do you want to know Korean-inspired skincare secrets? Well, we know achieving flawless, radiant skin is a dream of almost every woman. And if you have been admiring the luminous, baby-soft skin just like Korean women have and wondering how they do it, you’re in for a treat.

In this guide, we’ll explore seven incredible skincare hacks that will transform your beauty routine, and we’ll show you how to incorporate your trusty CC cream into the mix. Whether you’re a skincare novice or a seasoned expert, these tips are designed for women from all walks of life, and they’re bound to elevate your skincare game to the next level.

Hack 1: Jamsu: The Makeup-Locking Miracle

This unique and effective skincare technique gives your makeup a spa day. That’s precisely what Jamsu offers. Derived from the Korean word “submerge,” Jamsu involves coating your entirely made-up face in powder and then briefly submerging it in cold water. It may sound a bit unconventional, but the results are worth it.

How to do it: If you wear makeup, try Jamsu to lock in your look and achieve a matte finish. For makeup-free days, you can still enjoy its benefits by dunking your face after your skincare routine. The cold water will help seal in your products, close your pores, and give you a naturally rosy glow.

Hack 2: Slap Your Way to Beautiful Skin

Have you ever seen someone lightly slapping their face and wondered if they were onto something? Well, they probably were. Instead of rubbing your skincare products in, consider giving your face a gentle but firm tap. This technique prevents product wastage, improves blood circulation, and allows your products to penetrate deeper.

How it works: Like microneedling and dermaplaning, this gentle slapping motion can stimulate collagen over time, keeping your skin firm and youthful. Don’t worry; it isn’t painful or uncomfortable. At most, your skin might look slightly flushed, indicating that the technique is working magic.

Hack 3: Facial Massage Exercises for a Youthful Glow

You’ve heard of body workouts, but have you ever considered Pilates for your face? Our skin wrinkles and the supporting facial muscles can weaken and sag as we age. Korean women combat this with facial massage exercises, which are easy to do at home.

How it’s done: Start at the base of your neck and work in upward and outward motions. Imagine sculpting your face as you massage your skin in gentle circles, moving towards the jaw, up the sides, and around the eyes. Another fun technique to combat mouth sagging is to say your vowels aloud with exaggerated expressions – “A, E, I, O, U.” This helps stretch your lips and keep them plump.

Hack 4: Air Dry + 10-Second Rule for Maximum Product Absorption

Did you know how dry your face can impact your skincare routine? Instead of rubbing or patting your face with a towel, try letting it air dry. The friction from towels can be harsh on your skin and harbor bacteria and chemicals, even when freshly washed.

Here’s the trick: Follow the 10-second rule (not the one about dropped food) and apply your skincare products within 10 seconds of washing your face while it’s still damp. This is when your pores are most receptive and can absorb your products like a sponge, giving you the best results.

Hack 5: The Double Cleanse: A Must for Fresh, Clean Skin

Cleansing is the foundation of any skincare routine, but a single cleanser might not remove all the dirt from your face, especially if you wear makeup. An easy solution is to double cleanse your face before applying any makeup products, whether CC cream or other cosmetic products.

How it works: Start with an oil-based cleanser, like a cleansing balm, to remove makeup and sunscreen. Follow up with a standard water-based cleanser to deeply clean your skin. You’ll notice the difference when your toner pad remains makeup-free.

Hack 6: Half Baths: Boosting Circulation and Hydrating Pores

Korean spas offer a unique treatment called “ban-shin-yoks,” or half baths. This involves hot baths where the water gets to your belly button, leaving your upper body dry. By doing it, the temperature contrast between the upper and lower halves of your body stimulates circulation, and the steam hydrates your pores.

Try it at home: Draw in a shallow tub of hot water and recreate the spa experience. Even if you can’t make it to the Korean spa, this will be a great way of relaxing and rejuvenating your skin.

Hack 7: CC Cream: Your Secret to Achieving Korean-Like Skin

Now that we’ve covered some fantastic skincare hacks, let’s discuss enhancing your skin’s natural beauty with the right makeup product: CC cream. CC, which stands for “Color Correcting” or “Complexion Correcting,” is a multifunctional beauty product that can be your secret weapon for achieving that coveted Korean-like skin.

Why you need CC cream: CC cream provides coverage, color correction, and skincare benefits. It evens your skin tone, hides imperfections, and offers sun protection. Plus, many CC creams are packed with ingredients that nourish your skin, leaving it looking flawless and radiant.

How to use it: Apply CC cream as the final step in your skincare routine if you don’t want to do heavy makeup. It’s a versatile product to help you achieve that dewy, luminous Korean glow.


These seven Korean-inspired skincare hacks can transform your daily routine and help you achieve radiant, youthful skin.

So, why wait? Try out these hacks and discover the secret to Korean-like skin today. And don’t forget the power of CC cream to enhance your natural beauty and complete your skincare routine. Check out CC Cream reviews given by women before you buy one.

Start today, and let the world admire your radiant, glowing complexion—Korean style! Your skin deserves it.